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package breakpoints

import "cloud.google.com/go/cmd/go-cloud-debug-agent/internal/breakpoints"

Package breakpoints handles breakpoint requests we get from the user through the Debuglet Controller, and manages corresponding breakpoints set in the code.


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type BreakpointStore Uses

type BreakpointStore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

BreakpointStore stores the set of breakpoints for a program.

func NewBreakpointStore Uses

func NewBreakpointStore(prog debug.Program) *BreakpointStore

NewBreakpointStore returns a BreakpointStore for the given program.

func (*BreakpointStore) BreakpointsAtPC Uses

func (bs *BreakpointStore) BreakpointsAtPC(pc uint64) []*cd.Breakpoint

BreakpointsAtPC returns all the breakpoints for which we set a code breakpoint at the given address.

func (*BreakpointStore) ErrorBreakpoints Uses

func (bs *BreakpointStore) ErrorBreakpoints() []*cd.Breakpoint

ErrorBreakpoints returns a slice of Breakpoints that caused errors when the BreakpointStore tried to process them, and resets the list of such breakpoints. The caller is expected to send updates to the server to indicate the errors.

func (*BreakpointStore) ProcessBreakpointList Uses

func (bs *BreakpointStore) ProcessBreakpointList(bps []*cd.Breakpoint)

ProcessBreakpointList applies updates received from the Debuglet Controller through a List call.

func (*BreakpointStore) RemoveBreakpoint Uses

func (bs *BreakpointStore) RemoveBreakpoint(bp *cd.Breakpoint)

RemoveBreakpoint makes the given breakpoint inactive. This is called when either the debugged program hits the breakpoint, or the Debuglet Controller informs us that the breakpoint is now inactive.

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