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package lazy

import ""


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type List Uses

type List struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func FromFunc Uses

func FromFunc(f func() (interface{}, List)) List

func FromValues Uses

func FromValues(values ...interface{}) List

func (List) Append Uses

func (l List) Append(v interface{}) List

func (List) Extend Uses

func (l List) Extend(l2 List) List

func (List) Filter Uses

func (l List) Filter(f func(interface{}) bool) List

func (List) First Uses

func (l List) First() interface{}

func (List) Foreach Uses

func (l List) Foreach(f func(interface{}))

func (List) IsEmpty Uses

func (l List) IsEmpty() bool

func (List) Map Uses

func (l List) Map(f func(interface{}) interface{}) List

func (List) PopFront Uses

func (l List) PopFront() List

func (List) Prepend Uses

func (l List) Prepend(v interface{}) List

func (List) StrJoin Uses

func (l List) StrJoin(s string) string

func (List) String Uses

func (l List) String() string

func (List) Zip Uses

func (l List) Zip(others ...List) List

returns a list containing slices of each element in l and others. For example, the first element in the returned list would be `l[0], others[0][0], others[1][0], ... others[n][0]`. The returned list will contain the same number of elements as the shortest of any of the lists in `l` or `others`.



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