Go Sub-repository Packages

These packages are part of the Go Project but outside the main Go tree. They are developed under looser compatibility requirements than the Go core.



golang.org/x/arch/arm/armmapArmmap constructs the ARM opcode map from the instruction set CSV file.
golang.org/x/arch/arm/armspecArmspec reads the ``ARM Architecture Reference Manual'' to collect instruction encoding details and writes those details to standard output in JSON format.
golang.org/x/arch/ppc64/ppc64asmPackage ppc64asm implements decoding of 64-bit PowerPC machine code.
golang.org/x/arch/ppc64/ppc64mapppc64map constructs the ppc64 opcode map from the instruction set CSV file.
golang.org/x/arch/ppc64/ppc64specPower64spec reads the ``Power ISA V2.07'' Manual to collect instruction encoding details and writes those details to standard output in CSV format.
golang.org/x/arch/x86/x86asmPackage x86asm implements decoding of x86 machine code.
golang.org/x/arch/x86/x86csvPackage x86csv provides means to work with "x86.csv".
golang.org/x/arch/x86/x86mapX86map constructs the x86 opcode map from the instruction set CSV file.
golang.org/x/arch/x86/x86specX86spec reads the ``Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual'' to collect instruction encoding details and writes those details to standard output in CSV format.
golang.org/x/arch/x86/xeddataPackage xeddata provides utilities to work with XED datafiles.
golang.org/x/benchmarks/buildBuild is a benchmark that examines compiler and linker performance.
golang.org/x/benchmarks/driverPackage driver provides common benchmarking logic shared between benchmarks.
golang.org/x/benchmarks/garbageGarbage is a benchmark that stresses garbage collector.
golang.org/x/benchmarks/httpHTTP is a benchmark that examines client/​server http performance.
golang.org/x/benchmarks/jsonJSON benchmark marshals and unmarshals ~2MB json string with a tree-like object hierarchy, in 4*GOMAXPROCS goroutines.
golang.org/x/blogCommand blog is a web server for the Go blog that can run on App Engine or as a stand-alone HTTP server.
golang.org/x/blog/content/appengineThis server can run on App Engine.
golang.org/x/blog/content/h2push/serverThe server command demonstrates a server with HTTP/​2 Server Push support.
golang.org/x/blog/support/racyThis program demonstrates a race condition.
golang.org/x/buildPackage build contains constants for the Go continuous build system.
golang.org/x/build/autocertcachePackage autocertcache contains autocert.Cache implementations for golang.org/​x/​crypto/​autocert.
golang.org/x/build/buildenvPackage buildenv contains definitions for the environments the Go build system can run in.
golang.org/x/build/buildletPackage buildlet contains client tools for working with a buildlet server.
golang.org/x/build/cloudfns/issueswebhookPackage issueswebhook implements a Google Cloud Function HTTP handler that expects GitHub webhook change events.
golang.org/x/build/cloudfns/sendwikidiffPackage sendwikidiff implements a Google Cloud background function that reacts to a pubsub message containing a GitHub webhook change payload.
golang.org/x/build/cloudfns/wikiwebhookPackage wikiwebhook implements an Google Cloud Function HTTP handler that expects GitHub webhook change events.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/buildletThe buildlet is an HTTP server that untars content to disk and runs commands it has untarred, streaming their output back over HTTP.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/buildlet/stage0The stage0 command looks up the buildlet's URL from its environment (GCE metadata service, scaleway, etc), downloads it, and runs it.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/buildlet/testsshThe testssh binary exists to verify that a buildlet container's ssh works, without running the whole coordinator binary in the staging environment.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/buildstatsThe buildstats command syncs build logs from Datastore to Bigquery.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/clCL prints a list of open Go code reviews (also known as change lists, or CLs).
golang.org/x/build/cmd/coordinatorThe coordinator runs the majority of the Go build system.
golang.org/​x/​build/​cmd/​coordinator/​internal/​dashboardPackage dashboard contains the implementation of the build dashboard for the Coordinator.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/coordinator/metricsPackage metrics enumerates the set of Stackdriver metrics used by the Go build system.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/debugnewvmThe debugnewvm command creates and destroys a VM-based buildlet with lots of logging for debugging.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/docker2bootThe docker2boot command converts a Docker image into a bootable GCE VM image.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/fetchlogsFetchlogs downloads build failure logs from the Go dashboard so they can be accessed and searched from the local file system.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/genbootstrapThe genbootstrap command prepares GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP tarballs suitable for use on builders.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/genbuilderkeyThe genbuilderkey binary generates a builder key or gomote user key from the build system's master key.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/gerritbotThe gerritbot binary converts GitHub Pull Requests to Gerrit Changes, updating the PR and Gerrit Change as appropriate.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/gitmirrorThe gitmirror binary watches the specified Gerrit repositories for new commits and syncs them to GitHub.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/gomoteThe gomote command is a client for the Go builder infrastructure.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/gopherbotThe gopherbot command runs Go's gopherbot role account on GitHub and Gerrit.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/makemacThe makemac command starts OS X VMs for the builders.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/perfrunperfrun interacts with the buildlet coordinator to run the go1 benchmarks on a buildlet slave for the most recent successful commits according to the build dashboard.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/pubsubhelperThe pubsubhelper is an SMTP server for Gerrit updates and an HTTP server for Github webhook updates.
golang.org/​x/​build/​cmd/​pubsubhelper/​pubsubtypesPackage pubsubtypes contains types published by pubsubhelper.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/racebuildracebuild builds the race runtime (syso files) on all supported OSes using gomote.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/releaseCommand release builds a Go release.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/releasebotReleasebot manages the process of defining, packaging, and publishing Go releases.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/relnoteThe relnote command summarizes the Go changes in Gerrit marked with RELNOTE annotations for the release notes.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/reluirelui is a web interface for managing the release process of Go.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/retrybuildsThe retrybuilds command clears build failures from the build.golang.org dashboard to force them to be rebuilt.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/rmplaysnippetThe rmplaysnippet binary removes a code snippet from play.golang.org given its URL or ID.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/rundockerbuildletThe rundockerbuildlet command loops forever and creates and cleans up Docker containers running reverse buildlets.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/scalewayThe scaleway command creates ARM servers on Scaleway.com.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/tipCommand tip is the tip.golang.org server, serving the latest HEAD straight from the Git oven.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/updatecontribThe updateac command updates the CONTRIBUTORS file in the Go repository.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/updatedisksThe updatedisks command creates & deletes VM disks as needed across the various GCP zones.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/updatestdupdatestd is an experimental program that has been used to update the standard library modules as part of golang.org/​issue/​36905 in CL 255860 and CL 266898.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/uploadThe upload command writes a file to Google Cloud Storage.
golang.org/x/build/cmd/xbThe xb command wraps GCP deployment commands such as gcloud, kubectl, and docker push and verifies they're interacting with the intended prod-vs-staging environment.
golang.org/x/build/dashboardPackage dashboard contains shared configuration and logic used by various pieces of the Go continuous build system.
golang.org/x/build/devappDevapp is the server running dev.golang.org.
golang.org/x/build/envutilPackage envutil provides utilities for working with environment variables.
golang.org/x/build/gerritPackage gerrit contains code to interact with Gerrit servers.
golang.org/x/build/internal/buildgoPackage buildgo provides tools for pushing and building the Go distribution on buildlets.
golang.org/x/build/internal/buildstatsPackage buildstats contains code to sync the coordinator's build logs from Datastore to BigQuery.
golang.org/x/build/internal/foreachPackage foreach provides allocation-conscious helpers for iterating over lines of text.
golang.org/x/build/internal/gitauthPackage gitauth writes gitcookies files so git will authenticate to Gerrit as gopherbot for quota purposes.
golang.org/x/build/internal/gophersPackage gophers is a list of names, emails, and GitHub usernames of people from the Go git repos and issue trackers.
golang.org/x/build/internal/httpdlPackage httpdl downloads things from HTTP to local disk.
golang.org/x/build/internal/httpsPackage https contains helpers for starting an HTTPS server.
golang.org/x/build/internal/loghashPackage loghash provides the shared information for computing a log hash (as in https:/​/​build.golang.org/​log/​HASH).
golang.org/x/build/internal/lruPackage lru implements an LRU cache.
golang.org/x/build/internal/secretPackage secret provides a client interface for interacting with the GCP Secret Management service.
golang.org/x/build/internal/singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
golang.org/x/build/internal/sourcecachePackage sourcecache provides a cache of code found in Git repositories.
golang.org/x/build/internal/spanlogPackage spanlog provides span and event logger interfaces.
golang.org/x/build/internal/untarPackage untar untars a tarball to disk.
golang.org/x/build/kubernetesPackage kubernetes contains a minimal client for the Kubernetes API.
golang.org/x/build/kubernetes/apiPackage api contains the Kubernetes v1 API types.
golang.org/x/build/kubernetes/gkePackage gke contains code for interacting with Google Container Engine (GKE), the hosted version of Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.
golang.org/x/build/livelogPackage livelog provides a buffer that can be simultaneously written to by one writer and read from by many readers.
golang.org/x/build/maintnerPackage maintner mirrors, searches, syncs, and serves Git, Github, and Gerrit metadata.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/cmd/maintservemaintserve is a program that serves Go issues and CLs over HTTP, so they can be viewed in a browser.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/godataPackage godata loads the Go project's corpus of Git, Github, and Gerrit activity into memory to allow easy analysis without worrying about APIs and their pagination, quotas, and other nuisances and limitations.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/gostatsThe gostats command computes stats about the Go project.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/maintnerdThe maintnerd command serves project maintainer data from Git, Github, and/​or Gerrit.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/maintnerd/apipbPackage apipb is a generated protocol buffer package.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/maintnerd/gcslogPackage gcslog is an implementation of maintner.MutationSource and Logger for Google Cloud Storage.
golang.org/​x/​build/​maintner/​maintnerd/​maintapiPackage maintapi exposes a gRPC maintner service for a given corpus.
