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package sqlite

import ""

Package sqlite provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue using an SQLite database file.


Package Files

dbschema.go sqlitekv.go


var ErrNotCompiled = errors.New("" /* 184 byte string literal not displayed */ + compileHint())

func CompiledIn Uses

func CompiledIn() bool

CompiledIn returns whether SQLite support is compiled in. If it returns false, the build tag "with_sqlite" was not specified.

func EnableWAL Uses

func EnableWAL() string

EnableWAL returns the statement to enable Write-Ahead Logging, which improves SQLite concurrency. Requires SQLite >= 3.7.0

func IsWALCapable Uses

func IsWALCapable() bool

IsWALCapable checks if the installed sqlite3 library can use Write-Ahead Logging (i.e version >= 3.7.0)

func NewStorage Uses

func NewStorage(file string) (sorted.KeyValue, error)

NewStorage is a convenience that calls newKeyValueFromConfig with file as the sqlite storage file.

func SQLCreateTables Uses

func SQLCreateTables() []string

func SchemaVersion Uses

func SchemaVersion() int

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