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package measurement

import "cmd/vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/measurement"

Package measurement export utility functions to manipulate/format performance profile sample values.


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func CommonValueType Uses

func CommonValueType(ts []*profile.ValueType) (*profile.ValueType, error)

CommonValueType returns the finest type from a set of compatible types.

func Label Uses

func Label(value int64, unit string) string

Label returns the label used to describe a certain measurement.

func Percentage Uses

func Percentage(value, total int64) string

Percentage computes the percentage of total of a value, and encodes it as a string. At least two digits of precision are printed.

func Scale Uses

func Scale(value int64, fromUnit, toUnit string) (float64, string)

Scale a measurement from an unit to a different unit and returns the scaled value and the target unit. The returned target unit will be empty if uninteresting (could be skipped).

func ScaleProfiles Uses

func ScaleProfiles(profiles []*profile.Profile) error

ScaleProfiles updates the units in a set of profiles to make them compatible. It scales the profiles to the smallest unit to preserve data.

func ScaledLabel Uses

func ScaledLabel(value int64, fromUnit, toUnit string) string

ScaledLabel scales the passed-in measurement (if necessary) and returns the label used to describe a float measurement.

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