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package repo

import ""


Package Files

activity.go attachment.go blame.go branch.go commit.go compare.go download.go editor.go http.go issue.go issue_dependency.go issue_label.go issue_lock.go issue_stopwatch.go issue_timetrack.go issue_watch.go lfs.go middlewares.go migrate.go milestone.go projects.go pull.go pull_review.go release.go repo.go search.go setting.go setting_protected_branch.go topic.go view.go webhook.go wiki.go


var (
    // ErrTooManyFiles upload too many files
    ErrTooManyFiles = errors.New("Maximum number of files to upload exceeded")
    // IssueTemplateCandidates issue templates
    IssueTemplateCandidates = []string{

func Action Uses

func Action(ctx *context.Context)

Action response for actions to a repository

func Activity Uses

func Activity(ctx *context.Context)

Activity render the page to show repository latest changes

func ActivityAuthors Uses

func ActivityAuthors(ctx *context.Context)

ActivityAuthors renders JSON with top commit authors for given time period over all branches

func AddBoardToProjectPost Uses

func AddBoardToProjectPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditProjectBoardTitleForm)

AddBoardToProjectPost allows a new board to be added to a project.

func AddDependency Uses

func AddDependency(ctx *context.Context)

AddDependency adds new dependencies

func AddTeamPost Uses

func AddTeamPost(ctx *context.Context)

AddTeamPost response for adding a team to a repository

func AddTimeManually Uses

func AddTimeManually(c *context.Context, form auth.AddTimeManuallyForm)

AddTimeManually tracks time manually

func Branches Uses

func Branches(ctx *context.Context)

Branches render repository branch page

func CancelStopwatch Uses

func CancelStopwatch(c *context.Context)

CancelStopwatch cancel the stopwatch

func ChangeCollaborationAccessMode Uses

func ChangeCollaborationAccessMode(ctx *context.Context)

ChangeCollaborationAccessMode response for changing access of a collaboration

func ChangeCommentReaction Uses

func ChangeCommentReaction(ctx *context.Context, form auth.ReactionForm)

ChangeCommentReaction create a reaction for comment

func ChangeIssueReaction Uses

func ChangeIssueReaction(ctx *context.Context, form auth.ReactionForm)

ChangeIssueReaction create a reaction for issue

func ChangeMilestoneStatus Uses

func ChangeMilestoneStatus(ctx *context.Context)

ChangeMilestoneStatus response for change a milestone's status

func ChangeProjectStatus Uses

func ChangeProjectStatus(ctx *context.Context)

ChangeProjectStatus updates the status of a project between "open" and "close"

func CleanUpPullRequest Uses

func CleanUpPullRequest(ctx *context.Context)

CleanUpPullRequest responses for delete merged branch when PR has been merged

func Collaboration Uses

func Collaboration(ctx *context.Context)

Collaboration render a repository's collaboration page

func CollaborationPost Uses

func CollaborationPost(ctx *context.Context)

CollaborationPost response for actions for a collaboration of a repository

func Commits Uses

func Commits(ctx *context.Context)

Commits render branch's commits

func CompareAndPullRequestPost Uses

func CompareAndPullRequestPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateIssueForm)

CompareAndPullRequestPost response for creating pull request

func CompareDiff Uses

func CompareDiff(ctx *context.Context)

CompareDiff show different from one commit to another commit

func Create Uses

func Create(ctx *context.Context)

Create render creating repository page

func CreateBranch Uses

func CreateBranch(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewBranchForm)

CreateBranch creates new branch in repository

func CreateCodeComment Uses

func CreateCodeComment(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CodeCommentForm)

CreateCodeComment will create a code comment including an pending review if required

func CreatePost Uses

func CreatePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateRepoForm)

CreatePost response for creating repository

func CreateProject Uses

func CreateProject(ctx *context.Context)

CreateProject renders the generic project creation page

func CreateProjectPost Uses

func CreateProjectPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.UserCreateProjectForm)

CreateProjectPost creates an individual and/or organization project

func DeleteAttachment Uses

func DeleteAttachment(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteAttachment response for deleting issue's attachment

func DeleteBranchPost Uses

func DeleteBranchPost(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteBranchPost responses for delete merged branch

func DeleteCollaboration Uses

func DeleteCollaboration(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteCollaboration delete a collaboration for a repository

func DeleteComment Uses

func DeleteComment(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteComment delete comment of issue

func DeleteDeployKey Uses

func DeleteDeployKey(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteDeployKey response for deleting a deploy key

func DeleteFile Uses

func DeleteFile(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteFile render delete file page

func DeleteFilePost Uses

func DeleteFilePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.DeleteRepoFileForm)