golang.org/​x/​build/​maintner/​maintnerd/​maintapi/​versionPackage version implements logic to parse version of Go tags and release branches.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/maintpbPackage maintpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/maintqThe maintq command queries a maintnerd gRPC server.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/maintwatchThe maintwatch commands tails the maintner mutation log.
golang.org/x/build/maintner/reclogPackage reclog contains readers and writers for a record wrapper format used by maintner.
golang.org/x/build/pargzipPackage pargzip contains a parallel gzip writer implementation.
golang.org/x/build/reposPackage repos contains information about Go source repositories.
golang.org/x/build/revdial/v2Package revdial implements a Dialer and Listener which work together to turn an accepted connection (for instance, a Hijacked HTTP request) into a Dialer which can then create net.Conns connecting back to the original dialer, which then gets a net.Listener accepting those conns.
golang.org/x/build/tarutilPackage tarutil contains utilities for working with tar archives.
golang.org/x/build/typesPackage types contains common types used by the Go continuous build system.
golang.org/x/build/versionThe version package permits running a specific version of Go.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10The go1.10 command runs the go command from go1.10.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10.1The go1.10.1 command runs the go command from Go 1.10.1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10.2The go1.10.2 command runs the go command from go1.10.2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10.3The go1.10.3 command runs the go command from go1.10.3.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10beta1The go1.10beta1 command runs the go command from go1.10beta1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10beta2The go1.10beta2 command runs the go command from go1.10beta2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10rc1The go1.10rc1 command runs the go command from go1.10rc1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.10rc2The go1.10rc2 command runs the go command from go1.10rc2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.11beta1The go1.11beta1 command runs the go command from go1.11beta1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8The go1.8 command runs the go command from go1.8.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.1The go1.8.1 command runs the go command from go1.8.1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.2The go1.8.2 command runs the go command from go1.8.2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.3The go1.8.3 command runs the go command from go1.8.3.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.4The go1.8.4 command runs the go command from go1.8.4.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.5The go1.8.5 command runs the go command from go1.8.5.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.6The go1.8.6 command runs the go command from go1.8.6.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8.7The go1.8.7 command runs the go command from go1.8.7.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8beta1The go1.8beta1 command runs the go command from go1.8beta1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8beta2The go1.8beta2 command runs the go command from go1.8beta2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8rc1The go1.8rc1 command runs the go command from go1.8rc1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8rc2The go1.8rc2 command runs the go command from go1.8rc2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.8rc3The go1.8rc3 command runs the go command from go1.8rc3.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9The go1.9 command runs the go command from go1.9.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.1The go1.9.1 command runs the go command from go1.9.1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.2The go1.9.2 command runs the go command from go1.9.2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.3The go1.9.3 command runs the go command from go1.9.3.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.4The go1.9.4 command runs the go command from go1.9.4.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.5The go1.9.5 command runs the go command from Go 1.9.5.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.6The go1.9.6 command runs the go command from go1.9.6.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9.7The go1.9.7 command runs the go command from go1.9.7.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9beta1The go1.9beta1 command runs the go command from go1.9beta1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9beta2The go1.9beta2 command runs the go command from go1.9beta2.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9rc1The go1.9rc1 command runs the go command from go1.9rc1.
golang.org/x/build/version/go1.9rc2The go1.9rc2 command runs the go command from go1.9rc2.
golang.org/x/crypto/acmePackage acme provides an implementation of the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) spec.
golang.org/x/crypto/acme/autocertPackage autocert provides automatic access to certificates from Let's Encrypt and any other ACME-based CA.
golang.org/​x/​crypto/​acme/​autocert/​internal/​acmetestPackage acmetest provides types for testing acme and autocert packages.
golang.org/x/crypto/acme/internal/acmeprobeThe acmeprober program runs against an actual ACME CA implementation.
golang.org/x/crypto/argon2Package argon2 implements the key derivation function Argon2.
golang.org/x/crypto/bcryptPackage bcrypt implements Provos and Mazières's bcrypt adaptive hashing algorithm.
golang.org/x/crypto/blake2bPackage blake2b implements the BLAKE2b hash algorithm defined by RFC 7693 and the extendable output function (XOF) BLAKE2Xb.
golang.org/x/crypto/blake2sPackage blake2s implements the BLAKE2s hash algorithm defined by RFC 7693 and the extendable output function (XOF) BLAKE2Xs.
golang.org/x/crypto/blowfishPackage blowfish implements Bruce Schneier's Blowfish encryption algorithm.
golang.org/x/crypto/bn256Package bn256 implements a particular bilinear group.
golang.org/x/crypto/cast5Package cast5 implements CAST5, as defined in RFC 2144.
golang.org/x/crypto/chacha20Package chacha20 implements the ChaCha20 and XChaCha20 encryption algorithms as specified in RFC 8439 and draft-irtf-cfrg-xchacha-01.
golang.org/x/crypto/chacha20poly1305Package chacha20poly1305 implements the ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD and its extended nonce variant XChaCha20-Poly1305, as specified in RFC 8439 and draft-irtf-cfrg-xchacha-01.
golang.org/x/crypto/cryptobytePackage cryptobyte contains types that help with parsing and constructing length-prefixed, binary messages, including ASN.1 DER.
golang.org/x/crypto/cryptobyte/asn1Package asn1 contains supporting types for parsing and building ASN.1 messages with the cryptobyte package.
golang.org/x/crypto/curve25519Package curve25519 provides an implementation of the X25519 function, which performs scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve known as Curve25519.
golang.org/x/crypto/ed25519Package ed25519 implements the Ed25519 signature algorithm.
golang.org/x/crypto/hkdfPackage hkdf implements the HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF) as defined in RFC 5869.
golang.org/x/crypto/internal/subtlePackage subtle implements functions that are often useful in cryptographic code but require careful thought to use correctly.
golang.org/​x/​crypto/​internal/​wycheproof/​internal/​dsaPackage dsa provides an internal version of dsa.Verify that is used for the Wycheproof tests.
golang.org/x/crypto/md4Package md4 implements the MD4 hash algorithm as defined in RFC 1320.
golang.org/x/crypto/nacl/authPackage auth authenticates a message using a secret key.
golang.org/x/crypto/nacl/boxPackage box authenticates and encrypts small messages using public-key cryptography.
golang.org/x/crypto/nacl/secretboxPackage secretbox encrypts and authenticates small messages.
golang.org/x/crypto/nacl/signPackage sign signs small messages using public-key cryptography.
golang.org/x/crypto/ocspPackage ocsp parses OCSP responses as specified in RFC 2560.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgpPackage openpgp implements high level operations on OpenPGP messages.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgp/armorPackage armor implements OpenPGP ASCII Armor, see RFC 4880.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgp/clearsignPackage clearsign generates and processes OpenPGP, clear-signed data.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgp/elgamalPackage elgamal implements ElGamal encryption, suitable for OpenPGP, as specified in "A Public-Key Cryptosystem and a Signature Scheme Based on Discrete Logarithms," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, v.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgp/errorsPackage errors contains common error types for the OpenPGP packages.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgp/packetPackage packet implements parsing and serialization of OpenPGP packets, as specified in RFC 4880.
golang.org/x/crypto/openpgp/s2kPackage s2k implements the various OpenPGP string-to-key transforms as specified in RFC 4800 section 3.7.1.
golang.org/x/crypto/otrPackage otr implements the Off The Record protocol as specified in http:/​/​www.cypherpunks.ca/​otr/​Protocol-v2-3.1.0.html
golang.org/x/crypto/pbkdf2Package pbkdf2 implements the key derivation function PBKDF2 as defined in RFC 2898 /​ PKCS #5 v2.0.
golang.org/x/crypto/pkcs12Package pkcs12 implements some of PKCS#12.
golang.org/x/crypto/pkcs12/internal/rc2Package rc2 implements the RC2 cipher
golang.org/x/crypto/poly1305Package poly1305 implements Poly1305 one-time message authentication code as specified in https:/​/​cr.yp.to/​mac/​poly1305-20050329.pdf.
golang.org/x/crypto/ripemd160Package ripemd160 implements the RIPEMD-160 hash algorithm.
golang.org/x/crypto/salsa20Package salsa20 implements the Salsa20 stream cipher as specified in https:/​/​cr.yp.to/​snuffle/​spec.pdf.
golang.org/x/crypto/salsa20/salsaPackage salsa provides low-level access to functions in the Salsa family.
golang.org/x/crypto/scryptPackage scrypt implements the scrypt key derivation function as defined in Colin Percival's paper "Stronger Key Derivation via Sequential Memory-Hard Functions" (https:/​/​www.tarsnap.com/​scrypt/​scrypt.pdf).
golang.org/x/crypto/sha3Package sha3 implements the SHA-3 fixed-output-length hash functions and the SHAKE variable-output-length hash functions defined by FIPS-202.
golang.org/x/crypto/sshPackage ssh implements an SSH client and server.
golang.org/x/crypto/ssh/agentPackage agent implements the ssh-agent protocol, and provides both a client and a server.
golang.org/x/crypto/ssh/internal/bcrypt_pbkdfPackage bcrypt_pbkdf implements bcrypt_pbkdf(3) from OpenBSD.
golang.org/x/crypto/ssh/knownhostsPackage knownhosts implements a parser for the OpenSSH known_hosts host key database, and provides utility functions for writing OpenSSH compliant known_hosts files.
golang.org/x/crypto/ssh/terminalPackage terminal provides support functions for dealing with terminals, as commonly found on UNIX systems.
golang.org/x/crypto/ssh/testPackage test contains integration tests for the golang.org/​x/​crypto/​ssh package.
golang.org/x/crypto/teaPackage tea implements the TEA algorithm, as defined in Needham and Wheeler's 1994 technical report, “TEA, a Tiny Encryption Algorithm”.
golang.org/x/crypto/twofishPackage twofish implements Bruce Schneier's Twofish encryption algorithm.
golang.org/x/crypto/xteaPackage xtea implements XTEA encryption, as defined in Needham and Wheeler's 1997 technical report, "Tea extensions."
golang.org/x/crypto/xtsPackage xts implements the XTS cipher mode as specified in IEEE P1619/​D16.
golang.org/x/debug/cmd/viewcoreThe viewcore tool is a command-line tool for exploring the state of a Go process that has dumped core.
