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package pull

import ""


Package Files

commit_status.go lfs.go merge.go review.go

func CreateReview Uses

func CreateReview(opts models.CreateReviewOptions) (*models.Review, error)

CreateReview creates a new review based on opts

func IsCommitStatusContextSuccess Uses

func IsCommitStatusContextSuccess(commitStatuses []*models.CommitStatus, requiredContexts []string) bool

IsCommitStatusContextSuccess returns true if all required status check contexts succeed.

func IsPullCommitStatusPass Uses

func IsPullCommitStatusPass(pr *models.PullRequest) (bool, error)

IsPullCommitStatusPass returns if all required status checks PASS

func LFSPush Uses

func LFSPush(tmpBasePath, mergeHeadSHA, mergeBaseSHA string, pr *models.PullRequest) error

LFSPush pushes lfs objects referred to in new commits in the head repository from the base repository

func Merge Uses

func Merge(pr *models.PullRequest, doer *models.User, baseGitRepo *git.Repository, mergeStyle models.MergeStyle, message string) (err error)

Merge merges pull request to base repository. FIXME: add repoWorkingPull make sure two merges does not happen at same time.

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