DeleteFilePost response for deleting file

func DeleteLabel Uses

func DeleteLabel(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteLabel delete a label

func DeleteMilestone Uses

func DeleteMilestone(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteMilestone delete a milestone

func DeleteProject Uses

func DeleteProject(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteProject delete a project

func DeleteProjectBoard Uses

func DeleteProjectBoard(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteProjectBoard allows for the deletion of a project board

func DeleteRelease Uses

func DeleteRelease(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteRelease delete a release

func DeleteTag Uses

func DeleteTag(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteTag delete a tag

func DeleteTeam Uses

func DeleteTeam(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteTeam response for deleting a team from a repository

func DeleteWebhook Uses

func DeleteWebhook(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteWebhook delete a webhook

func DeleteWikiPagePost Uses

func DeleteWikiPagePost(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteWikiPagePost delete wiki page

func DeployKeys Uses

func DeployKeys(ctx *context.Context)

DeployKeys render the deploy keys list of a repository page

func DeployKeysPost Uses

func DeployKeysPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AddKeyForm)

DeployKeysPost response for adding a deploy key of a repository

func Diff Uses

func Diff(ctx *context.Context)

Diff show different from current commit to previous commit

func DiffPreviewPost Uses

func DiffPreviewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditPreviewDiffForm)

DiffPreviewPost render preview diff page

func DingtalkHooksEditPost Uses

func DingtalkHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewDingtalkHookForm)

DingtalkHooksEditPost response for editing discord hook

func DingtalkHooksNewPost Uses

func DingtalkHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewDingtalkHookForm)

DingtalkHooksNewPost response for creating dingtalk hook

func DiscordHooksEditPost Uses

func DiscordHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewDiscordHookForm)

DiscordHooksEditPost response for editing discord hook

func DiscordHooksNewPost Uses

func DiscordHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewDiscordHookForm)

DiscordHooksNewPost response for creating discord hook

func Download Uses

func Download(ctx *context.Context)

Download an archive of a repository

func DownloadByID Uses

func DownloadByID(ctx *context.Context)

DownloadByID download a file by sha1 ID

func DownloadByIDOrLFS Uses

func DownloadByIDOrLFS(ctx *context.Context)

DownloadByIDOrLFS download a file by sha1 ID taking account of LFS

func DownloadPullDiff Uses

func DownloadPullDiff(ctx *context.Context)

DownloadPullDiff render a pull's raw diff

func DownloadPullDiffOrPatch Uses

func DownloadPullDiffOrPatch(ctx *context.Context, patch bool)

DownloadPullDiffOrPatch render a pull's raw diff or patch

func DownloadPullPatch Uses

func DownloadPullPatch(ctx *context.Context)

DownloadPullPatch render a pull's raw patch

func EditFile Uses

func EditFile(ctx *context.Context)

EditFile render edit file page

func EditFilePost Uses

func EditFilePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditRepoFileForm)

EditFilePost response for editing file

func EditMilestone Uses

func EditMilestone(ctx *context.Context)

EditMilestone render edting milestone page

func EditMilestonePost Uses

func EditMilestonePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateMilestoneForm)

EditMilestonePost response for edting milestone

func EditProject Uses

func EditProject(ctx *context.Context)

EditProject allows a project to be edited

func EditProjectBoardTitle Uses

func EditProjectBoardTitle(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditProjectBoardTitleForm)

EditProjectBoardTitle allows a project board's title to be updated

func EditProjectPost Uses

func EditProjectPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateProjectForm)

EditProjectPost response for editing a project

func EditRelease Uses

func EditRelease(ctx *context.Context)

EditRelease render release edit page

func EditReleasePost Uses

func EditReleasePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditReleaseForm)

EditReleasePost response for edit release

func EditWiki Uses

func EditWiki(ctx *context.Context)

EditWiki render wiki modify page

func EditWikiPost Uses

func EditWikiPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewWikiForm)

EditWikiPost response for wiki modify request

func ExcerptBlob Uses

func ExcerptBlob(ctx *context.Context)

