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package gitdiff

import ""


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const BlobExceprtChunkSize = 20

BlobExceprtChunkSize represent max lines of excerpt

type Diff Uses

type Diff struct {
    NumFiles, TotalAddition, TotalDeletion int
    Files                                  []*DiffFile
    IsIncomplete                           bool

Diff represents a difference between two git trees.

func CommentAsDiff Uses

func CommentAsDiff(c *models.Comment) (*Diff, error)

CommentAsDiff returns c.Patch as *Diff

func CommentMustAsDiff Uses

func CommentMustAsDiff(c *models.Comment) *Diff

CommentMustAsDiff executes AsDiff and logs the error instead of returning

func GetDiffCommit Uses

func GetDiffCommit(repoPath, commitID string, maxLines, maxLineCharacters, maxFiles int) (*Diff, error)

GetDiffCommit builds a Diff representing the given commitID.

func GetDiffRange Uses

func GetDiffRange(repoPath, beforeCommitID, afterCommitID string, maxLines, maxLineCharacters, maxFiles int) (*Diff, error)

GetDiffRange builds a Diff between two commits of a repository. passing the empty string as beforeCommitID returns a diff from the parent commit.

func GetDiffRangeWithWhitespaceBehavior Uses

func GetDiffRangeWithWhitespaceBehavior(repoPath, beforeCommitID, afterCommitID string, maxLines, maxLineCharacters, maxFiles int, whitespaceBehavior string) (*Diff, error)

GetDiffRangeWithWhitespaceBehavior builds a Diff between two commits of a repository. Passing the empty string as beforeCommitID returns a diff from the parent commit. The whitespaceBehavior is either an empty string or a git flag

func ParsePatch Uses

func ParsePatch(maxLines, maxLineCharacters, maxFiles int, reader io.Reader) (*Diff, error)

ParsePatch builds a Diff object from a io.Reader and some parameters. TODO: move this function to gogits/git-module

func (*Diff) LoadComments Uses

func (diff *Diff) LoadComments(issue *models.Issue, currentUser *models.User) error

LoadComments loads comments into each line

type DiffFile Uses

type DiffFile struct {
    Name               string
    OldName            string
    Index              int
    Addition, Deletion int
    Type               DiffFileType
    IsCreated          bool
    IsDeleted          bool
    IsBin              bool
    IsLFSFile          bool
    IsRenamed          bool
    IsSubmodule        bool
    Sections           []*DiffSection
    IsIncomplete       bool

DiffFile represents a file diff.

func (*DiffFile) GetTailSection Uses

func (diffFile *DiffFile) GetTailSection(gitRepo *git.Repository, leftCommitID, rightCommitID string) *DiffSection

GetTailSection creates a fake DiffLineSection if the last section is not the end of the file

func (*DiffFile) GetType Uses

func (diffFile *DiffFile) GetType() int

GetType returns type of diff file.

type DiffFileType Uses

type DiffFileType uint8

DiffFileType represents the type of a DiffFile.

const (
    DiffFileAdd DiffFileType = iota + 1

DiffFileType possible values.

type DiffLine Uses

type DiffLine struct {
    LeftIdx     int
    RightIdx    int
    Type        DiffLineType
    Content     string
    Comments    []*models.Comment
    SectionInfo *DiffLineSectionInfo

DiffLine represents a line difference in a DiffSection.

func (*DiffLine) CanComment Uses

func (d *DiffLine) CanComment() bool

CanComment returns whether or not a line can get commented

func (*DiffLine) GetBlobExcerptQuery Uses

func (d *DiffLine) GetBlobExcerptQuery() string

GetBlobExcerptQuery builds query string to get blob excerpt

func (*DiffLine) GetCommentSide Uses

func (d *DiffLine) GetCommentSide() string

GetCommentSide returns the comment side of the first comment, if not set returns empty string

func (*DiffLine) GetExpandDirection Uses

func (d *DiffLine) GetExpandDirection() DiffLineExpandDirection

GetExpandDirection gets DiffLineExpandDirection

func (*DiffLine) GetLineTypeMarker Uses

func (d *DiffLine) GetLineTypeMarker() string

GetLineTypeMarker returns the line type marker

func (*DiffLine) GetType Uses

func (d *DiffLine) GetType() int

GetType returns the type of a DiffLine.

type DiffLineExpandDirection Uses

type DiffLineExpandDirection uint8

DiffLineExpandDirection represents the DiffLineSection expand direction

const (
    DiffLineExpandNone DiffLineExpandDirection = iota + 1

DiffLineExpandDirection possible values.

type DiffLineSectionInfo Uses

type DiffLineSectionInfo struct {
    Path          string
    LastLeftIdx   int
    LastRightIdx  int
    LeftIdx       int
    RightIdx      int
    LeftHunkSize  int
    RightHunkSize int

DiffLineSectionInfo represents diff line section meta data

type DiffLineType Uses

type DiffLineType uint8

DiffLineType represents the type of a DiffLine.

const (
    DiffLinePlain DiffLineType = iota + 1

DiffLineType possible values.

type DiffSection Uses

type DiffSection struct {
    FileName string
    Name     string
    Lines    []*DiffLine

DiffSection represents a section of a DiffFile.

func (*DiffSection) GetComputedInlineDiffFor Uses

func (diffSection *DiffSection) GetComputedInlineDiffFor(diffLine *DiffLine) template.HTML

GetComputedInlineDiffFor computes inline diff for the given line.

func (*DiffSection) GetLine Uses

func (diffSection *DiffSection) GetLine(lineType DiffLineType, idx int) *DiffLine

GetLine gets a specific line by type (add or del) and file line number

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