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package tracing

import ""

Package tracing provides tracing of sent and received 9P messages.


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func Decoder Uses

func Decoder(r io.Reader, fn Func) *styxproto.Decoder

Decoder creates a new styxproto.Decoder that traces messages received on r.

func Encoder Uses

func Encoder(w io.Writer, fn Func) *styxproto.Encoder

Encoder creates a new styxproto.Encoder that traces messages before writing them to w.

type Func Uses

type Func func(msg styxproto.Msg)

A Func can be used to access 9P messages as they pass through a styxproto.Encoder or a styxproto.Decoder. Messages are not copied; a TraceFn should not modify msg, and msg should not be accessed after the TraceFn returns.

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