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package user

import ""


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func AddEmail Uses

func AddEmail(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateEmailOption)

AddEmail add an email address

func CheckFollowing Uses

func CheckFollowing(ctx *context.APIContext)

CheckFollowing check if one user is following another user

func CheckMyFollowing Uses

func CheckMyFollowing(ctx *context.APIContext)

CheckMyFollowing whether the given user is followed by the authenticated user

func CreateAccessToken Uses

func CreateAccessToken(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateAccessTokenOption)

CreateAccessToken create access tokens

func CreateGPGKey Uses

func CreateGPGKey(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateGPGKeyOption)

CreateGPGKey create a GPG key belonging to the authenticated user

func CreateOauth2Application Uses

func CreateOauth2Application(ctx *context.APIContext, data api.CreateOAuth2ApplicationOptions)

CreateOauth2Application is the handler to create a new OAuth2 Application for the authenticated user

func CreatePublicKey Uses

func CreatePublicKey(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateKeyOption)

CreatePublicKey create one public key for me

func CreateUserGPGKey Uses

func CreateUserGPGKey(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateGPGKeyOption, uid int64)

CreateUserGPGKey creates new GPG key to given user by ID.

func CreateUserPublicKey Uses

func CreateUserPublicKey(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateKeyOption, uid int64)

CreateUserPublicKey creates new public key to given user by ID.

func DeleteAccessToken Uses

func DeleteAccessToken(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteAccessToken delete access tokens

func DeleteEmail Uses

func DeleteEmail(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.DeleteEmailOption)

DeleteEmail delete email

func DeleteGPGKey Uses

func DeleteGPGKey(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteGPGKey remove a GPG key belonging to the authenticated user

func DeleteOauth2Application Uses

func DeleteOauth2Application(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteOauth2Application delete OAuth2 Application

func DeletePublicKey Uses

func DeletePublicKey(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeletePublicKey delete one public key

func Follow Uses

func Follow(ctx *context.APIContext)

Follow follow a user

func GetAuthenticatedUser Uses

func GetAuthenticatedUser(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetAuthenticatedUser get current user's information

func GetGPGKey Uses

func GetGPGKey(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetGPGKey get the GPG key based on a id

func GetInfo Uses

func GetInfo(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetInfo get user's information

func GetMyStarredRepos Uses

func GetMyStarredRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetMyStarredRepos returns the repos that the authenticated user has starred

func GetMyWatchedRepos Uses

func GetMyWatchedRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetMyWatchedRepos returns the repos that the authenticated user is watching

func GetOauth2Application Uses

func GetOauth2Application(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetOauth2Application get OAuth2 Application

func GetPublicKey Uses

func GetPublicKey(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetPublicKey get a public key

func GetStarredRepos Uses

func GetStarredRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetStarredRepos returns the repos that the given user has starred

func GetUserByParams Uses

func GetUserByParams(ctx *context.APIContext) *models.User

GetUserByParams returns user whose name is presented in URL paramenter.

func GetUserByParamsName Uses

func GetUserByParamsName(ctx *context.APIContext, name string) *models.User

GetUserByParamsName get user by name

func GetUserHeatmapData Uses

func GetUserHeatmapData(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetUserHeatmapData is the handler to get a users heatmap

func GetWatchedRepos Uses

func GetWatchedRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetWatchedRepos returns the repos that the user specified in ctx is watching

func HandleAddGPGKeyError Uses

func HandleAddGPGKeyError(ctx *context.APIContext, err error)

HandleAddGPGKeyError handle add GPGKey error

func IsStarring Uses

func IsStarring(ctx *context.APIContext)

IsStarring returns whether the authenticated is starring the repo

func IsWatching Uses

func IsWatching(ctx *context.APIContext)

IsWatching returns whether the authenticated user is watching the repo specified in ctx

func ListAccessTokens Uses

func ListAccessTokens(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListAccessTokens list all the access tokens

func ListEmails Uses

func ListEmails(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListEmails list all of the authenticated user's email addresses see

func ListFollowers Uses

func ListFollowers(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListFollowers list the given user's followers

func ListFollowing Uses

func ListFollowing(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListFollowing list the users that the given user is following

func ListGPGKeys Uses

func ListGPGKeys(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListGPGKeys get the GPG key list of a user

func ListMyFollowers Uses

func ListMyFollowers(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyFollowers list the authenticated user's followers

func ListMyFollowing Uses

func ListMyFollowing(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyFollowing list the users that the authenticated user is following

func ListMyGPGKeys Uses

func ListMyGPGKeys(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyGPGKeys get the GPG key list of the authenticated user

func ListMyPublicKeys Uses

func ListMyPublicKeys(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyPublicKeys list all of the authenticated user's public keys

func ListMyRepos Uses

func ListMyRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyRepos - list the repositories you own or have access to.

func ListOauth2Applications Uses

func ListOauth2Applications(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListOauth2Applications list all the Oauth2 application

func ListOrgRepos Uses

func ListOrgRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListOrgRepos - list the repositories of an organization.

func ListPublicKeys Uses

func ListPublicKeys(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListPublicKeys list the given user's public keys

func ListUserRepos Uses

func ListUserRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListUserRepos - list the repos owned by the given user.

func Search(ctx *context.APIContext)

Search search users

func Star Uses

func Star(ctx *context.APIContext)

Star the repo specified in the APIContext, as the authenticated user

func Unfollow Uses

func Unfollow(ctx *context.APIContext)

Unfollow unfollow a user

func Unstar Uses

func Unstar(ctx *context.APIContext)

Unstar the repo specified in the APIContext, as the authenticated user

func Unwatch Uses

func Unwatch(ctx *context.APIContext)

Unwatch the repo specified in ctx, as the authenticated user

func UpdateOauth2Application Uses

func UpdateOauth2Application(ctx *context.APIContext, data api.CreateOAuth2ApplicationOptions)

UpdateOauth2Application update OAuth2 Application

func Watch Uses

func Watch(ctx *context.APIContext)

Watch the repo specified in ctx, as the authenticated user

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