Command camtool

The camtool binary is a collection of commands to help with the use of a camlistore server. Notably, it can initialize a database for the indexer, and it can sync blobs between blobservers.


camtool [globalopts] <mode> [commandopts] [commandargs]


env: Return Camlistore environment information
googinit: Init Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage.
list: List blobs on a server.
claims: Ask the search system to list the claims that modify a permanode.
dumpconfig: Dump the low-level server config from its simple config.
describe: Ask the search system to describe one or more blobs.
discovery: Perform configuration discovery against a server.
reindex-diskpacked: Rebuild the index of the diskpacked blob store
index: Synchronize blobs for all discovered blobs storage - indexer pairs.
sync: Synchronize blobs from a source to a destination.
dbinit: Set up the database for the indexer.
debug: Show misc meta-info from the given file.


camtool sync --all
camtool sync --src http://localhost:3179/bs/ --dest http://localhost:3179/index-mem/

camtool dbinit -user root -password root -host localhost -dbname camliprod -wipe

For mode-specific help:

camtool <mode> -help

Global options:

-help=false: print usage
-verbose=false: extra debug logging
-version=false: show version

Package Files

camtool.go claims.go dbinit.go debug.go describe.go disco.go doc.go dp_idx_rebuild.go dumpconfig.go env.go exif.go googinit.go index.go list.go makestatic.go mime.go packblobs.go search.go searchdoc.go splits.go sync.go

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