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package freetype

import "azul3d.org/engine/native/freetype"

Package freetype is a wrapper around the FreeType font rendering library.


Package Files

context.go doc.go errors.go


var (
    ErrCannotOpenResource          = errors.New("cannot open resource")
    ErrUnknownFileFormat           = errors.New("unknown file format")
    ErrInvalidFileFormat           = errors.New("broken file")
    ErrInvalidVersion              = errors.New("invalid FreeType version")
    ErrLowerModuleVersion          = errors.New("module version is too low")
    ErrInvalidArgument             = errors.New("invalid argument")
    ErrUnimplementedFeature        = errors.New("unimplemented feature")
    ErrInvalidTable                = errors.New("broken table")
    ErrInvalidOffset               = errors.New("broken offset within table")
    ErrArrayTooLarge               = errors.New("array allocation size too large")
    ErrMissingModule               = errors.New("missing module")
    ErrMissingProperty             = errors.New("missing property")
    ErrInvalidGlyphIndex           = errors.New("invalid glyph index")
    ErrInvalidCharacterCode        = errors.New("invalid character code")
    ErrInvalidGlyphFormat          = errors.New("unsupported glyph image format")
    ErrCannotRenderGlyph           = errors.New("cannot render this glyph format")
    ErrInvalidOutline              = errors.New("invalid outline")
    ErrInvalidComposite            = errors.New("invalid composite glyph")
    ErrTooManyHints                = errors.New("too many hints")
    ErrInvalidPixelSize            = errors.New("invalid pixel size")
    ErrInvalidHandle               = errors.New("invalid object handle")
    ErrInvalidLibraryHandle        = errors.New("invalid library handle")
    ErrInvalidDriverHandle         = errors.New("invalid module handle")
    ErrInvalidFaceHandle           = errors.New("invalid face handle")
    ErrInvalidSizeHandle           = errors.New("invalid size handle")
    ErrInvalidSlotHandle           = errors.New("invalid glyph slot handle")
    ErrInvalidCharMapHandle        = errors.New("invalid charmap handle")
    ErrInvalidCacheHandle          = errors.New("invalid cache manager handle")
    ErrInvalidStreamHandle         = errors.New("invalid stream handle")
    ErrTooManyDrivers              = errors.New("too many modules")
    ErrTooManyExtensions           = errors.New("too many extensions")
    ErrOutOfMemory                 = errors.New("out of memory")
    ErrUnlistedObject              = errors.New("unlisted object")
    ErrCannotOpenStream            = errors.New("cannot open stream")
    ErrInvalidStreamSeek           = errors.New("invalid stream seek")
    ErrInvalidStreamSkip           = errors.New("invalid stream skip")
    ErrInvalidStreamRead           = errors.New("invalid stream read")
    ErrInvalidStreamOperation      = errors.New("invalid stream operation")
    ErrInvalidFrameOperation       = errors.New("invalid frame operation")
    ErrNestedFrameAccess           = errors.New("nested frame access")
    ErrInvalidFrameRead            = errors.New("invalid frame read")
    ErrRasterUninitialized         = errors.New("raster uninitialized")
    ErrRasterCorrupted             = errors.New("raster corrupted")
    ErrRasterOverflow              = errors.New("raster overflow")
    ErrRasterNegativeHeight        = errors.New("negative height while rastering")
    ErrTooManyCaches               = errors.New("too many registered caches")
    ErrInvalidOpcode               = errors.New("invalid opcode")
    ErrTooFewArguments             = errors.New("too few arguments")
    ErrStackOverflow               = errors.New("stack overflow")
    ErrCodeOverflow                = errors.New("code overflow")
    ErrBadArgument                 = errors.New("bad argument")
    ErrDivideByZero                = errors.New("division by zero")
    ErrInvalidReference            = errors.New("invalid reference")
    ErrDebugOpCode                 = errors.New("found debug opcode")
    ErrENDFInExecStream            = errors.New("found ENDF opcode in execution stream")
    ErrNestedDEFS                  = errors.New("nested DEFS")
    ErrInvalidCodeRange            = errors.New("invalid code range")
    ErrExecutionTooLong            = errors.New("execution context too long")
    ErrTooManyFunctionDefs         = errors.New("too many function definitions")
    ErrTooManyInstructionDefs      = errors.New("too many instruction definitions")
    ErrTableMissing                = errors.New("SFNT font table missing")
    ErrHorizHeaderMissing          = errors.New("horizontal header (hhea) table missing")
    ErrLocationsMissing            = errors.New("locations (loca) table missing")
    ErrNameTableMissing            = errors.New("name table missing")
    ErrCMapTableMissing            = errors.New("character map (cmap) table missing")
    ErrHmtxTableMissing            = errors.New("horizontal metrics (hmtx) table missing")
    ErrPostTableMissing            = errors.New("PostScript (post) table missing")
    ErrInvalidHorizMetrics         = errors.New("invalid horizontal metrics")
    ErrInvalidCharMapFormat        = errors.New("invalid character map (cmap) format")
    ErrInvalidPPem                 = errors.New("invalid ppem value")
    ErrInvalidVertMetrics          = errors.New("invalid vertical metrics")
    ErrCouldNotFindContext         = errors.New("could not find context")
    ErrInvalidPostTableFormat      = errors.New("invalid PostScript (post) table format")
    ErrInvalidPostTable            = errors.New("invalid PostScript (post) table")
    ErrSyntaxError                 = errors.New("opcode syntax error")
    ErrStackUnderflow              = errors.New("argument stack underflow")
    ErrIgnore                      = errors.New("ignore")
    ErrNoUnicodeGlyphName          = errors.New("no Unicode glyph name found")
    ErrGlyphTooBig                 = errors.New("glyph to big for hinting")
    ErrMissingStartfontField       = errors.New("`STARTFONT' field missing")
    ErrMissingFontField            = errors.New("`FONT' field missing")
    ErrMissingSizeField            = errors.New("`SIZE' field missing")
    ErrMissingFontboundingboxField = errors.New("`FONTBOUNDINGBOX' field missing")
    ErrMissingCharsField           = errors.New("`CHARS' field missing")
    ErrMissingStartcharField       = errors.New("`STARTCHAR' field missing")
    ErrMissingEncodingField        = errors.New("`ENCODING' field missing")
    ErrMissingBbxField             = errors.New("`BBX' field missing")
    ErrBbxTooBig                   = errors.New("`BBX' too big")
    ErrCorruptedFontHeader         = errors.New("Font header corrupted or missing fields")
    ErrCorruptedFontGlyphs         = errors.New("Font glyphs corrupted or missing fields")