golang.org/x/debug/internal/coreThe core library is used to process ELF core dump files.
golang.org/x/example/appengine-helloPackage hello is a simple App Engine application that replies to requests on /​hello with a welcoming message.
golang.org/x/example/gotypesThe weave command is a simple preprocessor for markdown files.
golang.org/x/example/gotypes/docThe doc command prints the doc comment of a package-level object.
golang.org/x/example/gotypes/hugeparamThe hugeparam command identifies by-value parameters that are larger than n bytes.
golang.org/x/example/gotypes/skeletonThe skeleton command prints the boilerplate for a concrete type that implements the specified interface type.
golang.org/x/example/outyetoutyet is a web server that announces whether or not a particular Go version has been tagged.
golang.org/x/example/stringutilPackage stringutil contains utility functions for working with strings.
golang.org/x/example/templateCommand template is a trivial web server that uses the text/​template (and html/​template) package's "block" feature to implement a kind of template inheritance.
golang.org/x/exp/cmd/apidiffCommand apidiff determines whether two versions of a package are compatible
golang.org/x/exp/cmd/goreleasegorelease is an experimental tool that helps module authors avoid common problems before releasing a new version of a module.
golang.org/x/exp/cmd/macos-roots-testCommand macOS-roots-test runs crypto/​x509.TestSystemRoots as a stand-alone binary for crowdsourced testing.
golang.org/x/exp/cmd/modgraphvizModgraphviz converts “go mod graph” output into Graphviz's DOT language, for use with Graphviz visualization and analysis tools like dot, dotty, and sccmap.
golang.org/x/exp/cmd/txtarThe txtar command writes or extracts a text-based file archive in the format provided by the golang.org/​x/​tools/​txtar package.
golang.org/x/exp/ebnfPackage ebnf is a library for EBNF grammars.
golang.org/x/exp/ebnflintEbnflint verifies that EBNF productions are consistent and grammatically correct.
golang.org/x/exp/errorsPackage errors implements functions to manipulate errors.
golang.org/x/exp/errors/fmtPackage fmt implements formatted I/​O with functions analogous to C's printf and scanf.
golang.org/x/exp/io/i2cPackage i2c allows users to read from and write to a slave I2C device.
golang.org/x/exp/io/i2c/driverPackage driver contains interfaces to be implemented by various I2C implementations.
golang.org/x/exp/io/spiPackage spi allows users to read from and write to an SPI device.
golang.org/x/exp/io/spi/driverPackage driver contains interfaces to be implemented by various SPI implementations.
golang.org/x/exp/mmapPackage mmap provides a way to memory-map a file.
golang.org/x/exp/randPackage rand implements pseudo-random number generators.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driverPackage driver provides the default driver for accessing a screen.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/gldriverPackage gldriver provides an OpenGL driver for accessing a screen.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/internal/drawerPackage drawer provides functions that help implement screen.Drawer methods.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​driver/​internal/​errscreenPackage errscreen provides a stub Screen implementation.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/internal/eventPackage event provides an infinitely buffered double-ended queue of events.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​driver/​internal/​lifecyclerPackage lifecycler tracks a window's lifecycle state.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​driver/​internal/​swizzlePackage swizzle provides functions for converting between RGBA pixel formats.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/internal/win32Package win32 implements a partial shiny screen driver using the Win32 API.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/internal/x11keyx11key contains X11 numeric codes for the keyboard and mouse.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/mtldriverPackage mtldriver provides a Metal driver for accessing a screen.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​driver/​mtldriver/​internal/​appkitPackage appkit provides access to Apple's AppKit API (https:/​/​developer.apple.com/​documentation/​appkit).
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​driver/​mtldriver/​internal/​coreanimPackage coreanim provides access to Apple's Core Animation API (https:/​/​developer.apple.com/​documentation/​quartzcore).
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/windriverPackage windriver provides the Windows driver for accessing a screen.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/driver/x11driverPackage x11driver provides the X11 driver for accessing a screen.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/gesturePackage gesture provides gesture events such as long presses and drags.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/iconvgPackage iconvg implements a compact, binary format for simple vector graphics: icons, logos, glyphs and emoji.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​iconvg/​internal/​gradientPackage gradient provides linear and radial gradient images.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/imageutilPackage imageutil implements some image utility functions.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​materialdesign/​colornamesPackage colornames provides named colors as defined in the Material Design style guide.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/materialdesign/iconsPackage icons contains the Material Design icon set, in the IconVG vector graphic format.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/screenPackage screen provides interfaces for portable two-dimensional graphics and input events.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/textPackage text lays out paragraphs of text.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/unitPackage unit defines units of length such as inches or pixels.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​vendor/​github.com/​BurntSushi/​xgbPackage XGB provides the X Go Binding, which is a low-level API to communicate with the core X protocol and many of the X extensions.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​vendor/​github.com/​BurntSushi/​xgb/​renderPackage render is the X client API for the RENDER extension.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​vendor/​github.com/​BurntSushi/​xgb/​shmPackage shm is the X client API for the MIT-SHM extension.
golang.org/​x/​exp/​shiny/​vendor/​github.com/​BurntSushi/​xgb/​xprotoPackage xproto is the X client API for the extension.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/widgetPackage widget provides graphical user interface widgets.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/widget/flexPackage flex provides a container widget that lays out its children following the CSS flexbox algorithm.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/widget/glwidgetPackage glwidget provides a widget containing a GL ES framebuffer.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/widget/nodePackage node provides the structure for a tree of heterogenous widget nodes.
golang.org/x/exp/shiny/widget/themePackage theme provides widget themes.
golang.org/x/exp/sumdb/gosumcheckGosumcheck checks a go.sum file against a go.sum database server.
golang.org/x/exp/sumdb/internal/notePackage note defines the notes signed by the Go module database server.
golang.org/x/exp/sumdb/internal/sumwebPackage sumweb implements the HTTP protocols for serving or accessing a go.sum database.
golang.org/x/exp/sumdb/internal/tkvPackage tkv defines a simple interface to a transactional key-value storage system.
golang.org/x/exp/sumdb/internal/tkv/tkvtestPackage tkvtest contains a test harness for testing tkv.Storage implementations.
golang.org/x/exp/sumdb/internal/tlogPackage tlog implements a tamper-evident log used in the Go module go.sum database server.
golang.org/x/exp/utf8stringPackage utf8string provides an efficient way to index strings by rune rather than by byte.
golang.org/x/exp/winfsnotifyPackage winfsnotify allows the user to receive file system event notifications on Windows.
golang.org/x/image/bmpPackage bmp implements a BMP image decoder and encoder.
golang.org/x/image/ccittPackage ccitt implements a CCITT (fax) image decoder.
golang.org/x/image/colornamesPackage colornames provides named colors as defined in the SVG 1.1 spec.
golang.org/x/image/drawPackage draw provides image composition functions.
golang.org/x/image/fontPackage font defines an interface for font faces, for drawing text on an image.
golang.org/x/image/font/basicfontPackage basicfont provides fixed-size font faces.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/goboldPackage gobold provides the "Go Bold" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gobolditalicPackage gobolditalic provides the "Go Bold Italic" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/goitalicPackage goitalic provides the "Go Italic" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gomediumPackage gomedium provides the "Go Medium" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gomediumitalicPackage gomediumitalic provides the "Go Medium Italic" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gomonoPackage gomono provides the "Go Mono" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gomonoboldPackage gomonobold provides the "Go Mono Bold" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/​x/​image/​font/​gofont/​gomonobolditalicPackage gomonobolditalic provides the "Go Mono Bold Italic" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gomonoitalicPackage gomonoitalic provides the "Go Mono Italic" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/goregularPackage goregular provides the "Go Regular" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/gofont/gosmallcapsPackage gosmallcaps provides the "Go Smallcaps" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/​x/​image/​font/​gofont/​gosmallcapsitalicPackage gosmallcapsitalic provides the "Go Smallcaps Italic" TrueType font from the Go font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/inconsolataPackage inconsolata provides pre-rendered bitmap versions of the Inconsolata font family.
golang.org/x/image/font/opentypePackage opentype implements a glyph rasterizer for TTF (TrueType Fonts) and OTF (OpenType Fonts).
golang.org/x/image/font/plan9fontPackage plan9font implements font faces for the Plan 9 font and subfont file formats.
golang.org/x/image/font/sfntPackage sfnt implements a decoder for TTF (TrueType Fonts) and OTF (OpenType Fonts).
golang.org/x/image/math/f32Package f32 implements float32 vector and matrix types.
golang.org/x/image/math/f64Package f64 implements float64 vector and matrix types.
golang.org/x/image/math/fixedPackage fixed implements fixed-point integer types.
golang.org/x/image/riffPackage riff implements the Resource Interchange File Format, used by media formats such as AVI, WAVE and WEBP.
golang.org/x/image/tiffPackage tiff implements a TIFF image decoder and encoder.
golang.org/x/image/tiff/lzwPackage lzw implements the Lempel-Ziv-Welch compressed data format, described in T.
golang.org/x/image/vectorPackage vector provides a rasterizer for 2-D vector graphics.
golang.org/x/image/vp8Package vp8 implements a decoder for the VP8 lossy image format.
golang.org/x/image/vp8lPackage vp8l implements a decoder for the VP8L lossless image format.
golang.org/x/image/webpPackage webp implements a decoder for WEBP images.
golang.org/x/lintPackage lint contains a linter for Go source code.
golang.org/x/lint/golintgolint lints the Go source files named on its command line.
golang.org/x/mobile/appPackage app lets you write portable all-Go apps for Android and iOS.
golang.org/x/mobile/app/internal/apptestPackage apptest provides utilities for testing an app.
golang.org/x/mobile/app/internal/testappSmall test app used by app/app_test.go.
golang.org/x/mobile/assetPackage asset provides access to application-bundled assets.
golang.org/x/mobile/bindPackage bind implements a code generator for gobind.
golang.org/x/mobile/bind/javaPackage java implements the Java language bindings.
golang.org/x/mobile/bind/objcPackage objc implements the Objective-C language bindings.
