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package automount

import ""


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func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(mgr manager.Manager, namespace string) (*webhook.Server, error)

func NewWebhook Uses

func NewWebhook(mgr manager.Manager) (*admission.Webhook, error)

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler handles pod admission requests, mutating pods that request service account imports. It is implemented by the service-account-import-admission-controller command, via controller-runtime. If a pod is annotated with the "" key, where the value is a comma-separated list of service account import names, for each service account import, a volume is added to the pod, sourced from the first secret listed by the service account import, and mounted in each of the pod's containers under /var/run/secrets/, where %s is the service account import name.

func (*Handler) Handle Uses

func (h *Handler) Handle(ctx context.Context, req atypes.Request) atypes.Response

func (*Handler) InjectClient Uses

func (h *Handler) InjectClient(c client.Client) error

InjectClient injects the client.

func (*Handler) InjectDecoder Uses

func (h *Handler) InjectDecoder(d atypes.Decoder) error

InjectDecoder injects the decoder.

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