text: golang.org/x/text


casesPackage cases provides general and language-specific case mappers.
cldrPackage cldr provides a parser for LDML and related XML formats.
collatePackage collate contains types for comparing and sorting Unicode strings according to a given collation order.
displayPackage display provides display names for languages, scripts and regions in a requested language.
encodingPackage encoding defines an interface for character encodings, such as Shift JIS and Windows 1252, that can convert to and from UTF-8.
encoding/charmapPackage charmap provides simple character encodings such as IBM Code Page 437 and Windows 1252.
encoding/japanesePackage japanese provides Japanese encodings such as EUC-JP and Shift JIS.
encoding/koreanPackage korean provides Korean encodings such as EUC-KR.
encoding/simplifiedchinesePackage simplifiedchinese provides Simplified Chinese encodings such as GBK.
encoding/traditionalchinesePackage traditionalchinese provides Traditional Chinese encodings such as Big5.
encoding/unicodePackage unicode provides Unicode encodings such as UTF-16.
internal/testtextPackage testtext contains test data that is of common use to the text repository.
internal/triegenPackage triegen implements a code generator for a trie for associating unsigned integer values with UTF-8 encoded runes.
internal/ucdPackage ucd provides a parser for Unicode Character Database files, the format of which is defined in http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr44/.
languagePackage language implements BCP 47 language tags and related functionality.
transformPackage transform provides reader and writer wrappers that transform the bytes passing through as well as various transformations.
unicode/normPackage norm contains types and functions for normalizing Unicode strings.
unicode/rangetablePackage rangetable creates new unicode.RangeTables.
widthPackage width provides functionality for handling different widths in text.

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