golang.org/x/mobile/bind/seqPackage seq implements the machine-dependent seq serialization format.
golang.org/x/mobile/cmd/gobindGobind generates language bindings that make it possible to call Go functions from Java and Objective-C.
golang.org/x/mobile/cmd/gomobileGomobile is a tool for building and running mobile apps written in Go.
golang.org/x/mobile/event/keyPackage key defines an event for physical keyboard keys.
golang.org/x/mobile/event/lifecyclePackage lifecycle defines an event for an app's lifecycle.
golang.org/x/mobile/event/mousePackage mouse defines an event for mouse input.
golang.org/x/mobile/event/paintPackage paint defines an event for the app being ready to paint.
golang.org/x/mobile/event/sizePackage size defines an event for the dimensions, physical resolution and orientation of the app's window.
golang.org/x/mobile/event/touchPackage touch defines an event for touch input.
golang.org/x/mobile/example/basicAn app that draws a green triangle on a red background.
golang.org/x/mobile/example/bind/helloPackage hello is a trivial package for gomobile bind example.
golang.org/x/mobile/example/flappyFlappy Gopher is a simple one-button game that uses the mobile framework and the experimental sprite engine.
golang.org/x/mobile/example/networkAn app that paints green if golang.org is reachable when the app first starts, or red otherwise.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/app/debugPackage debug provides GL-based debugging tools for apps.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/audio/alPackage al provides OpenAL Soft bindings for Go.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/f32Package f32 implements some linear algebra and GL helpers for float32s.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/fontPackage font provides platform independent access to system fonts.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/gl/glutilPackage glutil implements OpenGL utility functions.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/sensorPackage sensor provides sensor events from various movement sensors.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/spritePackage sprite provides a 2D scene graph for rendering and animation.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/sprite/clockPackage clock provides a clock and time functions for a sprite engine.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/sprite/glspritePackage glsprite implements a sprite Engine using OpenGL ES 2.
golang.org/x/mobile/exp/sprite/portablePackage portable implements a sprite Engine using the image package.
golang.org/x/mobile/geomPackage geom defines a two-dimensional coordinate system.
golang.org/x/mobile/glPackage gl implements Go bindings for OpenGL ES 2.0 and ES 3.0.
golang.org/x/mobile/internal/binresPackage binres implements encoding and decoding of android binary resources.
golang.org/x/mobile/internal/importersThe importers package uses go/​ast to analyze Go packages or Go files and collect references to types whose package has a package prefix.
golang.org/x/mobile/internal/importers/javaThe java package takes the result of an AST traversal by the importers package and queries the java command for the type information for the referenced Java classes and interfaces.
golang.org/x/mobile/internal/importers/objcThe objc package takes the result of an AST traversal by the importers package and uses the clang command to dump the type information for the referenced ObjC classes and protocols.
golang.org/x/mobile/internal/mobileinitPackage mobileinit contains common initialization logic for mobile platforms that is relevant to both all-Go apps and gobind-based apps.
golang.org/x/mod/gosumcheckGosumcheck checks a go.sum file against a go.sum database server.
golang.org/x/mod/internal/lazyregexpPackage lazyregexp is a thin wrapper over regexp, allowing the use of global regexp variables without forcing them to be compiled at init.
golang.org/x/mod/modfilePackage modfile implements a parser and formatter for go.mod files.
golang.org/x/mod/modulePackage module defines the module.Version type along with support code.
golang.org/x/mod/semverPackage semver implements comparison of semantic version strings.
golang.org/x/mod/sumdbPackage sumdb implements the HTTP protocols for serving or accessing a module checksum database.
golang.org/x/mod/sumdb/dirhashPackage dirhash defines hashes over directory trees.
golang.org/x/mod/sumdb/notePackage note defines the notes signed by the Go module database server.
golang.org/x/mod/sumdb/storagePackage storage defines storage interfaces for and a basic implementation of a checksum database.
golang.org/x/mod/sumdb/tlogPackage tlog implements a tamper-evident log used in the Go module go.sum database server.
golang.org/x/mod/zipPackage zip provides functions for creating and extracting module zip files.
golang.org/x/net/bpfPackage bpf implements marshaling and unmarshaling of programs for the Berkeley Packet Filter virtual machine, and provides a Go implementation of the virtual machine.
golang.org/x/net/contextPackage context defines the Context type, which carries deadlines, cancelation signals, and other request-scoped values across API boundaries and between processes.
golang.org/x/net/context/ctxhttpPackage ctxhttp provides helper functions for performing context-aware HTTP requests.
golang.org/x/net/dictPackage dict implements the Dictionary Server Protocol as defined in RFC 2229.
golang.org/x/net/dns/dnsmessagePackage dnsmessage provides a mostly RFC 1035 compliant implementation of DNS message packing and unpacking.
golang.org/x/net/htmlPackage html implements an HTML5-compliant tokenizer and parser.
golang.org/x/net/html/atomPackage atom provides integer codes (also known as atoms) for a fixed set of frequently occurring HTML strings: tag names and attribute keys such as "p" and "id".
golang.org/x/net/html/charsetPackage charset provides common text encodings for HTML documents.
golang.org/x/net/http2Package http2 implements the HTTP/2 protocol.
golang.org/x/net/http2/h2cPackage h2c implements the unencrypted "h2c" form of HTTP/​2.
golang.org/x/net/http2/h2iThe h2i command is an interactive HTTP/​2 console.
golang.org/x/net/http2/hpackPackage hpack implements HPACK, a compression format for efficiently representing HTTP header fields in the context of HTTP/​2.
golang.org/x/net/http/httpgutsPackage httpguts provides functions implementing various details of the HTTP specification.
golang.org/x/net/http/httpproxyPackage httpproxy provides support for HTTP proxy determination based on environment variables, as provided by net/​http's ProxyFromEnvironment function.
golang.org/x/net/icmpPackage icmp provides basic functions for the manipulation of messages used in the Internet Control Message Protocols, ICMPv4 and ICMPv6.
golang.org/x/net/idnaPackage idna implements IDNA2008 using the compatibility processing defined by UTS (Unicode Technical Standard) #46, which defines a standard to deal with the transition from IDNA2003.
golang.org/x/net/internal/ianaPackage iana provides protocol number resources managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
golang.org/x/net/internal/socketPackage socket provides a portable interface for socket system calls.
golang.org/x/net/internal/socksPackage socks provides a SOCKS version 5 client implementation.
golang.org/x/net/internal/sockstestPackage sockstest provides utilities for SOCKS testing.
golang.org/x/net/internal/timeseriesPackage timeseries implements a time series structure for stats collection.
golang.org/x/net/ipv4Package ipv4 implements IP-level socket options for the Internet Protocol version 4.
golang.org/x/net/ipv6Package ipv6 implements IP-level socket options for the Internet Protocol version 6.
golang.org/x/net/nettestPackage nettest provides utilities for network testing.
golang.org/x/net/netutilPackage netutil provides network utility functions, complementing the more common ones in the net package.
golang.org/x/net/proxyPackage proxy provides support for a variety of protocols to proxy network data.
golang.org/x/net/publicsuffixPackage publicsuffix provides a public suffix list based on data from https:/​/​publicsuffix.org/​
golang.org/x/net/routePackage route provides basic functions for the manipulation of packet routing facilities on BSD variants.
golang.org/x/net/tracePackage trace implements tracing of requests and long-lived objects.
golang.org/x/net/webdavPackage webdav provides a WebDAV server implementation.
golang.org/x/net/webdav/internal/xmlPackage xml implements a simple XML 1.0 parser that understands XML name spaces.
golang.org/x/net/websocketPackage websocket implements a client and server for the WebSocket protocol as specified in RFC 6455.
golang.org/x/net/xsrftokenPackage xsrftoken provides methods for generating and validating secure XSRF tokens.
golang.org/x/oauth2Package oauth2 provides support for making OAuth2 authorized and authenticated HTTP requests, as specified in RFC 6749.
golang.org/x/oauth2/amazonPackage amazon provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Amazon.
golang.org/x/oauth2/bitbucketPackage bitbucket provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Bitbucket.
golang.org/x/oauth2/cernPackage cern provides constants for using OAuth2 to access CERN services.
golang.org/x/oauth2/clientcredentialsPackage clientcredentials implements the OAuth2.0 "client credentials" token flow, also known as the "two-legged OAuth 2.0".
golang.org/x/oauth2/endpointsPackage endpoints provides constants for using OAuth2 to access various services.
golang.org/x/oauth2/facebookPackage facebook provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Facebook.
golang.org/x/oauth2/fitbitPackage fitbit provides constants for using OAuth2 to access the Fitbit API.
golang.org/x/oauth2/foursquarePackage foursquare provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Foursquare.
golang.org/x/oauth2/githubPackage github provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Github.
golang.org/x/oauth2/gitlabPackage gitlab provides constants for using OAuth2 to access GitLab.
golang.org/x/oauth2/googlePackage google provides support for making OAuth2 authorized and authenticated HTTP requests to Google APIs.
golang.org/x/oauth2/herokuPackage heroku provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Heroku.
golang.org/x/oauth2/hipchatPackage hipchat provides constants for using OAuth2 to access HipChat.
golang.org/x/oauth2/instagramPackage instagram provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Instagram.
golang.org/x/oauth2/internalPackage internal contains support packages for oauth2 package.
golang.org/x/oauth2/jiraPackage jira provides claims and JWT signing for OAuth2 to access JIRA/​Confluence.
golang.org/x/oauth2/jwsPackage jws provides a partial implementation of JSON Web Signature encoding and decoding.
golang.org/x/oauth2/jwtPackage jwt implements the OAuth 2.0 JSON Web Token flow, commonly known as "two-legged OAuth 2.0".
golang.org/x/oauth2/kakaoPackage kakao provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Kakao.
golang.org/x/oauth2/linkedinPackage linkedin provides constants for using OAuth2 to access LinkedIn.
golang.org/x/oauth2/mailchimpPackage mailchimp provides constants for using OAuth2 to access MailChimp.
golang.org/x/oauth2/mailruPackage mailru provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Mail.Ru.
