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package repository

import ""


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generate.go push.go repository.go transfer.go

func AdoptRepository Uses

func AdoptRepository(doer, owner *models.User, opts models.CreateRepoOptions) (*models.Repository, error)

AdoptRepository adopts pre-existing repository files for the user/organization.

func ChangeRepositoryName Uses

func ChangeRepositoryName(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, newRepoName string) error

ChangeRepositoryName changes all corresponding setting from old repository name to new one.

func CreateRepository Uses

func CreateRepository(doer, owner *models.User, opts models.CreateRepoOptions) (*models.Repository, error)

CreateRepository creates a repository for the user/organization.

func DeleteRepository Uses

func DeleteRepository(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository) error

DeleteRepository deletes a repository for a user or organization.

func DeleteUnadoptedRepository Uses

func DeleteUnadoptedRepository(doer, owner *models.User, name string) error

DeleteUnadoptedRepository adopts pre-existing repository files for the user/organization.

func ForkRepository Uses

func ForkRepository(doer, u *models.User, oldRepo *models.Repository, name, desc string) (*models.Repository, error)

ForkRepository forks a repository

func GenerateRepository Uses

func GenerateRepository(doer, owner *models.User, templateRepo *models.Repository, opts models.GenerateRepoOptions) (_ *models.Repository, err error)

GenerateRepository generates a repository from a template

func NewContext Uses

func NewContext() error

NewContext start repository service

func PushCreateRepo Uses

func PushCreateRepo(authUser, owner *models.User, repoName string) (*models.Repository, error)

PushCreateRepo creates a repository when a new repository is pushed to an appropriate namespace

func PushUpdate Uses

func PushUpdate(opts *repo_module.PushUpdateOptions) error

PushUpdate is an alias of PushUpdates for single push update options

func PushUpdates Uses

func PushUpdates(opts []*repo_module.PushUpdateOptions) error

PushUpdates adds a push update to push queue

func TransferOwnership Uses

func TransferOwnership(doer, newOwner *models.User, repo *models.Repository, teams []*models.Team) error

TransferOwnership transfers all corresponding setting from old user to new one.

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