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package repo

import ""


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blob.go branch.go collaborators.go commits.go file.go fork.go git_hook.go git_ref.go hook.go issue.go issue_comment.go issue_label.go issue_subscription.go issue_tracked_time.go key.go label.go milestone.go pull.go release.go release_attachment.go repo.go star.go status.go subscriber.go tag.go topic.go tree.go

func AddCollaborator Uses

func AddCollaborator(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.AddCollaboratorOption)

AddCollaborator add a collaborator to a repository

func AddIssueLabels Uses

func AddIssueLabels(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.IssueLabelsOption)

AddIssueLabels add labels for an issue

func AddIssueSubscription Uses

func AddIssueSubscription(ctx *context.APIContext)

AddIssueSubscription Subscribe user to issue

func AddTime Uses

func AddTime(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.AddTimeOption)

AddTime adds time manual to the given issue

func AddTopic Uses

func AddTopic(ctx *context.APIContext)

AddTopic adds a topic name to a repo

func CanReadFiles Uses

func CanReadFiles(r *context.Repository) bool

CanReadFiles returns true if repository is readable and user has proper access level.

func CanWriteFiles Uses

func CanWriteFiles(r *context.Repository) bool

CanWriteFiles returns true if repository is editable and user has proper access level.

func ClearIssueLabels Uses

func ClearIssueLabels(ctx *context.APIContext)

ClearIssueLabels delete all the labels for an issue

func Create Uses

func Create(ctx *context.APIContext, opt api.CreateRepoOption)

Create one repository of mine

func CreateDeployKey Uses

func CreateDeployKey(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateKeyOption)

CreateDeployKey create deploy key for a repository

func CreateFile Uses

func CreateFile(ctx *context.APIContext, apiOpts api.CreateFileOptions)

CreateFile handles API call for creating a file

func CreateFork Uses

func CreateFork(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateForkOption)

CreateFork create a fork of a repo

func CreateHook Uses

func CreateHook(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateHookOption)

CreateHook create a hook for a repository

func CreateIssue Uses

func CreateIssue(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateIssueOption)

CreateIssue create an issue of a repository

func CreateIssueComment Uses

func CreateIssueComment(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateIssueCommentOption)

CreateIssueComment create a comment for an issue

func CreateLabel Uses

func CreateLabel(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateLabelOption)

CreateLabel create a label for a repository

func CreateMilestone Uses

func CreateMilestone(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateMilestoneOption)

CreateMilestone create a milestone for a repository

func CreateOrgRepo Uses

func CreateOrgRepo(ctx *context.APIContext, opt api.CreateRepoOption)

CreateOrgRepo create one repository of the organization

func CreatePullRequest Uses

func CreatePullRequest(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreatePullRequestOption)

CreatePullRequest does what it says

func CreateRelease Uses

func CreateRelease(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateReleaseOption)

CreateRelease create a release

func CreateReleaseAttachment Uses

func CreateReleaseAttachment(ctx *context.APIContext)

CreateReleaseAttachment creates an attachment and saves the given file

func CreateUserRepo Uses

func CreateUserRepo(ctx *context.APIContext, owner *models.User, opt api.CreateRepoOption)

CreateUserRepo create a repository for a user

func DelIssueSubscription Uses

func DelIssueSubscription(ctx *context.APIContext)

DelIssueSubscription Unsubscribe user from issue

func Delete Uses

func Delete(ctx *context.APIContext)

Delete one repository

func DeleteCollaborator Uses

func DeleteCollaborator(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteCollaborator delete a collaborator from a repository

func DeleteDeploykey Uses

func DeleteDeploykey(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteDeploykey delete deploy key for a repository

func DeleteFile Uses

func DeleteFile(ctx *context.APIContext, apiOpts api.DeleteFileOptions)

DeleteFile Delete a fle in a repository

func DeleteGitHook Uses

func DeleteGitHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteGitHook delete a Git hook of a repository

func DeleteHook Uses

func DeleteHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteHook delete a hook of a repository

func DeleteIssueComment Uses

func DeleteIssueComment(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteIssueComment delete a comment from an issue

func DeleteIssueCommentDeprecated Uses

func DeleteIssueCommentDeprecated(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteIssueCommentDeprecated delete a comment from an issue

func DeleteIssueLabel Uses

func DeleteIssueLabel(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteIssueLabel delete a label for an issue

func DeleteLabel Uses

func DeleteLabel(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteLabel delete a label for a repository

func DeleteMilestone Uses

func DeleteMilestone(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteMilestone delete a milestone for a repository

func DeleteRelease Uses

func DeleteRelease(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteRelease delete a release from a repository

func DeleteReleaseAttachment Uses

func DeleteReleaseAttachment(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteReleaseAttachment delete a given attachment

func DeleteTopic Uses

func DeleteTopic(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteTopic removes topic name from repo

func Edit Uses

func Edit(ctx *context.APIContext, opts api.EditRepoOption)