golang.org/x/oauth2/mediamathPackage mediamath provides constants for using OAuth2 to access MediaMath.
golang.org/x/oauth2/microsoftPackage microsoft provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Windows Live ID.
golang.org/x/oauth2/nokiahealthPackage nokiahealth provides constants for using OAuth2 to access the Nokia Health Mate API.
golang.org/x/oauth2/odnoklassnikiPackage odnoklassniki provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Odnoklassniki.
golang.org/x/oauth2/paypalPackage paypal provides constants for using OAuth2 to access PayPal.
golang.org/x/oauth2/slackPackage slack provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Slack.
golang.org/x/oauth2/spotifyPackage spotify provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Spotify.
golang.org/x/oauth2/stackoverflowPackage stackoverflow provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Stack Overflow.
golang.org/x/oauth2/twitchPackage twitch provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Twitch.
golang.org/x/oauth2/uberPackage uber provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Uber.
golang.org/x/oauth2/vkPackage vk provides constants for using OAuth2 to access VK.com.
golang.org/x/oauth2/yahooPackage yahoo provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Yahoo.
golang.org/x/oauth2/yandexPackage yandex provides constants for using OAuth2 to access Yandex APIs.
golang.org/x/perf/analysis/appPackage app implements the performance data analysis server.
golang.org/x/perf/analysis/appengineThis binary contains an App Engine app for perf.golang.org
golang.org/x/perf/analysis/localperfLocalperf runs an HTTP server for benchmark analysis.
golang.org/x/perf/cmd/benchsaveBenchsave uploads benchmark results to a storage server.
golang.org/x/perf/cmd/benchstatBenchstat computes and compares statistics about benchmarks.
golang.org/x/perf/internal/basedirPackage basedir finds templates and static files associated with a binary.
golang.org/x/perf/internal/statsPackage stats implements several statistical distributions, hypothesis tests, and functions for descriptive statistics.
golang.org/x/perf/storagePackage storage contains a client for the performance data storage server.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/appPackage app implements the performance data storage server.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/appengineThis binary contains an App Engine app for perfdata.golang.org
golang.org/x/perf/storage/benchfmtPackage benchfmt provides readers and writers for the Go benchmark format.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/dbPackage db provides the high-level database interface for the storage app.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/db/sqlite3Package sqlite3 provides the sqlite3 driver for x/​perf/​storage/​db.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/fsPackage fs provides a backend-agnostic filesystem layer for storing performance results.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/fs/gcsPackage gcs implements the fs.FS interface using Google Cloud Storage.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/fs/localPackage local implements the fs.FS interface using local files.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/localperfdataLocalperfdata runs an HTTP server for benchmark storage.
golang.org/x/perf/storage/queryPackage query provides tools for parsing a query.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/cmd/frontendThe frontend runs a service to serve user-facing traffic.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/cmd/internal/cmdconfigPackage cmdconfig contains functions for configuring commands.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/cmd/proberThe prober hits the frontend with a fixed set of URLs.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/cmd/workerThe worker command runs a service with the primary job of fetching modules from a proxy and writing them to the database.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internalPackage internal contains data used through x/​pkgsite.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/authPackage auth authorizes programs to make HTTP requests to the discovery site.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/configPackage config resolves shared configuration for Go Discovery services, and provides functions to access this configuration.
golang.org/​x/​pkgsite/​internal/​config/​dynconfigPackage dynconfig supports dynamic configuration for pkgsite services.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/cookiePackage cookie is used to get and set HTTP cookies.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/databasePackage database adds some useful functionality to a sql.DB.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/dcensusPackage dcensus provides functionality for debug instrumentation.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/derrorsPackage derrors defines internal error values to categorize the different types error semantics we support.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/experimentPackage experiment provides functionality for experiments.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/fetchPackage fetch provides a way to fetch modules from a proxy.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/frontendPackage frontend provides functionality for running the pkg.go.dev site.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/godocPackage godoc is for rendering Go documentation.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/godoc/codecPackage codec implements the general-purpose part of an encoder for Go values.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/godoc/dochtmlPackage dochtml renders Go package documentation into HTML.
golang.org/​x/​pkgsite/​internal/​godoc/​dochtml/​internal/​renderPackage render formats Go documentation as HTML.
golang.org/​x/​pkgsite/​internal/​godoc/​internal/​docPackage doc extracts source code documentation from a Go AST.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/indexPackage index provides a client for communicating with the module index.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/licensesPackage licenses detects licenses and determines whether they are redistributable.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/localdatasourcePackage localdatasource implements an in-memory internal.DataSource used to load and display documentation for local modules that are not available via a proxy.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/logPackage log supports structured and unstructured logging with levels.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/middlewarePackage middleware implements a simple middleware pattern for http handlers, along with implementations for some common middlewares.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/pollerPackage poller supports periodic polling to load a value.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/postgresPackage postgres provides functionality for reading and writing to the postgres database.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/proxyPackage proxy provides a client for interacting with a proxy.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/proxydatasourcePackage proxydatasource implements an internal.DataSource backed solely by a proxy instance.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/queuePackage queue provides queue implementations that can be used for asynchronous scheduling of fetch actions.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/secretsPackage secrets is used to interact with secretmanager.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/sourcePackage source constructs public URLs that link to the source files in a module.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/stdlibPackage stdlib supports special handling of the Go standard library.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/testing/dbtestPackage dbtest supports testing with a database.
golang.org/​x/​pkgsite/​internal/​testing/​htmlcheckPackage htmlcheck provides a set of functions that check for properties of a parsed HTML document.
golang.org/​x/​pkgsite/​internal/​testing/​pagecheckPackage pagecheck implements HTML checkers for discovery site pages.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/testing/samplePackage sample provides functionality for generating sample values of the types contained in the internal package.
golang.org/​x/​pkgsite/​internal/​testing/​testhelperPackage testhelper provides shared functionality and constants to be used in Discovery tests.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/versionPackage version handles version types.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/workerPackage worker provides functionality for running a worker service.
golang.org/x/pkgsite/internal/xcontextPackage xcontext is a package to offer the extra functionality we need from contexts that is not available from the standard context package.
golang.org/x/playground/cmd/latestgolatestgo prints the latest Go release tag to stdout as a part of the playground deployment process.
golang.org/x/playground/internal/gcpdialPackage gcpdial monitors VM instance groups to let frontends dial them directly without going through an internal load balancer.
golang.org/​x/​playground/​internal/​gcpdial/​gcpdialtoolThe gcpdialtool command is an interactive validation tool for the gcpdial packge.
golang.org/x/playground/sandboxThe sandbox program is an HTTP server that receives untrusted linux/​amd64 binaries in a POST request and then executes them in a gvisor sandbox using Docker, returning the output as a response to the POST.
golang.org/x/playground/sandbox/sandboxtypesThe sandboxtypes package contains the shared types to communicate between the different sandbox components.
golang.org/x/review/git-codereviewGit-codereview manages the code review process for Git changes using a Gerrit server.
golang.org/x/scratchPackage scratch exists mainly for people to learn how to use Gerrit and contribute to Go.
golang.org/x/scratch/aschlesenerThe aschlesener command prints something amazing.
golang.org/x/scratch/calvinbehlingTesting go contrib at gophercon! This file is a "Hello, World" for code review
golang.org/x/scratch/Ch3ckCh3ck command states its opinion on containers.
golang.org/x/scratch/cmcguinnessThe cmcguinness tool displays a random number.
golang.org/x/scratch/dicaormuPackage main has the main code of the example for contributing to go, in the gophercon
golang.org/x/scratch/drainaThe main package states how awesome Deepali is.
golang.org/x/scratch/drewvanstoneThis tool proclaims the ruliness of tools.
golang.org/x/scratch/dtimmdtimm command hosts a friendly message on port :8080.
golang.org/x/scratch/emasatsuguemasatsugu prints the author's username.
golang.org/x/scratch/fuzzThe fuzz program is a simple scratch program for review purposes
golang.org/x/scratch/ghoilCommand ghoil just prints a message.
golang.org/x/scratch/ianzapolskyianzapolsky is a simple hello world program for review purposes.
golang.org/x/scratch/jhewesThe jhewes program prints an amazing message.
golang.org/x/scratch/leighcapiliPrints Leigh's views on the world tw: @capileigh /​ gh: stealthybox
golang.org/x/scratch/lightThe light program prints an encouraging Go mantra.
golang.org/x/scratch/matloobThis tool proclaims the ruliness of tools.
golang.org/x/scratch/mmcloughlinThe mmcloughlin command trolls America.
golang.org/x/scratch/msiggyPackage main is used to print a welcome message
golang.org/x/scratch/ottogironThis package contains a contribution for the scratch repository.
golang.org/x/scratch/rautelapThe rautelap tool prints a quote from a famous bending unit.
golang.org/x/scratch/robbawebbaThis package greets all of the fellow gophers.
golang.org/x/scratch/rogersimmsThe rogersimms command is optimistic about Linux on the desktop.
golang.org/x/scratch/sselphThe sselph command says hello to everyone at gophercon.
golang.org/x/scratch/vickiniuThe vickiniu command says hello!
golang.org/x/scratch/vivaperuThis tool asserts the existence of the Proud Nation of Peru.
golang.org/x/scratch/waltzofpearlsThe waltzofpearls program that prints "hello!" to the console.
golang.org/x/scratch/willmadisonThis package is a playground for contribution best practices
golang.org/x/sync/errgroupPackage errgroup provides synchronization, error propagation, and Context cancelation for groups of goroutines working on subtasks of a common task.
golang.org/x/sync/semaphorePackage semaphore provides a weighted semaphore implementation.
golang.org/x/sync/singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
golang.org/x/sync/syncmapPackage syncmap provides a concurrent map implementation.
golang.org/x/sys/cpuPackage cpu implements processor feature detection for various CPU architectures.
golang.org/x/sys/execabsPackage execabs is a drop-in replacement for os/​exec that requires PATH lookups to find absolute paths.
golang.org/x/sys/internal/unsafeheaderPackage unsafeheader contains header declarations for the Go runtime's slice and string implementations.
