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package fakefsnotify

import ""

Package fakefsnotify provides just enough of a mock of in order to build Obviously the 'gopherjs serve' command (which normally relies on fsnotify) is not expected to work when gopherjs is built with fakefsnotify.


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const (
    Create = iota
    Write  = iota
    Remove = iota
    Rename = iota

type FakeEvent Uses

type FakeEvent struct {
    Op   int
    Name string

type Watcher Uses

type Watcher struct {
    Events chan FakeEvent
    Errors chan error

func NewWatcher Uses

func NewWatcher() (*Watcher, error)

func (*Watcher) Add Uses

func (fw *Watcher) Add(packagePath string)

func (*Watcher) Close Uses

func (fw *Watcher) Close() error

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