ExcerptBlob render blob excerpt contents

func FeishuHooksEditPost Uses

func FeishuHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewFeishuHookForm)

FeishuHooksEditPost response for editing feishu hook

func FeishuHooksNewPost Uses

func FeishuHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewFeishuHookForm)

FeishuHooksNewPost response for creating feishu hook

func FileHistory Uses

func FileHistory(ctx *context.Context)

FileHistory show a file's reversions

func Fork Uses

func Fork(ctx *context.Context)

Fork render repository fork page

func ForkPost Uses

func ForkPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateRepoForm)

ForkPost response for forking a repository

func Forks Uses

func Forks(ctx *context.Context)

Forks render repository's forked users

func GetActionIssue Uses

func GetActionIssue(ctx *context.Context) *models.Issue

GetActionIssue will return the issue which is used in the context.

func GetAttachment Uses

func GetAttachment(ctx *context.Context)

GetAttachment serve attachements

func GetClosestParentWithFiles Uses

func GetClosestParentWithFiles(treePath string, commit *git.Commit) string

GetClosestParentWithFiles Recursively gets the path of parent in a tree that has files (used when file in a tree is deleted). Returns "" for the root if no parents other than the root have files. If the given treePath isn't a SubTree or it has no entries, we go up one dir and see if we can return the user to that listing.

func GetCommentAttachments Uses

func GetCommentAttachments(ctx *context.Context)

GetCommentAttachments returns attachments for the comment

func GetEditorConfig Uses

func GetEditorConfig(ctx *context.Context, treePath string) string

GetEditorConfig returns a editorconfig JSON string for given treePath or "null"

func GetIssueAttachments Uses

func GetIssueAttachments(ctx *context.Context)

GetIssueAttachments returns attachments for the issue

func GetUniquePatchBranchName Uses

func GetUniquePatchBranchName(ctx *context.Context) string

GetUniquePatchBranchName Gets a unique branch name for a new patch branch It will be in the form of <username>-patch-<num> where <num> is the first branch of this format that doesn't already exist. If we exceed 1000 tries or an error is thrown, we just return "" so the user has to type in the branch name themselves (will be an empty field)

func GitHooks Uses

func GitHooks(ctx *context.Context)

GitHooks hooks of a repository

func GitHooksEdit Uses

func GitHooksEdit(ctx *context.Context)

GitHooksEdit render for editing a hook of repository page

func GitHooksEditPost Uses

func GitHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context)

GitHooksEditPost response for editing a git hook of a repository

func GiteaHooksNewPost Uses

func GiteaHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewWebhookForm)

GiteaHooksNewPost response for creating Gitea webhook

func GogsHooksEditPost Uses

func GogsHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewGogshookForm)

GogsHooksEditPost response for editing gogs hook

func GogsHooksNewPost Uses

func GogsHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewGogshookForm)

GogsHooksNewPost response for creating webhook

func Graph Uses

func Graph(ctx *context.Context)

Graph render commit graph - show commits from all branches.

func HTTP Uses

func HTTP(ctx *context.Context)

HTTP implmentation git smart HTTP protocol

func Home Uses

func Home(ctx *context.Context)

Home render repository home page

func InitializeLabels Uses

func InitializeLabels(ctx *context.Context, form auth.InitializeLabelsForm)

InitializeLabels init labels for a repository

func InitiateDownload Uses

func InitiateDownload(ctx *context.Context)

InitiateDownload will enqueue an archival request, as needed. It may submit a request that's already in-progress, but the archiver service will just kind of drop it on the floor if this is the case.

func IssueStopwatch Uses

func IssueStopwatch(c *context.Context)

IssueStopwatch creates or stops a stopwatch for the given issue.

func IssueWatch Uses

func IssueWatch(ctx *context.Context)

IssueWatch sets issue watching

func Issues Uses

func Issues(ctx *context.Context)

Issues render issues page

func LFSAutoAssociate Uses

func LFSAutoAssociate(ctx *context.Context)

LFSAutoAssociate auto associates accessible lfs files

func LFSDelete Uses

func LFSDelete(ctx *context.Context)

LFSDelete disassociates the provided oid from the repository and if the lfs file is no longer associated with any repositories - deletes it

func LFSFileFind Uses

func LFSFileFind(ctx *context.Context)

