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package base

import ""


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comment.go downloader.go issue.go label.go milestone.go options.go pullrequest.go reaction.go release.go repo.go uploader.go

type Comment Uses

type Comment struct {
    IssueIndex  int64
    PosterID    int64
    PosterName  string
    PosterEmail string
    Created     time.Time
    Content     string
    Reactions   *Reactions

Comment is a standard comment information

type Downloader Uses

type Downloader interface {
    GetRepoInfo() (*Repository, error)
    GetTopics() ([]string, error)
    GetMilestones() ([]*Milestone, error)
    GetReleases() ([]*Release, error)
    GetLabels() ([]*Label, error)
    GetIssues(page, perPage int) ([]*Issue, bool, error)
    GetComments(issueNumber int64) ([]*Comment, error)
    GetPullRequests(page, perPage int) ([]*PullRequest, error)

Downloader downloads the site repo informations

type DownloaderFactory Uses

type DownloaderFactory interface {
    Match(opts MigrateOptions) (bool, error)
    New(opts MigrateOptions) (Downloader, error)

DownloaderFactory defines an interface to match a downloader implementation and create a downloader

type Issue Uses

type Issue struct {
    Number      int64
    PosterID    int64
    PosterName  string
    PosterEmail string
    Title       string
    Content     string
    Milestone   string
    State       string // closed, open
    IsLocked    bool
    Created     time.Time
    Closed      *time.Time
    Labels      []*Label
    Reactions   *Reactions

Issue is a standard issue information

type Label Uses

type Label struct {
    Name        string
    Color       string
    Description string

Label defines a standard label informations

type MigrateOptions Uses

type MigrateOptions struct {
    RemoteURL    string
    AuthUsername string
    AuthPassword string
    Name         string
    Description  string
    OriginalURL  string

    Wiki         bool
    Issues       bool
    Milestones   bool
    Labels       bool
    Releases     bool
    Comments     bool
    PullRequests bool
    Private      bool
    Mirror       bool

MigrateOptions defines the way a repository gets migrated

type Milestone Uses

type Milestone struct {
    Title       string
    Description string
    Deadline    *time.Time
    Created     time.Time
    Updated     *time.Time
    Closed      *time.Time
    State       string

Milestone defines a standard milestone

type PullRequest Uses

type PullRequest struct {
    Number         int64
    Title          string
    PosterName     string
    PosterID       int64
    PosterEmail    string
    Content        string
    Milestone      string
    State          string
    Created        time.Time
    Closed         *time.Time
    Labels         []*Label
    PatchURL       string
    Merged         bool
    MergedTime     *time.Time
    MergeCommitSHA string
    Head           PullRequestBranch
    Base           PullRequestBranch
    Assignee       string
    Assignees      []string
    IsLocked       bool

PullRequest defines a standard pull request information

func (*PullRequest) IsForkPullRequest Uses

func (p *PullRequest) IsForkPullRequest() bool

IsForkPullRequest returns true if the pull request from a forked repository but not the same repository

type PullRequestBranch Uses

type PullRequestBranch struct {
    CloneURL  string
    Ref       string
    SHA       string
    RepoName  string
    OwnerName string

PullRequestBranch represents a pull request branch

func (PullRequestBranch) RepoPath Uses

func (p PullRequestBranch) RepoPath() string

RepoPath returns pull request repo path

type Reactions Uses

type Reactions struct {
    TotalCount int
    PlusOne    int
    MinusOne   int
    Laugh      int
    Confused   int
    Heart      int
    Hooray     int

Reactions represents a summary of reactions.

type Release Uses

type Release struct {
    TagName         string
    TargetCommitish string
    Name            string
    Body            string
    Draft           bool
    Prerelease      bool
    Assets          []ReleaseAsset
    Created         time.Time
    Published       time.Time

Release represents a release

type ReleaseAsset Uses

type ReleaseAsset struct {
    URL           string
    Name          string
    ContentType   *string
    Size          *int
    DownloadCount *int
    Created       time.Time
    Updated       time.Time

ReleaseAsset represents a release asset

type Repository Uses

type Repository struct {
    Name         string
    Owner        string
    IsPrivate    bool
    IsMirror     bool
    Description  string
    AuthUsername string
    AuthPassword string
    CloneURL     string
    OriginalURL  string

Repository defines a standard repository information

type Uploader Uses

type Uploader interface {
    MaxBatchInsertSize(tp string) int
    CreateRepo(repo *Repository, opts MigrateOptions) error
    CreateTopics(topic ...string) error
    CreateMilestones(milestones ...*Milestone) error
    CreateReleases(releases ...*Release) error
    CreateLabels(labels ...*Label) error
    CreateIssues(issues ...*Issue) error
    CreateComments(comments ...*Comment) error
    CreatePullRequests(prs ...*PullRequest) error
    Rollback() error

Uploader uploads all the informations of one repository

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