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package version

import ""

Package version holds some version data common to bosun and scollector. Most of these values will be inserted at build time with `-ldFlags` directives for official builds.


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var (
    // Version number for official releases Updated manually before each release.
    Version = "0.8.0"

    // Set to any non-empty value by official release script
    OfficialBuild string
    // Date and time of build. Should be in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
    VersionDate string
    // VersionSHA should be set at build time as the most recent commit hash.
    VersionSHA string

These variables will be set at linking time for official builds. build.go will set date and sha, but `go get` will set none of these.

func GetVersionInfo Uses

func GetVersionInfo(app string) string

Get a string representing the version information for the current binary.

func ShortVersion Uses

func ShortVersion() string

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