LFSFileFind guesses a sha for the provided oid (or uses the provided sha) and then finds the commits that contain this sha

func LFSFileGet Uses

func LFSFileGet(ctx *context.Context)

LFSFileGet serves a single LFS file

func LFSFiles Uses

func LFSFiles(ctx *context.Context)

LFSFiles shows a repository's LFS files

func LFSLockFile Uses

func LFSLockFile(ctx *context.Context)

LFSLockFile locks a file

func LFSLocks Uses

func LFSLocks(ctx *context.Context)

LFSLocks shows a repository's LFS locks

func LFSPointerFiles Uses

func LFSPointerFiles(ctx *context.Context)

LFSPointerFiles will search the repository for pointer files and report which are missing LFS files in the content store

func LFSUnlock Uses

func LFSUnlock(ctx *context.Context)

LFSUnlock forcibly unlocks an LFS lock

func Labels Uses

func Labels(ctx *context.Context)

Labels render issue's labels page

func LatestRelease Uses

func LatestRelease(ctx *context.Context)

LatestRelease redirects to the latest release

func LockIssue Uses

func LockIssue(ctx *context.Context, form auth.IssueLockForm)

LockIssue locks an issue. This would limit commenting abilities to users with write access to the repo.

func MSTeamsHooksEditPost Uses

func MSTeamsHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewMSTeamsHookForm)

MSTeamsHooksEditPost response for editing MS Teams hook

func MSTeamsHooksNewPost Uses

func MSTeamsHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewMSTeamsHookForm)

MSTeamsHooksNewPost response for creating MS Teams hook

func MatrixHooksEditPost Uses

func MatrixHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewMatrixHookForm)

MatrixHooksEditPost response for editing a Matrix hook

func MatrixHooksNewPost Uses

func MatrixHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewMatrixHookForm)

MatrixHooksNewPost response for creating a Matrix hook

func MergePullRequest Uses

func MergePullRequest(ctx *context.Context, form auth.MergePullRequestForm)

MergePullRequest response for merging pull request

func Migrate Uses

func Migrate(ctx *context.Context)

Migrate render migration of repository page

func MigratePost Uses

func MigratePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.MigrateRepoForm)

MigratePost response for migrating from external git repository

func MilestoneIssuesAndPulls Uses

func MilestoneIssuesAndPulls(ctx *context.Context)

MilestoneIssuesAndPulls lists all the issues and pull requests of the milestone

func Milestones Uses

func Milestones(ctx *context.Context)

Milestones render milestones page

func MoveIssueAcrossBoards Uses

func MoveIssueAcrossBoards(ctx *context.Context)

MoveIssueAcrossBoards move a card from one board to another in a project

func MustAllowPulls Uses

func MustAllowPulls(ctx *context.Context)

MustAllowPulls check if repository enable pull requests and user have right to do that

func MustAllowUserComment Uses

func MustAllowUserComment(ctx *context.Context)

MustAllowUserComment checks to make sure if an issue is locked. If locked and user has permissions to write to the repository, then the comment is allowed, else it is blocked

func MustBeAbleToUpload Uses

func MustBeAbleToUpload(ctx *context.Context)

MustBeAbleToUpload check that repo can be uploaded to

func MustBeEditable Uses

func MustBeEditable(ctx *context.Context)

MustBeEditable check that repo can be edited

func MustBeNotEmpty Uses

func MustBeNotEmpty(ctx *context.Context)

MustBeNotEmpty render when a repo is a empty git dir

func MustEnableIssues Uses

func MustEnableIssues(ctx *context.Context)

MustEnableIssues check if repository enable internal issues

func MustEnableProjects Uses

func MustEnableProjects(ctx *context.Context)

MustEnableProjects check if projects are enabled in settings

func MustEnableWiki Uses

func MustEnableWiki(ctx *context.Context)

MustEnableWiki check if wiki is enabled, if external then redirect

func NewComment Uses

func NewComment(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateCommentForm)

NewComment create a comment for issue

func NewFile Uses

func NewFile(ctx *context.Context)

NewFile render create file page

func NewFilePost Uses

func NewFilePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditRepoFileForm)

NewFilePost response for creating file

func NewIssue Uses

func NewIssue(ctx *context.Context)

NewIssue render creating issue page

func NewIssueChooseTemplate Uses

func NewIssueChooseTemplate(ctx *context.Context)