golang.org/x/sys/unixPackage unix contains an interface to the low-level operating system primitives.
golang.org/x/sys/windowsPackage windows contains an interface to the low-level operating system primitives.
golang.org/x/sys/windows/mkwinsyscallmkwinsyscall generates windows system call bodies
golang.org/x/sys/windows/registryPackage registry provides access to the Windows registry.
golang.org/x/sys/windows/svcPackage svc provides everything required to build Windows service.
golang.org/x/sys/windows/svc/debugPackage debug provides facilities to execute svc.Handler on console.
golang.org/x/sys/windows/svc/eventlogPackage eventlog implements access to Windows event log.
golang.org/x/sys/windows/svc/exampleExample service program that beeps.
golang.org/x/sys/windows/svc/mgrPackage mgr can be used to manage Windows service programs.
golang.org/x/termPackage term provides support functions for dealing with terminals, as commonly found on UNIX systems.
golang.org/x/texttext is a repository of text-related packages related to internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n), such as character encodings, text transformations, and locale-specific text handling.
golang.org/x/text/casesPackage cases provides general and language-specific case mappers.
golang.org/x/text/cmd/gotextgotext is a tool for managing text in Go source code.
golang.org/x/text/collatePackage collate contains types for comparing and sorting Unicode strings according to a given collation order.
golang.org/x/text/currencyPackage currency contains currency-related functionality.
golang.org/x/text/encodingPackage encoding defines an interface for character encodings, such as Shift JIS and Windows 1252, that can convert to and from UTF-8.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/charmapPackage charmap provides simple character encodings such as IBM Code Page 437 and Windows 1252.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/htmlindexPackage htmlindex maps character set encoding names to Encodings as recommended by the W3C for use in HTML 5.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/ianaindexPackage ianaindex maps names to Encodings as specified by the IANA registry.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/internalPackage internal contains code that is shared among encoding implementations.
golang.org/​x/​text/​encoding/​internal/​identifierPackage identifier defines the contract between implementations of Encoding and Index by defining identifiers that uniquely identify standardized coded character sets (CCS) and character encoding schemes (CES), which we will together refer to as encodings, for which Encoding implementations provide converters to and from UTF-8.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/japanesePackage japanese provides Japanese encodings such as EUC-JP and Shift JIS.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/koreanPackage korean provides Korean encodings such as EUC-KR.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/simplifiedchinesePackage simplifiedchinese provides Simplified Chinese encodings such as GBK.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/traditionalchinesePackage traditionalchinese provides Traditional Chinese encodings such as Big5.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/unicodePackage unicode provides Unicode encodings such as UTF-16.
golang.org/x/text/encoding/unicode/utf32Package utf32 provides the UTF-32 Unicode encoding.
golang.org/x/text/feature/pluralPackage plural provides utilities for handling linguistic plurals in text.
golang.org/x/text/internalPackage internal contains non-exported functionality that are used by packages in the text repository.
golang.org/x/text/internal/catmsgPackage catmsg contains support types for package x/​text/​message/​catalog.
golang.org/x/text/internal/cldrtreePackage cldrtree builds and generates a CLDR index file, including all inheritance.
golang.org/x/text/internal/colltabPackage colltab contains functionality related to collation tables.
golang.org/x/text/internal/export/idnaPackage idna implements IDNA2008 using the compatibility processing defined by UTS (Unicode Technical Standard) #46, which defines a standard to deal with the transition from IDNA2003.
golang.org/x/text/internal/export/unicodePackage unicode generates the Unicode tables in core.
golang.org/x/text/internal/formatPackage format contains types for defining language-specific formatting of values.
golang.org/x/text/internal/genPackage gen contains common code for the various code generation tools in the text repository.
golang.org/x/text/internal/gen/bitfieldPackage bitfield converts annotated structs into integer values.
golang.org/x/text/internal/language/compactPackage compact defines a compact representation of language tags.
golang.org/x/text/internal/numberPackage number contains tools and data for formatting numbers.
golang.org/x/text/internal/stringsetPackage stringset provides a way to represent a collection of strings compactly.
golang.org/x/text/internal/tagPackage tag contains functionality handling tags and related data.
golang.org/x/text/internal/testtextPackage testtext contains test data that is of common use to the text repository.
golang.org/x/text/internal/triegenPackage triegen implements a code generator for a trie for associating unsigned integer values with UTF-8 encoded runes.
golang.org/x/text/internal/ucdPackage ucd provides a parser for Unicode Character Database files, the format of which is defined in https:/​/​www.unicode.org/​reports/​tr44/​.
golang.org/x/text/internal/utf8internalPackage utf8internal contains low-level utf8-related constants, tables, etc.
golang.org/x/text/languagePackage language implements BCP 47 language tags and related functionality.
golang.org/x/text/language/displayPackage display provides display names for languages, scripts and regions in a requested language.
golang.org/x/text/messagePackage message implements formatted I/​O for localized strings with functions analogous to the fmt's print functions.
golang.org/x/text/message/catalogPackage catalog defines collections of translated format strings.
golang.org/x/text/message/pipelinePackage pipeline provides tools for creating translation pipelines.
golang.org/x/text/numberPackage number formats numbers according to the customs of different locales.
golang.org/x/text/runesPackage runes provide transforms for UTF-8 encoded text.
golang.org/x/text/searchPackage search provides language-specific search and string matching.
golang.org/x/text/securesecure is a repository of text security related packages.
golang.org/x/text/secure/bidirulePackage bidirule implements the Bidi Rule defined by RFC 5893.
golang.org/x/text/secure/precisPackage precis contains types and functions for the preparation, enforcement, and comparison of internationalized strings ("PRECIS") as defined in RFC 8264.
golang.org/x/text/transformPackage transform provides reader and writer wrappers that transform the bytes passing through as well as various transformations.
golang.org/x/text/unicodeunicode holds packages with implementations of Unicode standards that are mostly used as building blocks for other packages in golang.org/​x/​text, layout engines, or are otherwise more low-level in nature.
golang.org/x/text/unicode/bidiPackage bidi contains functionality for bidirectional text support.
golang.org/x/text/unicode/cldrPackage cldr provides a parser for LDML and related XML formats.
golang.org/x/text/unicode/normPackage norm contains types and functions for normalizing Unicode strings.
golang.org/x/text/unicode/rangetablePackage rangetable provides utilities for creating and inspecting unicode.RangeTables.
golang.org/x/text/unicode/runenamesPackage runenames provides rune names from the Unicode Character Database.
golang.org/x/text/widthPackage width provides functionality for handling different widths in text.
golang.org/x/time/ratePackage rate provides a rate limiter.
golang.org/x/tools/benchmark/parsePackage parse provides support for parsing benchmark results as generated by 'go test -bench'.
golang.org/x/tools/blogPackage blog implements a web server for articles written in present format.
golang.org/x/tools/blog/atomPackage atom defines XML data structures for an Atom feed.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/auth/authtestauthtest is a diagnostic tool for implementations of the GOAUTH protocol described in https:/​/​golang.org/​issue/​26232.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/auth/cookieauthcookieauth uses a “Netscape cookie file” to implement the GOAUTH protocol described in https:/​/​golang.org/​issue/​26232.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/auth/gitauthgitauth uses 'git credential' to implement the GOAUTH protocol described in https:/​/​golang.org/​issue/​26232.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/auth/netrcauthnetrcauth uses a .netrc file (or _netrc file on Windows) to implement the GOAUTH protocol described in https:/​/​golang.org/​issue/​26232.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/benchcmpDeprecated: benchcmp is deprecated in favor of benchstat: golang.org/​x/​perf/​cmd/​benchstat
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/bundleBundle creates a single-source-file version of a source package suitable for inclusion in a particular target package.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/callgraphcallgraph: a tool for reporting the call graph of a Go program.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/compilebenchCompilebench benchmarks the speed of the Go compiler.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/coverCover is a program for analyzing the coverage profiles generated by 'go test -coverprofile=cover.out'.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/digraphThe digraph command performs queries over unlabelled directed graphs represented in text form.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/egThe eg command performs example-based refactoring.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/fiximportsThe fiximports command fixes import declarations to use the canonical import path for packages that have an "import comment" as defined by https:/​/​golang.org/​s/​go14customimport.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/getgoThe getgo command installs Go to the user's system.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/getgo/serverCommand server serves get.golang.org, redirecting users to the appropriate getgo installer based on the request path.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/go-contrib-initThe go-contrib-init command helps new Go contributors get their development environment set up for the Go contribution process.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/godexThe godex command prints (dumps) exported information of packages or selected package objects.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/godocGodoc extracts and generates documentation for Go programs.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/goimportsCommand goimports updates your Go import lines, adding missing ones and removing unreferenced ones.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/gomvpkgThe gomvpkg command moves go packages, updating import declarations.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/gorenameThe gorename command performs precise type-safe renaming of identifiers in Go source code.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/gotypeThe gotype command, like the front-end of a Go compiler, parses and type-checks a single Go package.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/goyaccGoyacc is a version of yacc for Go.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/guruguru: a tool for answering questions about Go source code.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/guru/serialPackage serial defines the guru's schema for -json output.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/html2articleThis program takes an HTML file and outputs a corresponding article file in present format.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/presentPresent displays slide presentations and articles.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/present2mdPresent2md converts legacy-syntax present files to Markdown-syntax present files.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/splitdwarfSplitdwarf uncompresses and copies the DWARF segment of a Mach-O executable into the "dSYM" file expected by lldb and ports of gdb on OSX.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​cmd/​splitdwarf/​internal/​machoPackage macho implements access to Mach-O object files.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/ssadumpssadump: a tool for displaying and interpreting the SSA form of Go programs.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/stressThe stress utility is intended for catching sporadic failures.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/stringerStringer is a tool to automate the creation of methods that satisfy the fmt.Stringer interface.
golang.org/x/tools/cmd/toolstashToolstash provides a way to save, run, and restore a known good copy of the Go toolchain and to compare the object files generated by two toolchains.
golang.org/x/tools/container/intsetsPackage intsets provides Sparse, a compact and fast representation for sparse sets of int values.
golang.org/x/tools/copyrightPackage copyright checks that files have the correct copyright notices.
golang.org/x/tools/coverPackage cover provides support for parsing coverage profiles generated by "go test -coverprofile=cover.out".
