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package driver

import "cmd/vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/driver"

Package driver implements the core pprof functionality. It can be parameterized with a flag implementation, fetch and symbolize mechanisms.


Package Files

cli.go commands.go driver.go driver_focus.go fetch.go flamegraph.go interactive.go options.go svg.go tempfile.go webhtml.go webui.go

func AddCommand Uses

func AddCommand(cmd string, format int, post PostProcessor, desc, usage string)

AddCommand adds an additional command to the set of commands accepted by pprof. This enables extensions to add new commands for specialized visualization formats. If the command specified already exists, it is overwritten.

func PProf Uses

func PProf(eo *plugin.Options) error

PProf acquires a profile, and symbolizes it using a profile manager. Then it generates a report formatted according to the options selected through the flags package.

func SetVariableDefault Uses

func SetVariableDefault(variable, value string)

SetVariableDefault sets the default value for a pprof variable. This enables extensions to set their own defaults.

type PostProcessor Uses

type PostProcessor func(input io.Reader, output io.Writer, ui plugin.UI) error

PostProcessor is a function that applies post-processing to the report output

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