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package stat

import "cloud.google.com/go/bigtable/internal/stat"


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func WriteCSV Uses

func WriteCSV(aggs []*Aggregate, iow io.Writer) error

WriteCSV writes a csv file to the given Writer, with a header row and one row per aggregate.

type Aggregate Uses

type Aggregate struct {
    Name               string
    Count, Errors      int
    Min, Median, Max   time.Duration
    P75, P90, P95, P99 time.Duration // percentiles

func NewAggregate Uses

func NewAggregate(name string, latencies []time.Duration, errorCount int) *Aggregate

NewAggregate constructs an aggregate from latencies. Returns nil if latencies does not contain aggregateable data.

func (*Aggregate) String Uses

func (agg *Aggregate) String() string

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