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internal/breakpointsPackage breakpoints handles breakpoint requests we get from the user through the Debuglet Controller, and manages corresponding breakpoints set in the code.
internal/controllerPackage controller is a library for interacting with the Google Cloud Debugger's Debuglet Controller service.
internal/debugPackage debug provides the portable interface to a program being debugged.
internal/debug/archPackage arch contains architecture-specific definitions.
internal/debug/dwarfPackage dwarf provides access to DWARF debugging information loaded from executable files, as defined in the DWARF 2.0 Standard at http://dwarfstd.org/doc/dwarf-2.0.0.pdf
internal/debug/elfPackage elf implements access to ELF object files.
internal/debug/gosymPackage gosym implements access to the Go symbol and line number tables embedded in Go binaries generated by the gc compilers.
internal/debug/localPackage local provides access to a local program.
internal/debug/remotePackage remote provides remote access to a debugproxy server.
internal/debug/serverPackage server provides RPC access to a local program being debugged.
internal/debug/server/protocolPackage protocol defines the types used to represent calls to the debug server.
internal/valuecollectorPackage valuecollector is used to collect the values of variables in a program.

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