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package modconv

import "cmd/go/internal/modconv"


Package Files

convert.go dep.go glide.go glock.go godeps.go modconv.go tsv.go vconf.go vjson.go vmanifest.go vyml.go


var Converters = map[string]func(string, []byte) (*modfile.File, error){
    "GLOCKFILE":          ParseGLOCKFILE,
    "Godeps/Godeps.json": ParseGodepsJSON,
    "Gopkg.lock":         ParseGopkgLock,
    "dependencies.tsv":   ParseDependenciesTSV,
    "glide.lock":         ParseGlideLock,
    "vendor.conf":        ParseVendorConf,
    "vendor.yml":         ParseVendorYML,
    "vendor/manifest":    ParseVendorManifest,
    "vendor/vendor.json": ParseVendorJSON,

func ConvertLegacyConfig Uses

func ConvertLegacyConfig(f *modfile.File, file string, data []byte) error

ConvertLegacyConfig converts legacy config to modfile. The file argument is slash-delimited.

func ParseDependenciesTSV Uses

func ParseDependenciesTSV(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseGLOCKFILE Uses

func ParseGLOCKFILE(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseGlideLock Uses

func ParseGlideLock(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseGodepsJSON Uses

func ParseGodepsJSON(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseGopkgLock Uses

func ParseGopkgLock(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseVendorConf Uses

func ParseVendorConf(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseVendorJSON Uses

func ParseVendorJSON(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseVendorManifest Uses

func ParseVendorManifest(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

func ParseVendorYML Uses

func ParseVendorYML(file string, data []byte) (*modfile.File, error)

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