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysisPackage analysis defines the interface between a modular static analysis and an analysis driver program.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/analysistestPackage analysistest provides utilities for testing analyzers.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​internal/​analysisflagsPackage analysisflags defines helpers for processing flags of analysis driver tools.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​internal/​checkerPackage checker defines the implementation of the checker commands.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/internal/factsPackage facts defines a serializable set of analysis.Fact.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/multicheckerPackage multichecker defines the main function for an analysis driver with several analyzers.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/asmdeclPackage asmdecl defines an Analyzer that reports mismatches between assembly files and Go declarations.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/assignPackage assign defines an Analyzer that detects useless assignments.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/atomicPackage atomic defines an Analyzer that checks for common mistakes using the sync/​atomic package.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​atomicalignPackage atomicalign defines an Analyzer that checks for non-64-bit-aligned arguments to sync/​atomic functions.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/boolsPackage bools defines an Analyzer that detects common mistakes involving boolean operators.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​buildssaPackage buildssa defines an Analyzer that constructs the SSA representation of an error-free package and returns the set of all functions within it.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​buildtagPackage buildtag defines an Analyzer that checks build tags.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/cgocallPackage cgocall defines an Analyzer that detects some violations of the cgo pointer passing rules.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​compositePackage composite defines an Analyzer that checks for unkeyed composite literals.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​copylockPackage copylock defines an Analyzer that checks for locks erroneously passed by value.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​ctrlflowPackage ctrlflow is an analysis that provides a syntactic control-flow graph (CFG) for the body of a function.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​deepequalerrorsPackage deepequalerrors defines an Analyzer that checks for the use of reflect.DeepEqual with error values.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​errorsasThe errorsas package defines an Analyzer that checks that the second argument to errors.As is a pointer to a type implementing error.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​fieldalignmentPackage fieldalignment defines an Analyzer that detects structs that would take less memory if their fields were sorted.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​findcallPackage findcall defines an Analyzer that serves as a trivial example and test of the Analysis API.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​findcall/​cmd/​findcallThe findcall command runs the findcall analyzer.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​framepointerPackage framepointer defines an Analyzer that reports assembly code that clobbers the frame pointer before saving it.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​httpresponsePackage httpresponse defines an Analyzer that checks for mistakes using HTTP responses.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​ifaceassertPackage ifaceassert defines an Analyzer that flags impossible interface-interface type assertions.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/inspectPackage inspect defines an Analyzer that provides an AST inspector (golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​ast/​inspect.Inspect) for the syntax trees of a package.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​internal/​analysisutilPackage analysisutil defines various helper functions used by two or more packages beneath go/​analysis.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​loopclosurePackage loopclosure defines an Analyzer that checks for references to enclosing loop variables from within nested functions.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​lostcancelPackage lostcancel defines an Analyzer that checks for failure to call a context cancellation function.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​lostcancel/​cmd/​lostcancelThe lostcancel command applies the golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​lostcancel analysis to the specified packages of Go source code.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/nilfuncPackage nilfunc defines an Analyzer that checks for useless comparisons against nil.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/nilnessPackage nilness inspects the control-flow graph of an SSA function and reports errors such as nil pointer dereferences and degenerate nil pointer comparisons.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​nilness/​cmd/​nilnessThe nilness command applies the golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​nilness analysis to the specified packages of Go source code.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/pkgfactThe pkgfact package is a demonstration and test of the package fact mechanism.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/printfPackage printf defines an Analyzer that checks consistency of Printf format strings and arguments.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/shadowPackage shadow defines an Analyzer that checks for shadowed variables.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​shadow/​cmd/​shadowThe shadow command runs the shadow analyzer.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/shiftPackage shift defines an Analyzer that checks for shifts that exceed the width of an integer.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​sortslicePackage sortslice defines an Analyzer that checks for calls to sort.Slice that do not use a slice type as first argument.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​stdmethodsPackage stdmethods defines an Analyzer that checks for misspellings in the signatures of methods similar to well-known interfaces.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​stringintconvPackage stringintconv defines an Analyzer that flags type conversions from integers to strings.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​stringintconv/​cmd/​stringintconvThe stringintconv command runs the stringintconv analyzer.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​structtagPackage structtag defines an Analyzer that checks struct field tags are well formed.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/passes/testsPackage tests defines an Analyzer that checks for common mistaken usages of tests and examples.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​unmarshalThe unmarshal package defines an Analyzer that checks for passing non-pointer or non-interface types to unmarshal and decode functions.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​unmarshal/​cmd/​unmarshalThe unmarshal command runs the unmarshal analyzer.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​unreachablePackage unreachable defines an Analyzer that checks for unreachable code.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​unsafeptrPackage unsafeptr defines an Analyzer that checks for invalid conversions of uintptr to unsafe.Pointer.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​analysis/​passes/​unusedresultPackage unusedresult defines an analyzer that checks for unused results of calls to certain pure functions.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/singlecheckerPackage singlechecker defines the main function for an analysis driver with only a single analysis.
golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis/unitcheckerThe unitchecker package defines the main function for an analysis driver that analyzes a single compilation unit during a build.
golang.org/x/tools/go/ast/astutilPackage astutil contains common utilities for working with the Go AST.
golang.org/x/tools/go/ast/inspectorPackage inspector provides helper functions for traversal over the syntax trees of a package, including node filtering by type, and materialization of the traversal stack.
golang.org/x/tools/go/buildutilPackage buildutil provides utilities related to the go/​build package in the standard library.
golang.org/x/tools/go/callgraphPackage callgraph defines the call graph and various algorithms and utilities to operate on it.
golang.org/x/tools/go/callgraph/chaPackage cha computes the call graph of a Go program using the Class Hierarchy Analysis (CHA) algorithm.
golang.org/x/tools/go/callgraph/rtaThis package provides Rapid Type Analysis (RTA) for Go, a fast algorithm for call graph construction and discovery of reachable code (and hence dead code) and runtime types.
golang.org/x/tools/go/callgraph/staticPackage static computes the call graph of a Go program containing only static call edges.
golang.org/x/tools/go/cfgPackage cfg constructs a simple control-flow graph (CFG) of the statements and expressions within a single function.
golang.org/x/tools/godocPackage godoc is a work-in-progress (2013-07-17) package to begin splitting up the godoc binary into multiple pieces.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/analysisPackage analysis performs type and pointer analysis and generates mark-up for the Go source view.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/golangorgenvPackage golangorgenv provides environment information for programs running at golang.org and its subdomains.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/redirectPackage redirect provides hooks to register HTTP handlers that redirect old godoc paths to their new equivalents and assist in accessing the issue tracker, wiki, code review system, etc.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/staticPackage static exports a map of static file content that supports the godoc user interface.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/utilPackage util contains utility types and functions for godoc.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/vfsPackage vfs defines types for abstract file system access and provides an implementation accessing the file system of the underlying OS.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/vfs/gatefsPackage gatefs provides an implementation of the FileSystem interface that wraps another FileSystem and limits its concurrency.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/vfs/httpfsPackage httpfs implements http.FileSystem using a godoc vfs.FileSystem.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/vfs/mapfsPackage mapfs file provides an implementation of the FileSystem interface based on the contents of a map[string]string.
golang.org/x/tools/godoc/vfs/zipfsPackage zipfs file provides an implementation of the FileSystem interface based on the contents of a .zip file.
golang.org/x/tools/go/expectPackage expect provides support for interpreting structured comments in Go source code as test expectations.
golang.org/x/tools/go/gccgoexportdataPackage gccgoexportdata provides functions for reading export data files containing type information produced by the gccgo compiler.
golang.org/x/tools/go/gcexportdataPackage gcexportdata provides functions for locating, reading, and writing export data files containing type information produced by the gc compiler.
golang.org/x/tools/go/internal/gccgoimporterPackage gccgoimporter implements Import for gccgo-generated object files.
golang.org/x/tools/go/internal/gcimporterPackage gcimporter provides various functions for reading gc-generated object files that can be used to implement the Importer interface defined by the Go 1.5 standard library package.
golang.org/x/tools/go/internal/packagesdriverPackage packagesdriver fetches type sizes for go/​packages and go/​analysis.
golang.org/x/tools/go/loaderPackage loader loads a complete Go program from source code, parsing and type-checking the initial packages plus their transitive closure of dependencies.
golang.org/x/tools/go/packagesPackage packages loads Go packages for inspection and analysis.
golang.org/x/tools/go/packages/gopackagesThe gopackages command is a diagnostic tool that demonstrates how to use golang.org/​x/​tools/​go/​packages to load, parse, type-check, and print one or more Go packages.
golang.org/x/tools/go/packages/packagestestPackage packagestest creates temporary projects on disk for testing go tools on.
golang.org/x/tools/goplsGopls (pronounced “go please”) is an LSP server for Go.
golang.org/x/tools/gopls/docCommand generate creates API (settings, etc) documentation in JSON and Markdown for machine and human consumption.
golang.org/x/tools/gopls/integration/parsePackage parse provides functions to parse LSP logs.
golang.org/x/tools/gopls/integration/replayReplay logs.
golang.org/x/tools/gopls/internal/hooksPackage hooks adds all the standard gopls implementations.
golang.org/x/tools/gopls/internal/regtestPackage regtest provides a framework for writing gopls regression tests.
golang.org/x/tools/go/pointerPackage pointer implements Andersen's analysis, an inclusion-based pointer analysis algorithm first described in (Andersen, 1994).
golang.org/x/tools/go/ssaPackage ssa defines a representation of the elements of Go programs (packages, types, functions, variables and constants) using a static single-assignment (SSA) form intermediate representation (IR) for the bodies of functions.
golang.org/x/tools/go/ssa/interpPackage ssa/​interp defines an interpreter for the SSA representation of Go programs.
golang.org/x/tools/go/types/objectpathPackage objectpath defines a naming scheme for types.Objects (that is, named entities in Go programs) relative to their enclosing package.
