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package metadata

import "cloud.google.com/go/functions/metadata"

Package metadata provides methods for creating and accessing context.Context objects with Google Cloud Functions metadata.

NOTE: This package is in alpha. It is not stable, and is likely to change.


Package Files

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func NewContext Uses

func NewContext(ctx context.Context, m *Metadata) context.Context

NewContext returns a new Context carrying m. If m is nil, NewContext returns ctx. NewContext is only used for writing tests which rely on Metadata.

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    // EventID is a unique ID for the event. For example: "70172329041928".
    EventID string `json:"eventId"`
    // Timestamp is the date/time this event was created.
    Timestamp time.Time `json:"timestamp"`
    // EventType is the type of the event. For example: "google.pubsub.topic.publish".
    EventType string `json:"eventType"`
    // Resource is the resource that triggered the event.
    Resource *Resource `json:"resource"`

Metadata holds Google Cloud Functions metadata.

func FromContext Uses

func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (*Metadata, error)

FromContext extracts the Metadata from the Context, if present.

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    // Service is the service that triggered the event.
    Service string `json:"service"`
    // Name is the name associated with the event.
    Name string `json:"name"`
    // Type is the type of event.
    Type string `json:"type"`

Resource holds Google Cloud Functions resource metadata. Resource values are dependent on the event type they're from.

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