Edit edit repository properties

func EditGitHook Uses

func EditGitHook(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditGitHookOption)

EditGitHook modify a Git hook of a repository

func EditHook Uses

func EditHook(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditHookOption)

EditHook modify a hook of a repository

func EditIssue Uses

func EditIssue(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditIssueOption)

EditIssue modify an issue of a repository

func EditIssueComment Uses

func EditIssueComment(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditIssueCommentOption)

EditIssueComment modify a comment of an issue

func EditIssueCommentDeprecated Uses

func EditIssueCommentDeprecated(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditIssueCommentOption)

EditIssueCommentDeprecated modify a comment of an issue

func EditLabel Uses

func EditLabel(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditLabelOption)

EditLabel modify a label for a repository

func EditMilestone Uses

func EditMilestone(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditMilestoneOption)

EditMilestone modify a milestone for a repository

func EditPullRequest Uses

func EditPullRequest(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditPullRequestOption)

EditPullRequest does what it says

func EditRelease Uses

func EditRelease(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditReleaseOption)

EditRelease edit a release

func EditReleaseAttachment Uses

func EditReleaseAttachment(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditAttachmentOptions)

EditReleaseAttachment updates the given attachment

func Get Uses

func Get(ctx *context.APIContext)

Get one repository

func GetAllCommits Uses

func GetAllCommits(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetAllCommits get all commits via

func GetArchive Uses

func GetArchive(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetArchive get archive of a repository

func GetBlob Uses

func GetBlob(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetBlob get the blob of a repository file.

func GetBranch Uses

func GetBranch(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetBranch get a branch of a repository

func GetByID Uses

func GetByID(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetByID returns a single Repository

func GetCombinedCommitStatusByRef Uses

func GetCombinedCommitStatusByRef(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetCombinedCommitStatusByRef returns the combined status for any given commit hash

func GetCommitStatuses Uses

func GetCommitStatuses(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetCommitStatuses returns all statuses for any given commit hash

func GetCommitStatusesByRef Uses

func GetCommitStatusesByRef(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetCommitStatusesByRef returns all statuses for any given commit ref

func GetContents Uses

func GetContents(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetContents Get the metadata and contents (if a file) of an entry in a repository, or a list of entries if a dir

func GetContentsList Uses

func GetContentsList(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetContentsList Get the metadata of all the entries of the root dir

func GetDeployKey Uses

func GetDeployKey(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetDeployKey get a deploy key by id

func GetEditorconfig Uses

func GetEditorconfig(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetEditorconfig get editor config of a repository

func GetGitAllRefs Uses

func GetGitAllRefs(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetGitAllRefs get ref or an list all the refs of a repository

func GetGitHook Uses

func GetGitHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetGitHook get a repo's Git hook by id

func GetGitRefs Uses

func GetGitRefs(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetGitRefs get ref or an filteresd list of refs of a repository

func GetHook Uses

func GetHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetHook get a repo's hook by id

func GetIssue Uses

func GetIssue(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetIssue get an issue of a repository

func GetIssueSubscribers Uses

func GetIssueSubscribers(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.User)

GetIssueSubscribers return subscribers of an issue

func GetLabel Uses

func GetLabel(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetLabel get label by repository and label id

func GetMilestone Uses

func GetMilestone(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetMilestone get a milestone for a repository

func GetPullRequest Uses

func GetPullRequest(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetPullRequest returns a single PR based on index

func GetRawFile Uses

func GetRawFile(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetRawFile get a file by path on a repository

func GetRelease Uses

func GetRelease(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetRelease get a single release of a repository

func GetReleaseAttachment Uses

func GetReleaseAttachment(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetReleaseAttachment gets a single attachment of the release

func GetSingleCommit Uses

func GetSingleCommit(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetSingleCommit get a commit via

func GetTag Uses

func GetTag(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetTag get the tag of a repository.

func GetTree Uses

func GetTree(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetTree get the tree of a repository.

func HandleAddKeyError Uses

func HandleAddKeyError(ctx *context.APIContext, err error)

HandleAddKeyError handle add key error

func HandleCheckKeyStringError Uses

func HandleCheckKeyStringError(ctx *context.APIContext, err error)