NewIssueChooseTemplate render creating issue from template page

func NewIssuePost Uses

func NewIssuePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateIssueForm)

NewIssuePost response for creating new issue

func NewLabel Uses

func NewLabel(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateLabelForm)

NewLabel create new label for repository

func NewMilestone Uses

func NewMilestone(ctx *context.Context)

NewMilestone render creating milestone page

func NewMilestonePost Uses

func NewMilestonePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateMilestoneForm)

NewMilestonePost response for creating milestone

func NewProject Uses

func NewProject(ctx *context.Context)

NewProject render creating a project page

func NewProjectPost Uses

func NewProjectPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateProjectForm)

NewProjectPost creates a new project

func NewRelease Uses

func NewRelease(ctx *context.Context)

NewRelease render creating release page

func NewReleasePost Uses

func NewReleasePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewReleaseForm)

NewReleasePost response for creating a release

func NewWiki Uses

func NewWiki(ctx *context.Context)

NewWiki render wiki create page

func NewWikiPost Uses

func NewWikiPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewWikiForm)

NewWikiPost response for wiki create request

func ParseCompareInfo Uses

func ParseCompareInfo(ctx *context.Context) (*models.User, *models.Repository, *git.Repository, *git.CompareInfo, string, string)

ParseCompareInfo parse compare info between two commit for preparing comparing references

func ParseHookEvent Uses

func ParseHookEvent(form auth.WebhookForm) *models.HookEvent

ParseHookEvent convert web form content to models.HookEvent

func PrepareCompareDiff Uses

func PrepareCompareDiff(
    ctx *context.Context,
    headUser *models.User,
    headRepo *models.Repository,
    headGitRepo *git.Repository,
    compareInfo *git.CompareInfo,
    baseBranch, headBranch string) bool

PrepareCompareDiff renders compare diff page

func PrepareMergedViewPullInfo Uses

func PrepareMergedViewPullInfo(ctx *context.Context, issue *models.Issue) *git.CompareInfo

PrepareMergedViewPullInfo show meta information for a merged pull request view page

func PrepareViewPullInfo Uses

func PrepareViewPullInfo(ctx *context.Context, issue *models.Issue) *git.CompareInfo

PrepareViewPullInfo show meta information for a pull request preview page

func Projects Uses

func Projects(ctx *context.Context)

Projects renders the home page of projects

func ProtectedBranch Uses

func ProtectedBranch(ctx *context.Context)

ProtectedBranch render the page to protect the repository

func ProtectedBranchPost Uses

func ProtectedBranchPost(ctx *context.Context)

ProtectedBranchPost response for protect for a branch of a repository

func RawDiff Uses

func RawDiff(ctx *context.Context)

RawDiff dumps diff results of repository in given commit ID to io.Writer

func RedirectDownload Uses

func RedirectDownload(ctx *context.Context)

RedirectDownload return a file based on the following infos:

func RefBlame Uses

func RefBlame(ctx *context.Context)

RefBlame render blame page

func RefCommits Uses

func RefCommits(ctx *context.Context)

RefCommits render commits page

func Releases Uses

func Releases(ctx *context.Context)

Releases render releases list page

func RemoveDependency Uses

func RemoveDependency(ctx *context.Context)

RemoveDependency removes the dependency

func RemoveUploadFileFromServer Uses

func RemoveUploadFileFromServer(ctx *context.Context, form auth.RemoveUploadFileForm)

RemoveUploadFileFromServer remove file from server file dir

func RenderUserCards Uses

func RenderUserCards(ctx *context.Context, total int, getter func(opts models.ListOptions) ([]*models.User, error), tpl base.TplName)

RenderUserCards render a page show users according the input templaet

func RestoreBranchPost Uses

func RestoreBranchPost(ctx *context.Context)

RestoreBranchPost responses for delete merged branch

func RetrieveLabels Uses

func RetrieveLabels(ctx *context.Context)

RetrieveLabels find all the labels of a repository and organization

func RetrieveRepoMetas Uses

func RetrieveRepoMetas(ctx *context.Context, repo *models.Repository, isPull bool) []*models.Label

RetrieveRepoMetas find all the meta information of a repository

func RetrieveRepoMilestonesAndAssignees Uses

func RetrieveRepoMilestonesAndAssignees(ctx *context.Context, repo *models.Repository)

