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package aruntime

import "aahframe.work/aruntime"

Package aruntime provides aah runtime capabilities to collect debug stacktrace, goroutines diagnosis profiling.


Package Files

aruntime.go stacktrace.go

type GoRoutine Uses

type GoRoutine struct {
    Header     string
    MaxFuncLen int
    MaxPkgLen  int
    HasPanic   bool
    PanicIndex int
    Packages   []string
    Functions  []string
    LineNo     []string

GoRoutine holds information of single Go routine stack trace.

type Stacktrace Uses

type Stacktrace struct {
    Raw          string
    Recover      interface{}
    IsParsed     bool
    StripSrcBase bool
    GoRoutines   []*GoRoutine

Stacktrace holds the parse information of `debug.Stack()`. It's easier to debug and understand.

func NewStacktrace Uses

func NewStacktrace(r interface{}, appCfg *config.Config) *Stacktrace

NewStacktrace method collects debug stack information and parsing them into easy understanding and returns the instance.

func (*Stacktrace) Parse Uses

func (st *Stacktrace) Parse()

Parse method parses the go debug stacktrace into easy to understand.

func (*Stacktrace) Print Uses

func (st *Stacktrace) Print(w io.Writer)

Print method prints the stack trace info to io.Writer.


diagnosisPackage diagnosis brings feature of aah application profiling to do various diagnosis.

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