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package confirm

import ""

Package confirm implements confirmation of user registration via e-mail


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const (
    StoreConfirmToken = "confirm_token"
    StoreConfirmed    = "confirmed"

    FormValueConfirm = "cnf"

Storer and FormValue constants

type Confirm Uses

type Confirm struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Confirm module

func (*Confirm) Initialize Uses

func (c *Confirm) Initialize(ab *authboss.Authboss) (err error)

Initialize the module

func (*Confirm) Routes Uses

func (c *Confirm) Routes() authboss.RouteTable

Routes for the module

func (*Confirm) Storage Uses

func (c *Confirm) Storage() authboss.StorageOptions

Storage requirements

type ConfirmStorer Uses

type ConfirmStorer interface {
    // ConfirmUser looks up a user by a confirm token. See confirm module for
    // attribute names. If the token is not found in the data store,
    // simply return nil, ErrUserNotFound.
    ConfirmUser(confirmToken string) (interface{}, error)

ConfirmStorer must be implemented in order to satisfy the confirm module's storage requirements.

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