RetrieveRepoMilestonesAndAssignees find all the milestones and assignees of a repository

func RetrieveRepoReviewers Uses

func RetrieveRepoReviewers(ctx *context.Context, repo *models.Repository, issue *models.Issue, canChooseReviewer bool)

RetrieveRepoReviewers find all reviewers of a repository

func Search(ctx *context.Context)

Search render repository search page

func SearchCommits Uses

func SearchCommits(ctx *context.Context)

SearchCommits render commits filtered by keyword

func ServeBlob Uses

func ServeBlob(ctx *context.Context, blob *git.Blob) error

ServeBlob download a git.Blob

func ServeBlobOrLFS Uses

func ServeBlobOrLFS(ctx *context.Context, blob *git.Blob) error

ServeBlobOrLFS download a git.Blob redirecting to LFS if necessary

func ServeData Uses

func ServeData(ctx *context.Context, name string, reader io.Reader) error

ServeData download file from io.Reader

func SetDiffViewStyle Uses

func SetDiffViewStyle(ctx *context.Context)

SetDiffViewStyle set diff style as render variable

func SetEditorconfigIfExists Uses

func SetEditorconfigIfExists(ctx *context.Context)

SetEditorconfigIfExists set editor config as render variable

func SetWhitespaceBehavior Uses

func SetWhitespaceBehavior(ctx *context.Context)

SetWhitespaceBehavior set whitespace behavior as render variable

func Settings Uses

func Settings(ctx *context.Context)

Settings show a repository's settings page

func SettingsAvatar Uses

func SettingsAvatar(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AvatarForm)

SettingsAvatar save new POSTed repository avatar

func SettingsDeleteAvatar Uses

func SettingsDeleteAvatar(ctx *context.Context)

SettingsDeleteAvatar delete repository avatar

func SettingsPost Uses

func SettingsPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.RepoSettingForm)

SettingsPost response for changes of a repository

func SettingsProtectedBranch Uses

func SettingsProtectedBranch(c *context.Context)

SettingsProtectedBranch renders the protected branch setting page

func SettingsProtectedBranchPost Uses

func SettingsProtectedBranchPost(ctx *context.Context, f auth.ProtectBranchForm)

SettingsProtectedBranchPost updates the protected branch settings

func SingleDownload Uses

func SingleDownload(ctx *context.Context)

SingleDownload download a file by repos path

func SingleDownloadOrLFS Uses

func SingleDownloadOrLFS(ctx *context.Context)

SingleDownloadOrLFS download a file by repos path redirecting to LFS if necessary

func SingleRelease Uses

func SingleRelease(ctx *context.Context)

SingleRelease renders a single release's page

func SlackHooksEditPost Uses

func SlackHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewSlackHookForm)

SlackHooksEditPost response for editing slack hook

func SlackHooksNewPost Uses

func SlackHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewSlackHookForm)

SlackHooksNewPost response for creating slack hook

func Stars Uses

func Stars(ctx *context.Context)

Stars render repository's starred users

func SubmitReview Uses

func SubmitReview(ctx *context.Context, form auth.SubmitReviewForm)

SubmitReview creates a review out of the existing pending review or creates a new one if no pending review exist

func TagsList Uses

func TagsList(ctx *context.Context)

TagsList render tags list page

func TelegramHooksEditPost Uses

func TelegramHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewTelegramHookForm)

TelegramHooksEditPost response for editing discord hook

func TelegramHooksNewPost Uses

func TelegramHooksNewPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewTelegramHookForm)

TelegramHooksNewPost response for creating telegram hook

func TestWebhook Uses

func TestWebhook(ctx *context.Context)

TestWebhook test if web hook is work fine

func TopicsPost Uses

func TopicsPost(ctx *context.Context)

TopicsPost response for creating repository

func TriggerTask Uses

func TriggerTask(ctx *context.Context)

TriggerTask response for a trigger task request

func UnlockIssue Uses

func UnlockIssue(ctx *context.Context)

UnlockIssue unlocks a previously locked issue.

func UpdateAvatarSetting Uses

func UpdateAvatarSetting(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AvatarForm) error

