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package tracer

import ""


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bertytypes_header.go runtime.go testing.go tracer.go

func ExtractSpanContextFromMessageHeaders Uses

func ExtractSpanContextFromMessageHeaders(ctx context.Context, h *protocoltypes.MessageHeaders) context.Context

func From Uses

func From(ctx context.Context) trace.Tracer

func InitTracer Uses

func InitTracer(flag, service string) func()

func InjectSpanContextToMessageHeaders Uses

func InjectSpanContextToMessageHeaders(ctx context.Context, h *protocoltypes.MessageHeaders)

func New Uses

func New(name string) trace.Tracer

func NewJaegerProvider Uses

func NewJaegerProvider(host, service string) (trace.Provider, func(), error)

func NewStdoutProvider Uses

func NewStdoutProvider() (trace.Provider, error)

func NewTestingProvider Uses

func NewTestingProvider(t *testing.T, name string) trace.Provider

func Propagators Uses

func Propagators() propagation.Propagators

func SetGlobalTraceProvider Uses

func SetGlobalTraceProvider(tp trace.Provider)

func SpanFromMessageHeaders Uses

func SpanFromMessageHeaders(ctx context.Context, h *protocoltypes.MessageHeaders, name string, attrs ...kv.KeyValue) (context.Context, trace.Span)

type Cleanup Uses

type Cleanup func()

func ConfigureProvider Uses

func ConfigureProvider(cfg *Config) (pt trace.Provider, cl Cleanup, err error)

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    ExporterType    ExporterType
    ServiceName     string
    RuntimeProvider bool

    // Jaeger config
    JaegerHost string

type ExporterType Uses

type ExporterType int
const (
    ExporterTypeNone ExporterType = iota

type RuntimeProvider Uses

type RuntimeProvider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRuntimeProvider Uses

func NewRuntimeProvider(root trace.Provider) *RuntimeProvider

func (*RuntimeProvider) Tracer Uses

func (rp *RuntimeProvider) Tracer(name string, opts ...trace.TracerOption) trace.Tracer

type RuntimeTracer Uses

type RuntimeTracer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RuntimeTracer) Start Uses

func (rt *RuntimeTracer) Start(ctx context.Context, spanName string, opts ...trace.StartOption) (context.Context, trace.Span)

Start identical to original start span, but automatically add runtime information to the span

func (*RuntimeTracer) WithSpan Uses

func (rt *RuntimeTracer) WithSpan(ctx context.Context, spanName string, fn func(ctx context.Context) error, opts ...trace.StartOption) error

WithSpan is identical to original start span, but automatically add runtime information to the span

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