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package symbolizer

import "cmd/vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/symbolizer"

Package symbolizer provides a routine to populate a profile with symbol, file and line number information. It relies on the addr2liner and demangle packages to do the actual work.


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func Demangle Uses

func Demangle(prof *profile.Profile, force bool, demanglerMode string)

Demangle updates the function names in a profile with demangled C++ names, simplified according to demanglerMode. If force is set, overwrite any names that appear already demangled.

type Symbolizer Uses

type Symbolizer struct {
    Obj       plugin.ObjTool
    UI        plugin.UI
    Transport http.RoundTripper

Symbolizer implements the plugin.Symbolize interface.

func (*Symbolizer) Symbolize Uses

func (s *Symbolizer) Symbolize(mode string, sources plugin.MappingSources, p *profile.Profile) error

Symbolize attempts to symbolize profile p. First uses binutils on local binaries; if the source is a URL it attempts to get any missed entries using symbolz.

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