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package internal

import "github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/tensorflow/go/genop/internal"

Package internal generates Go source code with functions for TensorFlow operations.

The basic outline of the generated API is as follows:

- One function for each TensorFlow operation - The arguments to the function are the inputs and required attributes of the operation - The function returns the outputs - A function is also generated for each optional attribute of the operation.

There is a possibility that there are name collisions between the functions generated for ops and the functions generated for optional attributes. For now, we ignore those, but will need to revisit if a collision is actually encountered.

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Package Files

genop.go lib.go

func GenerateFunctionsForRegisteredOps Uses

func GenerateFunctionsForRegisteredOps(w io.Writer) error

GenerateFunctionsForRegisteredOps writes a Go source code file to w containing functions for each TensorFlow operation registered in the address space of the calling process.

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