HandleCheckKeyStringError handle check key error

func IsCollaborator Uses

func IsCollaborator(ctx *context.APIContext)

IsCollaborator check if a user is a collaborator of a repository

func IsPullRequestMerged Uses

func IsPullRequestMerged(ctx *context.APIContext)

IsPullRequestMerged checks if a PR exists given an index

func ListBranches Uses

func ListBranches(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListBranches list all the branches of a repository

func ListCollaborators Uses

func ListCollaborators(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListCollaborators list a repository's collaborators

func ListDeployKeys Uses

func ListDeployKeys(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListDeployKeys list all the deploy keys of a repository

func ListForks Uses

func ListForks(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListForks list a repository's forks

func ListGitHooks Uses

func ListGitHooks(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListGitHooks list all Git hooks of a repository

func ListHooks Uses

func ListHooks(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListHooks list all hooks of a repository

func ListIssueComments Uses

func ListIssueComments(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListIssueComments list all the comments of an issue

func ListIssueLabels Uses

func ListIssueLabels(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListIssueLabels list all the labels of an issue

func ListIssues Uses

func ListIssues(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListIssues list the issues of a repository

func ListLabels Uses

func ListLabels(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListLabels list all the labels of a repository

func ListMilestones Uses

func ListMilestones(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMilestones list milestones for a repository

func ListMyTrackedTimes Uses

func ListMyTrackedTimes(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyTrackedTimes lists all tracked times of the current user

func ListPullRequests Uses

func ListPullRequests(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.ListPullRequestsOptions)

ListPullRequests returns a list of all PRs

func ListReleaseAttachments Uses

func ListReleaseAttachments(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListReleaseAttachments lists all attachments of the release

func ListReleases Uses

func ListReleases(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListReleases list a repository's releases

func ListRepoIssueComments Uses

func ListRepoIssueComments(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListRepoIssueComments returns all issue-comments for a repo

func ListStargazers Uses

func ListStargazers(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListStargazers list a repository's stargazers

func ListSubscribers Uses

func ListSubscribers(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListSubscribers list a repo's subscribers (i.e. watchers)

func ListTags Uses

func ListTags(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListTags list all the tags of a repository

func ListTopics Uses

func ListTopics(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListTopics returns list of current topics for repo

func ListTrackedTimes Uses

func ListTrackedTimes(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListTrackedTimes list all the tracked times of an issue

func ListTrackedTimesByRepository Uses

func ListTrackedTimesByRepository(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListTrackedTimesByRepository lists all tracked times of the repository

func ListTrackedTimesByUser Uses

func ListTrackedTimesByUser(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListTrackedTimesByUser lists all tracked times of the user

func MergePullRequest Uses

func MergePullRequest(ctx *context.APIContext, form auth.MergePullRequestForm)

MergePullRequest merges a PR given an index

func Migrate Uses

func Migrate(ctx *context.APIContext, form auth.MigrateRepoForm)

Migrate migrate remote git repository to gitea

func MirrorSync Uses

func MirrorSync(ctx *context.APIContext)

MirrorSync adds a mirrored repository to the sync queue

func NewCommitStatus Uses

func NewCommitStatus(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateStatusOption)

NewCommitStatus creates a new CommitStatus

func ReplaceIssueLabels Uses

func ReplaceIssueLabels(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.IssueLabelsOption)

ReplaceIssueLabels replace labels for an issue

func Search(ctx *context.APIContext)

Search repositories via options

func SearchIssues Uses

func SearchIssues(ctx *context.APIContext)

SearchIssues searches for issues across the repositories that the user has access to

func StartIssueStopwatch Uses

func StartIssueStopwatch(ctx *context.APIContext)

StartIssueStopwatch creates a stopwatch for the given issue.

func StopIssueStopwatch Uses

func StopIssueStopwatch(ctx *context.APIContext)

StopIssueStopwatch stops a stopwatch for the given issue.

func TestHook Uses

func TestHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

TestHook tests a hook

func TopicSearch Uses

func TopicSearch(ctx *context.Context)

TopicSearch search for creating topic

func UpdateFile Uses

func UpdateFile(ctx *context.APIContext, apiOpts api.UpdateFileOptions)

UpdateFile handles API call for updating a file

func UpdateIssueDeadline Uses

func UpdateIssueDeadline(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditDeadlineOption)

UpdateIssueDeadline updates an issue deadline

func UpdateTopics Uses

func UpdateTopics(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.RepoTopicOptions)

UpdateTopics updates repo with a new set of topics

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