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package downloadbutton

import ""

Package downloadbutton provides a Button element that is used in the sidebar of the web UI, to download as a zip file all selected files.


Package Files

downloadbutton.go gen_DownloadItemsBtn_reactGen.go

func New Uses

func New(key string, config map[string]string, cbs *Callbacks) react.Element

New returns the button element. It should be used as the entry point, to create the needed React element.

key is the id for when the button is in a list, see

config is the web UI config that was fetched from the server.

cbs is a wrapper around the callback functions required by this component.

type Callbacks Uses

type Callbacks struct {

    // GetSelection returns the list of files (blobRefs) selected
    // for downloading.
    GetSelection func() []string `js:"getSelection"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Callbacks defines the callbacks that must be provided when creating a DownloadItemsBtn instance.

type DownloadItemsBtnDef Uses

type DownloadItemsBtnDef struct {

DownloadItemsBtnDef is the definition for the button, that Renders as a React Button.

func (DownloadItemsBtnDef) OnClick Uses

func (d DownloadItemsBtnDef) OnClick(*react.SyntheticMouseEvent)

func (DownloadItemsBtnDef) Props Uses

func (d DownloadItemsBtnDef) Props() DownloadItemsBtnProps

Props is an auto-generated proxy to the current props of DownloadItemsBtn

func (DownloadItemsBtnDef) Render Uses

func (d DownloadItemsBtnDef) Render() react.Element

func (DownloadItemsBtnDef) ShouldComponentUpdateIntf Uses

func (d DownloadItemsBtnDef) ShouldComponentUpdateIntf(nextProps react.Props, prevState, nextState react.State) bool

type DownloadItemsBtnElem Uses

type DownloadItemsBtnElem struct {

type DownloadItemsBtnProps Uses

type DownloadItemsBtnProps struct {
    // Key is the id for when the button is in a list, see
    Key string

    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (DownloadItemsBtnProps) EqualsIntf Uses

func (d DownloadItemsBtnProps) EqualsIntf(val react.Props) bool

func (DownloadItemsBtnProps) IsProps Uses

func (d DownloadItemsBtnProps) IsProps()

IsProps is an auto-generated definition so that DownloadItemsBtnProps implements the interface.

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