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Context represents a single freetype context which must not be accessed concurrently (typically each thread/goroutine uses a single context).

func Init Uses

func Init() (*Context, error)

Init initializes and returns a new freetype context, or returns a error.

func (*Context) Load Uses

func (c *Context) Load(fontFileData []byte) (*Font, error)

Load loads and returns the given font file data and returns the loaded font or an error.

type Font Uses

type Font struct {

    // Bounding box that is large enough to contain any glyph in the font face.
    // Expressed in font units.
    BBox image.Rectangle

    // The number of font units per EM square for this font face.
    // Expressed in font units.
    UnitsPerEm int

    // The typographic ascender of the face
    // Expressed in font units.
    Ascender int

    // The typographic descender of the face.
    // Expressed in font units.
    Descender int

    // The vertical distance between two consecutive baselines.
    // Expressed in font units.
    LineHeight int

    // The maximum advance width for all glyphs in this face.
    // This can be used to make word wrapping computations faster.
    // Expressed in font units.
    MaxAdvanceWidth int

    // The maximum advance height, for all glyphs in this face.
    // This is only relevant for vertical layouts, and is set to ‘height’
    // for fonts that do not provide vertical metrics.
    // Expressed in font units.
    MaxAdvanceHeight int

    // The position of the underline for this font face.
    // Expressed in font units.
    UnderlinePosition int

    // The thickness for the underline of this font face.
    // Expressed in font units.
    UnderlineThickness int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Font represents a single Freetype font.

func (*Font) Index Uses

func (f *Font) Index(r rune) (glyphIndex uint)

Index returns the glyph index for the given rune.

func (*Font) Kerning Uses

func (f *Font) Kerning(leftGlyph, rightGlyph rune) (x, y int, e error)

Kerning returns the X/Y kerning pair for the left and right horizontally aligned glyphs, or x=0, y=0, and a error.

func (*Font) Load Uses

func (f *Font) Load(glyphIndex uint) (*Glyph, error)

Load loads the given glyph index into the font's glyph slot and returns the glyph.

func (*Font) SetSize Uses

func (f *Font) SetSize(width, height, xResolution, yResolution int) error

SetSize sets the current size of the font given 26.6 width and height units and X/Y axis resolutions.

func (*Font) SetSizePixels Uses

func (f *Font) SetSizePixels(width, height int) error

SetSizePixels sets the current size of the font given width and height pixel based units.

type Glyph Uses

type Glyph struct {

    // Width and height of glyph.
    // Expressed in font units.
    Width, Height int

    // Horizontal and vertical glyph metrics.
    HMetrics, VMetrics GlyphMetrics
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Glyph represents a single renderable glyph.

func (*Glyph) Image Uses

func (g *Glyph) Image() (*GlyphImage, error)

Renders and returns a alpha image, it is returned as *GlyphImage because a reference internally must be held to this *Glyph.

The returned glyph image's data resides in a single slot held by the font this glyph came from, as such you must ensure you only use a single GlyphImage from the same font source at any given time (or make a copy of the returned image).

type GlyphImage Uses

type GlyphImage struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GlyphImage is literally just *image.Alpha, except it must hold a pointer internally to *Glyph to avoid a garbage collection invoking finalizers which free the image data.

type GlyphMetrics Uses

type GlyphMetrics struct {
    // Left side bearing and top side bearing
    // X values extend to the right, and positive Y values downward.
    // Expressed in font units.
    BearingX, BearingY int

    // Advance (and unhinted advance) amount of glyph.
    // For horizontal metrics, a positive value means advancing to the right.
    // For vertical metrics, a positive value means advancing downward.
    // Expressed in font units.
    Advance, UnhintedAdvance int

GlyphMetrics contains metrics of a single glyph.

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