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package ms

import ""

Package ms is a library for mass spectrometry data


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type Analyzer Uses

type Analyzer int

Analyzer is the mass analyzer

const (
    ITMS Analyzer = iota

The analyzer types are documented in literature

type Peak Uses

type Peak struct {
    Mz  float64
    I   float32

Peak represents an ion peak

type Scan Uses

type Scan struct {
    Analyzer Analyzer
    MSLevel  uint8
    //Spectrum is a function forcing the read of a spectrum,
    //which is "delayed" for efficiency reasons. If it was not delayed
    //and Spectrum were a data structure, it would always have to
    //be read, which is very expensive. Now if only another property of
    //Scan (cheaper to obtain) is requested, resources are saved.
    Spectrum func(centroided ...bool) Spectrum
    //PrecursorMzs is only filled with mz values at MSx scans.
    PrecursorMzs []float64
    Time         float64

Scan represents the peak acquisition event of the mass spectrometer

type Spectrum Uses

type Spectrum []Peak

A Spectrum is a collection of peaks

func (Spectrum) Len Uses

func (a Spectrum) Len() int

func (Spectrum) Less Uses

func (a Spectrum) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Spectrum) Swap Uses

func (a Spectrum) Swap(i, j int)


unthermoPackage unthermo is a library that can read Thermo RAW files.
unthermo/toolsA set of tools using the unthermo library

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