blackholednsCommand blackholedns implements a simple DNS daemon that diverts undesired requests to blackhole.
blackholedns/dnsPackage dns implements a simple DNS forwarder that divert undesired requests to blackhole.
cciPackage cci is CI service.
cci/cmdPackage cmd hold compilable commands.
cci/cmd/cciCommand cci implements a simple and dirty CI service.
cci/pkgPackage pkg contains the building block of the application.
cci/pkg/coordinatorPackage coordinator takes care of coordination of intaking and distribution of tasks to agents.
cci/pkg/infraPackage infra holds repositories and services necessary to run the application.
cci/pkg/infra/gitPackage git is wrapper to $PATH/bin.
cci/pkg/infra/repositoriesPackage repositories implements the models repositories of the application, it derives the underlying implementation according to the database driver injected in.
cci/pkg/infra/slackPackage slack is a service to operate Slack integrations.
cci/pkg/modelsPackage models implements database persistence framework to API primitives.
cci/pkg/uiPackage ui holds all user-facing packages.
cci/pkg/ui/cliPackage cli implements the command line interface primitives used by cmd/cci.
cci/pkg/ui/dashboardPackage dashboard implements a build web dashboard.
cci/pkg/ui/webhooksPackage webhooks implements the public interface used to communicate with Github.
cci/pkg/workerPackage worker implements the build worker.
dynamolockPackage dynamolock provides a simple utility for using DynamoDB's consistent read/write feature to use it for managing distributed locks.
errorsPackage errors defines an enhanced error handling.
expPackage exp is a playground for experimenting with ideas.
exp/grpcproxyPackage grpcproxy implements a TCP proxy using GRPC.
exp/grpcproxy/pkg/internal/protoPackage proto is a generated protocol buffer package.
fswatchCommand fswatch listens for file modifications and triggers a commmand.
goherokunamePackage goherokuname generates Heroku-like random names.
goherokuname/herokunameComand herokuname runs the goherokuname package in CLI.
gunning-fogGunning-fog index analyzer written in Go.
HumorCheckerPackage HumorChecker implements sentiment analysis tool based on the [AFINN-111 wordlist](
otpCommand otp manages one-time passwords tokens, protecting them with a local private key (usually $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa) and storing its information in a encrypted db (usually at $HOME/.ssh/auth.db).
oversightPackage oversight makes a complete implementation of the Erlang supervision trees.
oversight/easyPackage easy is an easier interface to use
pglockPackage pglock provides a simple utility for using PostgreSQL for managing distributed locks.
runnerCommand runner is a very ugly and simple structured command executer that monitor file changes to trigger process restarts.
runner/procfilePackage procfile provides a parser that know how read an extended version of Procfile as described by Heroku (
runner/runnerPackage runner holds the building blocks for cmd runner.
slapackage sla defines the service-level agreement for
supervisorPackage supervisor provides supervisor trees for Go applications.
supervisor/easyPackage easy is an easier interface to use
svc/cmd/gatewayCommand gateway implements an edge reverse-proxy used for serving Go packages and static content.
svc/pkg/jwtPackage jwt manipulates JWT tokens.
svc/pkg/websocketutilPackage websocketutil implements calls to assist handling with Websocket connections.
waitforCommand waitfor waits for a network target to be available (times out in 1 minute) and run the given command.

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