golang.org/x/tools/go/types/typeutilPackage typeutil defines various utilities for types, such as Map, a mapping from types.Type to interface{} values.
golang.org/x/tools/go/vcsPackage vcs exposes functions for resolving import paths and using version control systems, which can be used to implement behavior similar to the standard "go get" command.
golang.org/x/tools/importsPackage imports implements a Go pretty-printer (like package "go/​format") that also adds or removes import statements as necessary.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/analysisinternalPackage analysisinternal exposes internal-only fields from go/​analysis.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/eventPackage event provides a set of packages that cover the main concepts of telemetry in an implementation agnostic way.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/event/corePackage core provides support for event based telemetry.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​event/​export/​eventtestPackage eventtest supports logging events to a test.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​event/​export/​metricPackage metric aggregates events into metrics that can be exported.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​event/​export/​ocagentPackage ocagent adds the ability to export all telemetry to an ocagent.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/fastwalkPackage fastwalk provides a faster version of filepath.Walk for file system scanning tools.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/gocommandPackage gocommand is a helper for calling the go command.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/gopathwalkPackage gopathwalk is like filepath.Walk but specialized for finding Go packages, particularly in $GOPATH and $GOROOT.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/importsPackage imports implements a Go pretty-printer (like package "go/​format") that also adds or removes import statements as necessary.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/jsonrpc2Package jsonrpc2 is a minimal implementation of the JSON RPC 2 spec.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​jsonrpc2/​servertestPackage servertest provides utilities for running tests against a remote LSP server.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lspPackage lsp implements LSP for gopls.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​fillreturnsPackage fillreturns defines an Analyzer that will attempt to automatically fill in a return statement that has missing values with zero value elements.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​fillstructPackage fillstruct defines an Analyzer that automatically fills in a struct declaration with zero value elements for each field.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​nonewvarsPackage nonewvars defines an Analyzer that applies suggested fixes to errors of the type "no new variables on left side of :=".
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​noresultvaluesPackage noresultvalues defines an Analyzer that applies suggested fixes to errors of the type "no result values expected".
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​simplifycompositelitPackage simplifycompositelit defines an Analyzer that simplifies composite literals.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​simplifyrangePackage simplifyrange defines an Analyzer that simplifies range statements.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​simplifyslicePackage simplifyslice defines an Analyzer that simplifies slice statements.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​undeclarednamePackage undeclaredname defines an Analyzer that applies suggested fixes to errors of the type "undeclared name: %s".
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​analysis/​unusedparamsPackage unusedparams defines an analyzer that checks for unused parameters of functions.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/browserPackage browser provides utilities for interacting with users' browsers.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/cachePackage cache implements the caching layer for gopls.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/cmdPackage cmd handles the gopls command line.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/cmd/testPackage cmdtest contains the test suite for the command line behavior of gopls.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/debugPackage debug exports debug information for gopls.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/debug/logPackage log provides helper methods for exporting log events to the internal/​event package.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/debug/tagPackage tag provides the labels used for telemetry throughout gopls.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/diffPackage diff supports a pluggable diff algorithm.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/diff/difftestPackage difftest supplies a set of tests that will operate on any implementation of a diff algorithm as exposed by "golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​diff"
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/diff/myersPackage myers implements the Myers diff algorithm.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/fakePackage fake provides fake implementations of a text editor, LSP client plugin, and Sandbox environment for use in tests.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/fuzzyPackage fuzzy implements a fuzzy matching algorithm.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/helperInvoke with /​/​go:generate helper/​helper -t Server -d protocol/​tsserver.go -u lsp -o server_gen.go invoke in internal/​lsp
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/lsprpcPackage lsprpc implements a jsonrpc2.StreamServer that may be used to serve the LSP on a jsonrpc2 channel.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/modPackage mod provides core features related to go.mod file handling for use by Go editors and tools.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/protocolPackage protocol contains the structs that map directly to the wire format of the "Language Server Protocol".
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/snippetPackage snippet implements the specification for the LSP snippet format.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/sourcePackage source provides core features for use by Go editors and tools.
golang.org/​x/​tools/​internal/​lsp/​source/​completionPackage completion provides core functionality for code completion in Go editors and tools.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/lsp/testsPackage tests exports functionality to be used across a variety of gopls tests.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/memoizePackage memoize supports memoizing the return values of functions with idempotent results that are expensive to compute.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/packagesinternalPackage packagesinternal exposes internal-only fields from go/​packages.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/proxydirPackage proxydir provides functions for writing module data to a directory in proxy format, so that it can be used as a module proxy by setting GOPROXY="file:/​/​<dir>".
golang.org/x/tools/internal/spanPackage span contains support for representing with positions and ranges in text files.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/stackPackage stack provides support for parsing standard goroutine stack traces.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/stack/gostacksThe gostacks command processes stdin looking for things that look like stack traces and simplifying them to make the log more readable.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/testenvPackage testenv contains helper functions for skipping tests based on which tools are present in the environment.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/toolPackage tool is a harness for writing Go tools.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/typesinternalPackage typesinternal provides access to internal go/​types APIs that are not yet exported.
golang.org/x/tools/internal/xcontextPackage xcontext is a package to offer the extra functionality we need from contexts that is not available from the standard context package.
golang.org/x/tools/playgroundPackage playground registers HTTP handlers at "/​compile" and "/​share" that proxy requests to the golang.org playground service.
golang.org/x/tools/playground/socketPackage socket implements an WebSocket-based playground backend.
golang.org/x/tools/presentPackage present implements parsing and rendering of present files, which can be slide presentations as in golang.org/​x/​tools/​cmd/​present or articles as in golang.org/​x/​blog (the Go blog).
golang.org/x/tools/refactor/egPackage eg implements the example-based refactoring tool whose command-line is defined in golang.org/​x/​tools/​cmd/​eg.
golang.org/x/tools/refactor/importgraphPackage importgraph computes the forward and reverse import dependency graphs for all packages in a Go workspace.
golang.org/x/tools/refactor/renamePackage rename contains the implementation of the 'gorename' command whose main function is in golang.org/​x/​tools/​cmd/​gorename.
golang.org/x/tools/refactor/satisfyPackage satisfy inspects the type-checked ASTs of Go packages and reports the set of discovered type constraints of the form (lhs, rhs Type) where lhs is a non-trivial interface, rhs satisfies this interface, and this fact is necessary for the package to be well-typed.
golang.org/x/tools/txtarPackage txtar implements a trivial text-based file archive format.
golang.org/x/tour/picPackage pic implements functions that display pictures on the Go playground.
golang.org/x/vgoVgo is a prototype of what the go command might look like with integrated support for package versioning.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/basePackage base defines shared basic pieces of the go command, in particular logging and the Command structure.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/bugPackage bug implements the ``go bug'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/cachePackage cache implements a build artifact cache.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/cfgPackage cfg holds configuration shared by multiple parts of the go command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/cleanPackage clean implements the ``go clean'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​cmdflagPackage cmdflag handles flag processing common to several go tools.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​dirhashPackage dirhash defines hashes over directory trees.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/docPackage doc implements the ``go doc'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​envcmdPackage envcmd implements the ``go env'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/fixPackage fix implements the ``go fix'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​fmtcmdPackage fmtcmd implements the ``go fmt'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​generatePackage generate implements the ``go generate'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/getPackage get implements the ``go get'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/helpPackage help implements the ``go help'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/listPackage list implements the ``go list'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/loadPackage load loads packages.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​modcmdPackage modcmd implements the ``go mod'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​modfetch/​codehostPackage codehost defines the interface implemented by a code hosting source, along with support code for use by implementations.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​modgetPackage modget implements the module-aware ``go get'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​modulePackage module defines the module.Version type along with support code.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/mvsPackage mvs implements Minimal Version Selection.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/parPackage par implements parallel execution helpers.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/runPackage run implements the ``go run'' command.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​semverPackage semver implements comparison of semantic version strings.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/strPackage str provides string manipulation utilities.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/toolPackage tool implements the ``go tool'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/txtarPackage txtar implements a trivial text-based file archive format.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​go/​internal/​versionPackage version implements the ``go version'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/vetPackage vet implements the ``go vet'' command.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/go/internal/webPackage web defines helper routines for accessing HTTP/​HTTPS resources.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/cmd/internal/browserPackage browser provides utilities for interacting with users' browsers.
golang.org/​x/​vgo/​vendor/​cmd/​internal/​test2jsonPackage test2json implements conversion of test binary output to JSON.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/internal/singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
golang.org/x/vgo/vendor/internal/testenvPackage testenv provides information about what functionality is available in different testing environments run by the Go team.
golang.org/x/website/cmd/admingolangorgThe admingolangorg command serves an administrative interface for owners of the golang-org Google Cloud project.
golang.org/x/website/cmd/golangorgGodoc extracts and generates documentation for Go programs.
golang.org/x/website/cmd/googlegolangorgA trivial redirector for google.golang.org.
golang.org/x/website/content/staticPackage static exports a map of static file content that supports the godoc user interface.
golang.org/​x/​website/​content/​static/​internal/​genPackage gen is used by content/​static/​makestatic.go to generate content/​static/​static.go.
golang.org/x/website/internal/dlPackage dl implements a simple downloads frontend server.
golang.org/x/website/internal/envPackage env provides environment information for the golangorg server running on golang.org.
golang.org/x/website/internal/historyPackage history stores historical data for the Go project.
golang.org/x/website/internal/markdownPackage markdown provides a wrapper for rendering Markdown.
golang.org/x/website/internal/memcachePackage memcache provides a minimally compatible interface for google.golang.org/​appengine/​memcache and stores the data in Redis (e.g., via Cloud Memorystore).
golang.org/x/website/internal/proxyPackage proxy proxies requests to the playground's compile and share handlers.
golang.org/x/website/internal/redirectPackage redirect provides hooks to register HTTP handlers that redirect old godoc paths to their new equivalents and assist in accessing the issue tracker, wiki, code review system, etc.
golang.org/x/website/internal/shortPackage short implements a simple URL shortener, serving shortened urls from /​s/​key.
golang.org/x/xerrorsPackage xerrors implements functions to manipulate errors.