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package lock

import ""

Package lock implements user locking after N bad sign-in attempts.


Package Files



const (
    StoreAttemptNumber = "attempt_number"
    StoreAttemptTime   = "attempt_time"
    StoreLocked        = "locked"

Storage key constants

type Lock Uses

type Lock struct {

Lock module

func (*Lock) Initialize Uses

func (l *Lock) Initialize(ab *authboss.Authboss) error

Initialize the module

func (*Lock) Lock Uses

func (l *Lock) Lock(key string) error

Lock a user manually.

func (*Lock) Routes Uses

func (l *Lock) Routes() authboss.RouteTable

Routes for the module

func (*Lock) Storage Uses

func (l *Lock) Storage() authboss.StorageOptions

Storage requirements

func (*Lock) Unlock Uses

func (l *Lock) Unlock(key string) error

Unlock a user that was locked by this module.

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