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package issue

import ""


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func AddAssigneeIfNotAssigned Uses

func AddAssigneeIfNotAssigned(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, assigneeID int64) (err error)

AddAssigneeIfNotAssigned adds an assignee only if he isn't already assigned to the issue. Also checks for access of assigned user

func AddLabel Uses

func AddLabel(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, label *models.Label) error

AddLabel adds a new label to the issue.

func AddLabels Uses

func AddLabels(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, labels []*models.Label) error

AddLabels adds a list of new labels to the issue.

func ChangeContent Uses

func ChangeContent(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, content string) (err error)

ChangeContent changes issue content, as the given user.

func ChangeIssueRef Uses

func ChangeIssueRef(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, ref string) error

ChangeIssueRef changes the branch of this issue, as the given user.

func ChangeMilestoneAssign Uses

func ChangeMilestoneAssign(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, oldMilestoneID int64) (err error)

ChangeMilestoneAssign changes assignment of milestone for issue.

func ChangeStatus Uses

func ChangeStatus(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, isClosed bool) (err error)

ChangeStatus changes issue status to open or closed.

func ChangeTitle Uses

func ChangeTitle(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, title string) (err error)

ChangeTitle changes the title of this issue, as the given user.

func ClearLabels Uses

func ClearLabels(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User) (err error)

ClearLabels clears all of an issue's labels

func DeleteNotPassedAssignee Uses

func DeleteNotPassedAssignee(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, assignees []*models.User) (err error)

DeleteNotPassedAssignee deletes all assignees who aren't passed via the "assignees" array

func GetRefEndNamesAndURLs Uses

func GetRefEndNamesAndURLs(issues []*models.Issue, repoLink string) (map[int64]string, map[int64]string)

GetRefEndNamesAndURLs retrieves the ref end names (e.g. refs/heads/branch-name -> branch-name) and their respective URLs.

func IsValidReviewRequest Uses

func IsValidReviewRequest(reviewer, doer *models.User, isAdd bool, issue *models.Issue, permDoer *models.Permission) error

IsValidReviewRequest Check permission for ReviewRequest

func IsValidTeamReviewRequest Uses

func IsValidTeamReviewRequest(reviewer *models.Team, doer *models.User, isAdd bool, issue *models.Issue) error

IsValidTeamReviewRequest Check permission for ReviewRequest Team

func NewIssue Uses

func NewIssue(repo *models.Repository, issue *models.Issue, labelIDs []int64, uuids []string, assigneeIDs []int64) error

NewIssue creates new issue with labels for repository.

func RemoveLabel Uses

func RemoveLabel(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, label *models.Label) error

RemoveLabel removes a label from issue by given ID.

func ReplaceLabels Uses

func ReplaceLabels(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, labels []*models.Label) error

ReplaceLabels removes all current labels and add new labels to the issue.

func ReviewRequest Uses

func ReviewRequest(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, reviewer *models.User, isAdd bool) (comment *models.Comment, err error)

ReviewRequest add or remove a review request from a user for this PR, and make comment for it.

func TeamReviewRequest Uses

func TeamReviewRequest(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, reviewer *models.Team, isAdd bool) (comment *models.Comment, err error)

TeamReviewRequest add or remove a review request from a team for this PR, and make comment for it.

func ToggleAssignee Uses

func ToggleAssignee(issue *models.Issue, doer *models.User, assigneeID int64) (removed bool, comment *models.Comment, err error)

ToggleAssignee changes a user between assigned and not assigned for this issue, and make issue comment for it.

func UpdateAssignees Uses

func UpdateAssignees(issue *models.Issue, oneAssignee string, multipleAssignees []string, doer *models.User) (err error)

UpdateAssignees is a helper function to add or delete one or multiple issue assignee(s) Deleting is done the GitHub way (quote from their api documentation): "assignees" (array): Logins for Users to assign to this issue. Pass one or more user logins to replace the set of assignees on this Issue. Send an empty array ([]) to clear all assignees from the Issue.

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