amazon/s3Package s3 implements a generic Amazon S3 client, not specific to Camlistore.
azure/storagePackage storage implements a generic Azure storage client, not specific to Camlistore.
closurePackage closure provides tools to help with the use of the closure library.
closure/genclosuredepsThe genclosuredeps command, similarly to the closure tool, outputs to os.Stdout for each .js file, which namespaces it provides, and the namespaces it requires, hence helping the closure library to resolve dependencies between those files.
closure/jstestPackage jstest uses the Go testing package to test JavaScript code using Node and Mocha.
fakefsnotifyPackage fakefsnotify provides just enough of a mock of in order to build
gpgagentPackage gpgagent interacts with the local GPG Agent.
pinentryPackage pinentry interfaces with the pinentry(1) command to securely prompt the user for a password using whichever user interface the user is currently using.

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