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package repofiles

import ""


Package Files

action.go blob.go commit.go commit_status.go content.go delete.go diff.go file.go repofiles.go temp_repo.go tree.go update.go upload.go verification.go

func CleanUploadFileName Uses

func CleanUploadFileName(name string) string

CleanUploadFileName Trims a filename and returns empty string if it is a .git directory

func CommitRepoAction Uses

func CommitRepoAction(opts CommitRepoActionOptions) error

CommitRepoAction adds new commit action to the repository, and prepare corresponding webhooks.

func CountDivergingCommits Uses

func CountDivergingCommits(repo *models.Repository, branch string) (*git.DivergeObject, error)

CountDivergingCommits determines how many commits a branch is ahead or behind the repository's base branch

func CreateCommitStatus Uses

func CreateCommitStatus(repo *models.Repository, creator *models.User, sha string, status *models.CommitStatus) error

CreateCommitStatus creates a new CommitStatus given a bunch of parameters NOTE: All text-values will be trimmed from whitespaces. Requires: Repo, Creator, SHA

func CreateOrUpdateRepoFile Uses

func CreateOrUpdateRepoFile(repo *models.Repository, doer *models.User, opts *UpdateRepoFileOptions) (*structs.FileResponse, error)

CreateOrUpdateRepoFile adds or updates a file in the given repository

func DeleteRepoFile Uses

func DeleteRepoFile(repo *models.Repository, doer *models.User, opts *DeleteRepoFileOptions) (*api.FileResponse, error)

DeleteRepoFile deletes a file in the given repository

func GetAuthorAndCommitterUsers Uses

func GetAuthorAndCommitterUsers(author, committer *IdentityOptions, doer *models.User) (committerUser, authorUser *models.User)

GetAuthorAndCommitterUsers Gets the author and committer user objects from the IdentityOptions

func GetBlobBySHA Uses

func GetBlobBySHA(repo *models.Repository, sha string) (*api.GitBlobResponse, error)

GetBlobBySHA get the GitBlobResponse of a repository using a sha hash.

func GetContents Uses

func GetContents(repo *models.Repository, treePath, ref string, forList bool) (*api.ContentsResponse, error)

GetContents gets the meta data on a file's contents. Ref can be a branch, commit or tag

func GetContentsOrList Uses

func GetContentsOrList(repo *models.Repository, treePath, ref string) (interface{}, error)

GetContentsOrList gets the meta data of a file's contents (*ContentsResponse) if treePath not a tree directory, otherwise a listing of file contents ([]*ContentsResponse). Ref can be a branch, commit or tag

func GetDiffPreview Uses

func GetDiffPreview(repo *models.Repository, branch, treePath, content string) (*gitdiff.Diff, error)

GetDiffPreview produces and returns diff result of a file which is not yet committed.

func GetFileCommitResponse Uses

func GetFileCommitResponse(repo *models.Repository, commit *git.Commit) (*api.FileCommitResponse, error)

GetFileCommitResponse Constructs a FileCommitResponse from a Commit object

func GetFileResponseFromCommit Uses

func GetFileResponseFromCommit(repo *models.Repository, commit *git.Commit, branch, treeName string) (*api.FileResponse, error)

GetFileResponseFromCommit Constructs a FileResponse from a Commit object

func GetPayloadCommitVerification Uses

func GetPayloadCommitVerification(commit *git.Commit) *structs.PayloadCommitVerification

GetPayloadCommitVerification returns the verification information of a commit

func GetTreeBySHA Uses

func GetTreeBySHA(repo *models.Repository, sha string, page, perPage int, recursive bool) (*api.GitTreeResponse, error)

GetTreeBySHA get the GitTreeResponse of a repository using a sha hash.

func PushUpdate Uses

func PushUpdate(repo *models.Repository, branch string, opts models.PushUpdateOptions) error

PushUpdate must be called for any push actions in order to generates necessary push action history feeds and other operations

func UploadRepoFiles Uses

func UploadRepoFiles(repo *models.Repository, doer *models.User, opts *UploadRepoFileOptions) error

UploadRepoFiles uploads files to the given repository

type CommitRepoActionOptions Uses

type CommitRepoActionOptions struct {
    PusherName  string
    RepoOwnerID int64
    RepoName    string
    RefFullName string
    OldCommitID string
    NewCommitID string
    Commits     *models.PushCommits

