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package importer

import ""


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var AnnotationKeyServiceAccountImportName = ""

func Add Uses

func Add(mgr manager.Manager, src map[string]config.ConfigAndNamespaceTuple) error

Add creates a service account import controller and adds it to a manager (mgr). It is implemented by the service-account-import-controller command, via controller-runtime. The src argument is a map of client-go rest.Configs and namespaces by service account import name or kubeconfig context. The controller watches service account imports in the manager's cluster, and ensures secrets exist for each of them, created from the corresponding remote service account secrets data and cluster URL, fetched with the source client whose name matches the service account import clusterName spec field. TODO... import into multiple clusters with multicluster-controller

func ExportServiceAccountSecret Uses

func ExportServiceAccountSecret(saSecret *corev1.Secret, cfg *rest.Config, contextClusterUserName string) *corev1.Secret

func MakeServiceAccountImportSecret Uses

func MakeServiceAccountImportSecret(sai *v1alpha1.ServiceAccountImport, saSecret *corev1.Secret, cfg *rest.Config, scheme *runtime.Scheme) *corev1.Secret

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