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package nosql

import ""


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leveldb.go manager.go manager_leveldb.go manager_redis.go redis.go

func ToLevelDBURI Uses

func ToLevelDBURI(connection string) *url.URL

ToLevelDBURI converts old style connections to a LevelDBURI

A LevelDBURI matches the pattern:


We have previously just provided the path but this prevent other options

func ToRedisURI Uses

func ToRedisURI(connection string) *url.URL

ToRedisURI converts old style connections to a RedisURI

A RedisURI matches the pattern:

redis://[username:password@]host[:port][/database][?[option=value]*] rediss://[username:password@]host[:port][/database][?[option=value]*] redis+socket://[username:password@]path[/database][?[option=value]*] redis+sentinel://[password@]host1 [: port1][, host2 [:port2]][, hostN [:portN]][/ database][?[option=value]*] redis+cluster://[password@]host1 [: port1][, host2 [:port2]][, hostN [:portN]][/ database][?[option=value]*]

We have previously used a URI like: addrs= db=0 network=tcp,addr=,password=macaron,db=0,pool_size=100,idle_timeout=180

We need to convert this old style to the new style

type Manager Uses

type Manager struct {
    RedisConnections   map[string]*redisClientHolder
    LevelDBConnections map[string]*levelDBHolder
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager is the nosql connection manager

func GetManager Uses

func GetManager() *Manager

GetManager returns a Manager and initializes one as singleton is there's none yet

func (*Manager) CloseLevelDB Uses

func (m *Manager) CloseLevelDB(connection string) error

CloseLevelDB closes a levelDB

func (*Manager) CloseRedisClient Uses

func (m *Manager) CloseRedisClient(connection string) error

CloseRedisClient closes a redis client

func (*Manager) GetLevelDB Uses

func (m *Manager) GetLevelDB(connection string) (*leveldb.DB, error)

GetLevelDB gets a levelDB for a particular connection

func (*Manager) GetRedisClient Uses

func (m *Manager) GetRedisClient(connection string) redis.UniversalClient

GetRedisClient gets a redis client for a particular connection

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