CommitRepoActionOptions represent options of a new commit action.

type ContentType Uses

type ContentType string

ContentType repo content type

const (
    // ContentTypeRegular regular content type (file)
    ContentTypeRegular ContentType = "file"
    // ContentTypeDir dir content type (dir)
    ContentTypeDir ContentType = "dir"
    // ContentLink link content type (symlink)
    ContentTypeLink ContentType = "symlink"
    // ContentTag submodule content type (submodule)
    ContentTypeSubmodule ContentType = "submodule"

The string representations of different content types

func (*ContentType) String Uses

func (ct *ContentType) String() string

String gets the string of ContentType

type DeleteRepoFileOptions Uses

type DeleteRepoFileOptions struct {
    LastCommitID string
    OldBranch    string
    NewBranch    string
    TreePath     string
    Message      string
    SHA          string
    Author       *IdentityOptions
    Committer    *IdentityOptions

DeleteRepoFileOptions holds the repository delete file options

type IdentityOptions Uses

type IdentityOptions struct {
    Name  string
    Email string

IdentityOptions for a person's identity like an author or committer

type TemporaryUploadRepository Uses

type TemporaryUploadRepository struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TemporaryUploadRepository is a type to wrap our upload repositories as a shallow clone

func NewTemporaryUploadRepository Uses

func NewTemporaryUploadRepository(repo *models.Repository) (*TemporaryUploadRepository, error)

NewTemporaryUploadRepository creates a new temporary upload repository

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) AddObjectToIndex Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) AddObjectToIndex(mode, objectHash, objectPath string) error

AddObjectToIndex adds the provided object hash to the index with the provided mode and path

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) CheckAttribute Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) CheckAttribute(attribute string, args ...string) (map[string]map[string]string, error)

CheckAttribute checks the given attribute of the provided files

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) Clone Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) Clone(branch string) error

Clone the base repository to our path and set branch as the HEAD

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) Close Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) Close()

Close the repository cleaning up all files

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) CommitTree Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) CommitTree(author, committer *models.User, treeHash string, message string) (string, error)

CommitTree creates a commit from a given tree for the user with provided message

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) DiffIndex Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) DiffIndex() (*gitdiff.Diff, error)

DiffIndex returns a Diff of the current index to the head

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetBranchCommit Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetBranchCommit(branch string) (*git.Commit, error)

GetBranchCommit Gets the commit object of the given branch

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetCommit Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetCommit(commitID string) (*git.Commit, error)

GetCommit Gets the commit object of the given commit ID

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommit Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommit() (string, error)

GetLastCommit gets the last commit ID SHA of the repo

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommitByRef Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) GetLastCommitByRef(ref string) (string, error)

GetLastCommitByRef gets the last commit ID SHA of the repo by ref

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) HashObject Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) HashObject(content io.Reader) (string, error)

HashObject writes the provided content to the object db and returns its hash

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) LsFiles Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) LsFiles(filenames ...string) ([]string, error)

LsFiles checks if the given filename arguments are in the index

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) Push Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) Push(doer *models.User, commitHash string, branch string) error

Push the provided commitHash to the repository branch by the provided user

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) RemoveFilesFromIndex Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) RemoveFilesFromIndex(filenames ...string) error

RemoveFilesFromIndex removes the given files from the index

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) SetDefaultIndex Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) SetDefaultIndex() error

SetDefaultIndex sets the git index to our HEAD

func (*TemporaryUploadRepository) WriteTree Uses

func (t *TemporaryUploadRepository) WriteTree() (string, error)

WriteTree writes the current index as a tree to the object db and returns its hash

type UpdateRepoFileOptions Uses

type UpdateRepoFileOptions struct {
    LastCommitID string
    OldBranch    string
    NewBranch    string
    TreePath     string
    FromTreePath string
    Message      string
    Content      string
    SHA          string
    IsNewFile    bool
    Author       *IdentityOptions
    Committer    *IdentityOptions

UpdateRepoFileOptions holds the repository file update options

type UploadRepoFileOptions Uses

type UploadRepoFileOptions struct {
    LastCommitID string
    OldBranch    string
    NewBranch    string
    TreePath     string
    Message      string
    Files        []string // In UUID format.

UploadRepoFileOptions contains the uploaded repository file options

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