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package setting

import ""


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account.go adopt.go applications.go keys.go oauth2.go profile.go security.go security_openid.go security_twofa.go security_u2f.go

func Account Uses

func Account(ctx *context.Context)

Account renders change user's password, user's email and user suicide page

func AccountPost Uses

func AccountPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.ChangePasswordForm)

AccountPost response for change user's password

func AdoptOrDeleteRepository Uses

func AdoptOrDeleteRepository(ctx *context.Context)

AdoptOrDeleteRepository adopts or deletes a repository

func Applications Uses

func Applications(ctx *context.Context)

Applications render manage access token page

func ApplicationsPost Uses

func ApplicationsPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.NewAccessTokenForm)

ApplicationsPost response for add user's access token

func AvatarPost Uses

func AvatarPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AvatarForm)

AvatarPost response for change user's avatar request

func DeleteAccount Uses

func DeleteAccount(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteAccount render user suicide page and response for delete user himself

func DeleteAccountLink(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteAccountLink delete a single account link

func DeleteApplication Uses

func DeleteApplication(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteApplication response for delete user access token

func DeleteAvatar Uses

func DeleteAvatar(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteAvatar render delete avatar page

func DeleteEmail Uses

func DeleteEmail(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteEmail response for delete user's email

func DeleteKey Uses

func DeleteKey(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteKey response for delete user's SSH/GPG key

func DeleteOAuth2Application Uses

func DeleteOAuth2Application(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteOAuth2Application deletes the given oauth2 application

func DeleteOpenID Uses

func DeleteOpenID(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteOpenID response for delete user's openid

func DisableTwoFactor Uses

func DisableTwoFactor(ctx *context.Context)

DisableTwoFactor deletes the user's 2FA settings.

func EmailPost Uses

func EmailPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AddEmailForm)

EmailPost response for change user's email

func EnrollTwoFactor Uses

func EnrollTwoFactor(ctx *context.Context)

EnrollTwoFactor shows the page where the user can enroll into 2FA.

func EnrollTwoFactorPost Uses

func EnrollTwoFactorPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.TwoFactorAuthForm)

EnrollTwoFactorPost handles enrolling the user into 2FA.

func HandleUsernameChange Uses

func HandleUsernameChange(ctx *context.Context, user *models.User, newName string) error

HandleUsernameChange handle username changes from user settings and admin interface

func Keys Uses

func Keys(ctx *context.Context)

Keys render user's SSH/GPG public keys page

func KeysPost Uses

func KeysPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AddKeyForm)

KeysPost response for change user's SSH/GPG keys

func OAuth2ApplicationShow Uses

func OAuth2ApplicationShow(ctx *context.Context)

OAuth2ApplicationShow displays the given application

func OAuthApplicationsEdit Uses

func OAuthApplicationsEdit(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditOAuth2ApplicationForm)

OAuthApplicationsEdit response for editing oauth2 application

func OAuthApplicationsPost Uses

func OAuthApplicationsPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.EditOAuth2ApplicationForm)

OAuthApplicationsPost response for adding a oauth2 application

func OAuthApplicationsRegenerateSecret Uses

func OAuthApplicationsRegenerateSecret(ctx *context.Context)

OAuthApplicationsRegenerateSecret handles the post request for regenerating the secret

func OpenIDPost Uses

func OpenIDPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AddOpenIDForm)

OpenIDPost response for change user's openid

func Organization Uses

func Organization(ctx *context.Context)

Organization render all the organization of the user

func Profile Uses

func Profile(ctx *context.Context)

Profile render user's profile page

func ProfilePost Uses

func ProfilePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.UpdateProfileForm)

ProfilePost response for change user's profile

func RegenerateScratchTwoFactor Uses

func RegenerateScratchTwoFactor(ctx *context.Context)

RegenerateScratchTwoFactor regenerates the user's 2FA scratch code.

func Repos Uses

func Repos(ctx *context.Context)

Repos display a list of all repositories of the user

func RevokeOAuth2Grant Uses

func RevokeOAuth2Grant(ctx *context.Context)

RevokeOAuth2Grant revokes the grant with the given id

func Security Uses

func Security(ctx *context.Context)

Security render change user's password page and 2FA

func ToggleOpenIDVisibility Uses

func ToggleOpenIDVisibility(ctx *context.Context)

ToggleOpenIDVisibility response for toggle visibility of user's openid

func U2FDelete Uses

func U2FDelete(ctx *context.Context, form auth.U2FDeleteForm)

U2FDelete deletes an security key by id

func U2FRegister Uses

func U2FRegister(ctx *context.Context, form auth.U2FRegistrationForm)

U2FRegister initializes the u2f registration procedure

func U2FRegisterPost Uses

func U2FRegisterPost(ctx *context.Context, response u2f.RegisterResponse)

U2FRegisterPost receives the response of the security key

func UpdateAvatarSetting Uses

func UpdateAvatarSetting(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AvatarForm, ctxUser *models.User) error

UpdateAvatarSetting update user's avatar FIXME: limit size.

func UpdateUIThemePost Uses

func UpdateUIThemePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.UpdateThemeForm)

UpdateUIThemePost is used to update users' specific theme

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