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package fetch

import "cmd/internal/pprof/fetch"

Package fetch provides an extensible mechanism to fetch a profile from a data source.


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func FetchProfile Uses

func FetchProfile(source string, timeout time.Duration) (*profile.Profile, error)

FetchProfile reads from a data source (network, file) and generates a profile.

func FetchURL Uses

func FetchURL(source string, timeout time.Duration) (io.ReadCloser, error)

FetchURL fetches a profile from a URL using HTTP.

func Fetcher Uses

func Fetcher(source string, timeout time.Duration, ui plugin.UI) (*profile.Profile, error)

Fetcher is the plugin.Fetcher version of FetchProfile.

func PostURL Uses

func PostURL(source, post string) ([]byte, error)

PostURL issues a POST to a URL over HTTP.

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