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package base

import ""


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comment.go downloader.go issue.go label.go milestone.go options.go pullrequest.go reaction.go release.go repo.go uploader.go

type Comment Uses

type Comment struct {
    IssueIndex  int64
    PosterID    int64
    PosterName  string
    PosterEmail string
    Created     time.Time
    Content     string
    Reactions   *Reactions

Comment is a standard comment information

type Downloader Uses

type Downloader interface {
    GetRepoInfo() (*Repository, error)
    GetTopics() ([]string, error)
    GetMilestones() ([]*Milestone, error)
    GetReleases() ([]*Release, error)
    GetLabels() ([]*Label, error)
    GetIssues(page, perPage int) ([]*Issue, bool, error)
    GetComments(issueNumber int64) ([]*Comment, error)
    GetPullRequests(page, perPage int) ([]*PullRequest, error)

Downloader downloads the site repo informations

type DownloaderFactory Uses

type DownloaderFactory interface {
    Match(opts MigrateOptions) (bool, error)
    New(opts MigrateOptions) (Downloader, error)
    GitServiceType() structs.GitServiceType

DownloaderFactory defines an interface to match a downloader implementation and create a downloader

type Issue Uses

type Issue struct {
    Number      int64
    PosterID    int64
    PosterName  string
    PosterEmail string
    Title       string
    Content     string
    Milestone   string
    State       string // closed, open
    IsLocked    bool
    Created     time.Time
    Closed      *time.Time
    Labels      []*Label
    Reactions   *Reactions

Issue is a standard issue information

type Label Uses

type Label struct {
    Name        string
    Color       string
    Description string

Label defines a standard label informations

type MigrateOptions Uses

type MigrateOptions = structs.MigrateRepoOption

MigrateOptions defines the way a repository gets migrated

type Milestone Uses

type Milestone struct {
    Title       string
    Description string
    Deadline    *time.Time
    Created     time.Time
    Updated     *time.Time
    Closed      *time.Time
    State       string

Milestone defines a standard milestone

type PullRequest Uses

type PullRequest struct {
    Number         int64
    Title          string
    PosterName     string
    PosterID       int64
    PosterEmail    string
    Content        string
    Milestone      string
    State          string
    Created        time.Time
    Closed         *time.Time
    Labels         []*Label
    PatchURL       string
    Merged         bool
    MergedTime     *time.Time
    MergeCommitSHA string
    Head           PullRequestBranch
    Base           PullRequestBranch
    Assignee       string
    Assignees      []string
    IsLocked       bool

PullRequest defines a standard pull request information

func (*PullRequest) IsForkPullRequest Uses

func (p *PullRequest) IsForkPullRequest() bool

IsForkPullRequest returns true if the pull request from a forked repository but not the same repository

type PullRequestBranch Uses

type PullRequestBranch struct {
    CloneURL  string
    Ref       string
    SHA       string
    RepoName  string
    OwnerName string

PullRequestBranch represents a pull request branch

func (PullRequestBranch) RepoPath Uses

func (p PullRequestBranch) RepoPath() string

RepoPath returns pull request repo path

type Reactions Uses

type Reactions struct {
    TotalCount int
    PlusOne    int
    MinusOne   int
    Laugh      int
    Confused   int
    Heart      int
    Hooray     int

Reactions represents a summary of reactions.

type Release Uses

type Release struct {
    TagName         string
    TargetCommitish string
    Name            string
    Body            string
    Draft           bool
    Prerelease      bool
    PublisherID     int64
    PublisherName   string
    PublisherEmail  string
    Assets          []ReleaseAsset
    Created         time.Time
    Published       time.Time

Release represents a release

type ReleaseAsset Uses

type ReleaseAsset struct {
    URL           string
    Name          string
    ContentType   *string
    Size          *int
    DownloadCount *int
    Created       time.Time
    Updated       time.Time

ReleaseAsset represents a release asset

type Repository Uses

type Repository struct {
    Name         string
    Owner        string
    IsPrivate    bool
    IsMirror     bool
    Description  string
    AuthUsername string
    AuthPassword string
    CloneURL     string
    OriginalURL  string

Repository defines a standard repository information

type RetryDownloader Uses

type RetryDownloader struct {
    RetryTimes int // the total execute times
    RetryDelay int // time to delay seconds

RetryDownloader retry the downloads

func NewRetryDownloader Uses

func NewRetryDownloader(downloader Downloader, retryTimes, retryDelay int) *RetryDownloader

NewRetryDownloader creates a retry downloader

func (*RetryDownloader) GetComments Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetComments(issueNumber int64) ([]*Comment, error)

GetComments returns a repository's comments with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetIssues Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetIssues(page, perPage int) ([]*Issue, bool, error)

GetIssues returns a repository's issues with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetLabels Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetLabels() ([]*Label, error)

GetLabels returns a repository's labels with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetMilestones Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetMilestones() ([]*Milestone, error)

GetMilestones returns a repository's milestones with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetPullRequests Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetPullRequests(page, perPage int) ([]*PullRequest, error)

GetPullRequests returns a repository's pull requests with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetReleases Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetReleases() ([]*Release, error)

GetReleases returns a repository's releases with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetRepoInfo Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetRepoInfo() (*Repository, error)

GetRepoInfo returns a repository information with retry

func (*RetryDownloader) GetTopics Uses

func (d *RetryDownloader) GetTopics() ([]string, error)

GetTopics returns a repository's topics with retry

type Uploader Uses

type Uploader interface {
    MaxBatchInsertSize(tp string) int
    CreateRepo(repo *Repository, opts MigrateOptions) error
    CreateTopics(topic ...string) error
    CreateMilestones(milestones ...*Milestone) error
    CreateReleases(releases ...*Release) error
    CreateLabels(labels ...*Label) error
    CreateIssues(issues ...*Issue) error
    CreateComments(comments ...*Comment) error
    CreatePullRequests(prs ...*PullRequest) error
    Rollback() error

Uploader uploads all the informations of one repository

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