barPackage bar provides utilities for testing barista modules using a fake bar instance.
cronPackage cron provides a function to run a test only in Travis CI cron runs, and retry the test with increasing delays a few times before failing the build.
failPackage fail provides methods to test and verify failing assertions.
githubfsPackage githubfs provides an afero FS that's backed by
httpcachePackage httpcache provides a RoundTripper that stores all responses on disk, and returns cached responses for any requests that have been made before.
httpclientPackage httpclient provides a testable wrapper around an existing *http.Client.
httpserverPackage httpserver provides a test http server that can serve some canned responses, e.g.
mockioPackage mockio provides infinite streams that can be used for testing stdin/stdout.
modulePackage module provides a test module that can be used in tests.
notifierPackage notifier provides assertions that notifier channels (<-chan struct{}) received or did not receive a signal.
outputPackage output provides utilities for testing barista outputs and segments.
pangoPackage pango provides provides a method to test markup equality.

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