UpdateAvatarSetting update repo's avatar

func UpdateCommentContent Uses

func UpdateCommentContent(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateCommentContent change comment of issue's content

func UpdateIssueAssignee Uses

func UpdateIssueAssignee(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueAssignee change issue's or pull's assignee

func UpdateIssueContent Uses

func UpdateIssueContent(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueContent change issue's content

func UpdateIssueLabel Uses

func UpdateIssueLabel(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueLabel change issue's labels

func UpdateIssueMilestone Uses

func UpdateIssueMilestone(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueMilestone change issue's milestone

func UpdateIssueProject Uses

func UpdateIssueProject(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueProject change an issue's project

func UpdateIssueRef Uses

func UpdateIssueRef(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueRef change issue's ref (branch)

func UpdateIssueStatus Uses

func UpdateIssueStatus(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueStatus change issue's status

func UpdateIssueTitle Uses

func UpdateIssueTitle(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateIssueTitle change issue's title

func UpdateLabel Uses

func UpdateLabel(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateLabelForm)

UpdateLabel update a label's name and color

func UpdatePullRequest Uses

func UpdatePullRequest(ctx *context.Context)

UpdatePullRequest merge PR's baseBranch into headBranch

func UpdatePullRequestTarget Uses

func UpdatePullRequestTarget(ctx *context.Context)

UpdatePullRequestTarget change pull request's target branch

func UpdatePullReviewRequest Uses

func UpdatePullReviewRequest(ctx *context.Context)

UpdatePullReviewRequest add or remove review request

func UpdateResolveConversation Uses

func UpdateResolveConversation(ctx *context.Context)

UpdateResolveConversation add or remove an Conversation resolved mark

func UploadFile Uses

func UploadFile(ctx *context.Context)

UploadFile render upload file page

func UploadFilePost Uses

func UploadFilePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.UploadRepoFileForm)

UploadFilePost response for uploading file

func UploadFileToServer Uses

func UploadFileToServer(ctx *context.Context)

UploadFileToServer upload file to server file dir not git

func UploadIssueAttachment Uses

func UploadIssueAttachment(ctx *context.Context)

UploadIssueAttachment response for Issue/PR attachments

func UploadReleaseAttachment Uses

func UploadReleaseAttachment(ctx *context.Context)

UploadReleaseAttachment response for uploading release attachments

func ValidateRepoMetas Uses

func ValidateRepoMetas(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateIssueForm, isPull bool) ([]int64, []int64, int64, int64)

ValidateRepoMetas check and returns repository's meta informations

func ViewIssue Uses

func ViewIssue(ctx *context.Context)

ViewIssue render issue view page

func ViewProject Uses

func ViewProject(ctx *context.Context)

ViewProject renders the project board for a project

func ViewPullCommits Uses

func ViewPullCommits(ctx *context.Context)

ViewPullCommits show commits for a pull request

func ViewPullFiles Uses

func ViewPullFiles(ctx *context.Context)

ViewPullFiles render pull request changed files list page

func Watchers Uses

func Watchers(ctx *context.Context)

Watchers render repository's watch users

func WebHooksEdit Uses

func WebHooksEdit(ctx *context.Context)

WebHooksEdit render editing web hook page

func WebHooksEditPost Uses

func WebHooksEditPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewWebhookForm)

WebHooksEditPost response for editing web hook

func Webhooks Uses

func Webhooks(ctx *context.Context)

Webhooks render web hooks list page

func WebhooksNew Uses

func WebhooksNew(ctx *context.Context)

WebhooksNew render creating webhook page

func Wiki Uses

func Wiki(ctx *context.Context)

Wiki renders single wiki page

func WikiPages Uses

func WikiPages(ctx *context.Context)

WikiPages render wiki pages list page

func WikiRaw Uses

func WikiRaw(ctx *context.Context)

WikiRaw outputs raw blob requested by user (image for example)

func WikiRevision Uses

func WikiRevision(ctx *context.Context)

WikiRevision renders file revision list of wiki page

type Branch Uses

type Branch struct {
    Name              string
    Commit            *git.Commit
    IsProtected       bool
    IsDeleted         bool
    IsIncluded        bool
    DeletedBranch     *models.DeletedBranch
    CommitsAhead      int
    CommitsBehind     int
    LatestPullRequest *models.PullRequest
    MergeMovedOn      bool

Branch contains the branch information

type PageMeta Uses

type PageMeta struct {
    Name        string
    SubURL      string
    UpdatedUnix timeutil.TimeStamp

PageMeta wiki page meta information

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