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package syscallx

import "bazil.org/fuse/syscallx"

Package syscallx provides wrappers that make syscalls on various platforms more interoperable.

The API intentionally omits the OS X-specific position and option arguments for extended attribute calls.

Not having position means it might not be useful for accessing the resource fork. If that's needed by code inside fuse, a function with a different name may be added on the side.

Options can be implemented with separate wrappers, in the style of Linux getxattr/lgetxattr/fgetxattr.


Package Files

doc.go msync.go msync_amd64.go syscallx.go syscallx_std.go

func Getxattr Uses

func Getxattr(path string, attr string, dest []byte) (sz int, err error)

func Listxattr Uses

func Listxattr(path string, dest []byte) (sz int, err error)

func Msync Uses

func Msync(b []byte, flags int) (err error)

func Removexattr Uses

func Removexattr(path string, attr string) (err error)

func Setxattr Uses

func Setxattr(path string, attr string, data []byte, flags int) (err error)

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