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package binutils

import "cmd/vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/binutils"

Package binutils provides access to the GNU binutils.


Package Files

addr2liner.go addr2liner_llvm.go addr2liner_nm.go binutils.go disasm.go

type Binutils Uses

type Binutils struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Binutils implements plugin.ObjTool by invoking the GNU binutils.

func (*Binutils) Disasm Uses

func (bu *Binutils) Disasm(file string, start, end uint64) ([]plugin.Inst, error)

Disasm returns the assembly instructions for the specified address range of a binary.

func (*Binutils) Open Uses

func (bu *Binutils) Open(name string, start, limit, offset uint64) (plugin.ObjFile, error)

Open satisfies the plugin.ObjTool interface.

func (*Binutils) SetFastSymbolization Uses

func (bu *Binutils) SetFastSymbolization(fast bool)

SetFastSymbolization sets a toggle that makes binutils use fast symbolization (using nm), which is much faster than addr2line but provides only symbol name information (no file/line).

func (*Binutils) SetTools Uses

func (bu *Binutils) SetTools(config string)

SetTools processes the contents of the tools option. It expects a set of entries separated by commas; each entry is a pair of the form t:path, where cmd will be used to look only for the tool named t. If t is not specified, the path is searched for all tools.

func (*Binutils) String Uses

func (bu *Binutils) String() string

String returns string representation of the binutils state for debug logging.

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