Command devcam

The devcam tool is a collection of wrappers around the camlistore programs (camistored, camput, camtool...) which take care of setup and configuration, so they can be used by developers to ease hacking on camlistore.


devcam <mode> [modeopts] -- [commandargs]


get: run camget in dev mode.
put: run camput in dev mode.
server: run the stand-alone camlistored in dev mode.


devcam get <blobref>
devcam get -- --shared http://localhost:3169/share/<blobref>

devcam put file --filenodes /mnt/camera/DCIM

devcam server -wipe -mysql -fullclosure

For mode-specific help:

devcam <mode> -help

This file adds the "hook" subcommand to devcam, to install and run git hooks.

Package Files

camget.go cammount.go camput.go camtool.go devcam.go doc.go env.go exec.go hook.go review.go server.go test.go

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