engine: azul3d.org/engine


audioPackage audio implements various audio types and interfaces.
audio/flacPackage flac provides a FLAC audio decoder.
audio/wavPackage wav decodes and encodes wav audio files.
binpackPackage binpack implements Jake Gordon's 2D binpacking algorithm.
dstarlitePackage dstarlite implements the D* Lite pathfinding algorithm.
dstarlite/gridPackage grid implements D* Lite grid-based pathfinding.
gfxPackage gfx provides generic interfaces to GPU-based rendering techniques.
gfx/cameraPackage camera provides a basic 2D and 3D camera implementation.
gfx/clockPackage clock measures frame-based application performance.
gfx/gfxutilPackage gfxutil implements basic gfx utilities.
gfx/gl2Package gl2 provides a OpenGL 2 based graphics device.
gfx/internal/gl/2.0/glPackage gl implements Go bindings to OpenGL.
gfx/internal/tagPackage tag simply exposes a few build tags as constants.
gfx/webglPackage webgl provides a WebGL graphics device.
gfx/windowPackage window is the easiest way to open a window and draw graphics.
keyboardPackage keyboard implements various keyboard related data types.
lmathPackage lmath implements a 3D linear math library.
mousePackage mouse implements various mouse related data types.
native/alPackage al implements Go bindings to OpenAL.
native/cpPackage cp is a wrapper for the Chipmunk 2D Physics Engine.
native/freetypePackage freetype is a wrapper around the FreeType font rendering library.
native/odePackage ode provide a Go interface to the Open Dynamics Engine library.
tmxPackage tmx implements routines for rendering tmx maps.

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