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package errors

import ""


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var ADDecryptionError = errors.New("ADDecryptionError: The payload of the Mail cannot be decrypted because the ADKey was not passed in correctly.")
var ADIncorrectParameterError = errors.New("ADIncorrectParameterError: One of the parameters of this function is out of bounds.")
var ADSigningError = errors.New("ADSigningError: Message is not properly signed.")
var ADTimeoutError = errors.New("ADTimeoutError: Operation was not able to be completed in the timeout period")
var ADTrackerListQueryError = errors.New("ADTrackerListQueryError: The address queried for could not be located in the tracker list provided.")
var ADTrackerVerificationError = errors.New("ADTrackerVerificationError: Could not verify the tracker is who you should be talking to.")
var ADUnexpectedMessageTypeError = errors.New("ADUnexpectedMessageTypeError: Received a different type of message than expected.")
var ADUnmarshallingError = errors.New("ADUnmarshallingError: Message could not be unmarshalled.")

func CheckConnectionForError Uses

func CheckConnectionForError(conn net.Conn) error

type Code Uses

type Code uint32

These constants declare different Error Codes

const (
    InvalidSignature Code = 1
    NoMessages       Code = 2
    NotAuthorized    Code = 3
    AddressNotFound  Code = 4
    MessageNotFound  Code = 5
    UnexpectedError  Code = 6
    InternalError    Code = 7

type Error Uses

type Error struct {
    Code        uint32
    Description string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func CreateError Uses

func CreateError(code Code, description string, from *identity.Address) *Error

func CreateErrorFromBytes Uses

func CreateErrorFromBytes(by []byte, h message.Header) *Error

func (*Error) Error Uses

func (e *Error) Error() string

func (*Error) Header Uses

func (e *Error) Header() message.Header

func (*Error) Prepare Uses

func (e *Error) Prepare(from *identity.Address)

func (*Error) Send Uses

func (e *Error) Send(from *identity.Identity, conn net.Conn) error

func (*Error) ToBytes Uses

func (e *Error) ToBytes() []byte

func (*Error) Type Uses

func (e *Error) Type() string

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