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package sink

import ""

Package sink provides functions to create sinks.


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func Buffered Uses

func Buffered(bufCount int) (<-chan bar.Segments, bar.Sink)

Buffered creates a new buffered sink.

func Func Uses

func Func(s func(bar.Segments)) bar.Sink

Func creates a bar.Sink that sends sends output in the form of Segments.

func New Uses

func New() (<-chan bar.Segments, bar.Sink)

New creates a new sink and returns a channel that will emit any outputs sent to the sink.

func Null Uses

func Null() bar.Sink

Null returns a sink that swallows any output sent to it.

func Value Uses

func Value() (*value.Value, bar.Sink)

Value returns a sink that sends output to a base.Value.

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