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package commandline

import "aqwari.net/xml/internal/commandline"

Package commandline contains helper types for collecting command-line arguments.


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type ReplaceRule Uses

type ReplaceRule struct {
    From *regexp.Regexp
    To   string

A ReplaceRule maps a pattern to its replacement. On the command line, ReplaceRules are provided as strings separated by "->".

type ReplaceRuleList Uses

type ReplaceRuleList []ReplaceRule

A ReplaceRuleList is used to collect multiple replacement rules from the command line.

func (*ReplaceRuleList) Set Uses

func (r *ReplaceRuleList) Set(s string) error

Set adds a replacement rule to the ReplaceRuleList, in the order provided on the command line.

func (*ReplaceRuleList) String Uses

func (r *ReplaceRuleList) String() string

type Strings Uses

type Strings []string

The Strings type can be used to collect multiple command-line options, in the order provided.

func (*Strings) Set Uses

func (s *Strings) Set(val string) error

func (*Strings) String Uses

func (s *Strings) String() string

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