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package pipeline

import ""


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catfile.go lfs_nogogit.go namerev.go revlist.go

func BlobsFromRevListObjects Uses

func BlobsFromRevListObjects(revListReader *io.PipeReader, shasToCheckWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

BlobsFromRevListObjects reads a RevListAllObjects and only selects blobs

func BlobsLessThan1024FromCatFileBatchCheck Uses

func BlobsLessThan1024FromCatFileBatchCheck(catFileCheckReader *io.PipeReader, shasToBatchWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

BlobsLessThan1024FromCatFileBatchCheck reads a pipeline from cat-file --batch-check and returns the blobs <1024 in size

func CatFileBatch Uses

func CatFileBatch(shasToBatchReader *io.PipeReader, catFileBatchWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup, tmpBasePath string)

CatFileBatch runs cat-file --batch

func CatFileBatchCheck Uses

func CatFileBatchCheck(shasToCheckReader *io.PipeReader, catFileCheckWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup, tmpBasePath string)

CatFileBatchCheck runs cat-file with --batch-check

func CatFileBatchCheckAllObjects Uses

func CatFileBatchCheckAllObjects(catFileCheckWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup, tmpBasePath string, errChan chan<- error)

CatFileBatchCheckAllObjects runs cat-file with --batch-check --batch-all

func NameRevStdin Uses

func NameRevStdin(shasToNameReader *io.PipeReader, nameRevStdinWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup, tmpBasePath string)

NameRevStdin runs name-rev --stdin

func RevListAllObjects Uses

func RevListAllObjects(revListWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup, basePath string, errChan chan<- error)

RevListAllObjects runs rev-list --objects --all and writes to a pipewriter

func RevListObjects Uses

func RevListObjects(revListWriter *io.PipeWriter, wg *sync.WaitGroup, tmpBasePath, headSHA, baseSHA string, errChan chan<- error)

RevListObjects run rev-list --objects from headSHA to baseSHA

type LFSResult Uses

type LFSResult struct {
    Name           string
    SHA            string
    Summary        string
    When           time.Time
    ParentHashes   []git.SHA1
    BranchName     string
    FullCommitName string

LFSResult represents commits found using a provided pointer file hash

func FindLFSFile Uses

func FindLFSFile(repo *git.Repository, hash git.SHA1) ([]*LFSResult, error)

FindLFSFile finds commits that contain a provided pointer file hash

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