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package wsdl

import "aqwari.net/xml/wsdl"

Package wsdl parses Web Service Definition Language documents.


Package Files


type Definition Uses

type Definition struct {
    Doc      string
    Ports    []Port
    Message  map[xml.Name]Message
    TargetNS string

A Definition contains all information necessary to generate Go code from a wsdl document.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(data []byte) (*Definition, error)

Parse reads the first WSDL definition from data.

func (*Definition) String Uses

func (def *Definition) String() string

type Message Uses

type Message struct {
    Name  xml.Name
    Parts []Part

A Message is a set of zero or more parameters for WSDL operations.

func (*Message) String Uses

func (m *Message) String() string

type Operation Uses

type Operation struct {
    Doc           string
    SOAPAction    string
    Name          xml.Name
    Input, Output xml.Name

An Operation describes an RPC call that can be made against the remote server. Its inputs, outputs and transport information are parsed from the WSDL definition. Many Operations can be defined for a single endpoint.

type Part Uses

type Part struct {
    Name          string
    Type, Element xml.Name

A Part describes the name and type of a parameter to pass to a WSDL endpoint.

type Port Uses

type Port struct {
    Name, Address, Method string
    Operations            []Operation

A Port describes a set of RPCs and the address to reach them.

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